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Color / Colour Theme

I’m going to start things off with a color themes. This will continue for the next 10 weeks to co-inside with the most common crayon colors: red, yellow, blue, pink, green, purple, orange, brown, white and black.

I’m not going to dwell on these color choices or the accuracy of color names. Meaning if it looks crimson it will fall into the red category or if it looks violet it will fall into the purple category. Lets keep it simple shall we.

This week I have a hankering for red but I think for simplicity I’ll commit to a specific weekly schedule and hopefully things will strike my eye as such. So here goes:

Week 1 – Red
Week 2 – Blue
Week 3 – Yellow
Week 4 – Green
Week 5 – Purple
Week 6 – Orange
Week 7 – Brown
Week 8 – Pink
Week 9 – White
Week 10 – Black

I hate to point this out but Murphy’s Law say someone will probably message me about it. With each weekly color theme I am not suggesting you wear all these items together.

Am I missing a color you think should be represented? Something that doesn’t fall under the above 10 colors? Let me know and I’ll consider adding another week.

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