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Micro or Cotton Tights

If you wear tights you probably have a personal favorite in regards to how sheer or opaque you like them. Personally, I tend to lean towards opaque more than sheer. In nursing school it was a requirement to wear sheer hose (or opaque white) and I guess I have had enough of that. Whether I am wearing a skirt or dress I tend to go opaque in the winter and pretty much bare in the summer. Laura from The Big Tights Company asked me to check out a pair of their thick cotton tights and their 180 … [Read More...]

Relax While Taking A Selfie

Like other bloggers, I belong to many social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all of which encourage users to share photos in their updates including "selfies" ("a self-portrait taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone" ~ Wiki). I don't take many selfies but when I do it usually involves some unnatural arm and hand placement to get the right distance, angle, lighting, and background. Usually there is some fumbling involved and if it weren't for the wrist band … [Read More...]

The Curvy Shopper

The Curvy Shopper — Jaye Gipson-Trimble

Jaye Gipson-Trimble -- Curvatude Jaye is a plus size fashion blogger with style and "curvatude". As an entrepreneur, this size 18/20 curvy shopper has a unique view on life from Chicago, Illinois. … [Read More...]

What’s on Top

Polka Dot Twin Set

When I was younger... ok, not that long ago. I'm talking maybe ten years. I used to really be in to matching twin sets (especially if they were actually sold as a set). Mostly it was because it was like having three or more outfits in one: … [Read More...]

Plus Size Lingerie

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Bridal Lingerie

Most brides only think about their wedding day being the biggest day of their life. They forget that the wedding night is one of the most romantic. That is why it is key to have amazing bridal lingerie that makes you feel sexy, confident and ready for a life … [Read More...]

Plus Size Shortlettes Underwear

Another alternative to thigh rub is Under Summers. They offer pretty bicycle style short underwear in pretty fabrics with or without lace accents -- they call them shortlettes (they are not shapewear!) They are pretty reasonably priced too, under $35. There … [Read More...]

Plus Size Dresses

Gabourey Sidibe Valentina Illusion Dress

I've been catching up on my American Horror Story: Freak Show (spoiler pending) and I've been excited to see Gabourey Sidibe, although in a very small role, as the daughter of a murdered maid who … [Read More...]

Bottoms Up!

Colorful Leggings

Want to add some bright colors to layer under a long denim shirt or skater dress? Or perhaps to brighten your yoga routine? JunoActive (formerly Junonia) has a nice selection of colors in their … [Read More...]

Plus Size Etsy

Make a Squid Statement

Squid and cuttlefish are the new statement jewelry. Yes, I'm serious. Look how darn cute these handmade polymer pieces by Sheryl Westleigh of Noadi … [Read More...]

Nail Fun

Summery Butterfly Kisses

When I think of summery nails the first thing to pop into my mind is pale hues of blue, yellow, green, and of course pink. I came across this great … [Read More...]

Toe Tapping Fashion

Gold Sandals

I'm going through a gold sandal phase; meaning I really like them. Including these Dafny "spice gold" sandals by Naturalizer. The heel has a nice … [Read More...]

Let’s Take a Dip!

Bathing Suit Terminology

Finding the right bathing suit is vital to the wearer's well-being. An ill-fitting suit can easily cause discomfort and self-conscious feelings. When you go shopping, knowing what you're looking for and what the sales clerk is talking about would help a great deal; so here is some swimsuit terminology to get you started. Traditional One Piece - The good ole standby we are all familiar with. The … [Read More...]

Flip Through Some Pages

Real Gorgeous Book Review

Who is Kaz Cooke and why haven't I heard of her? Cooke is another creative artist from down under. The Australian writer, cartoonist, filmmaker and columnist has a slew of works to her name. She is … [Read More...]