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Plus Size Pregancy Summer Clothing (Part One)

Depending on where you live summer can be a pretty short season. If you are pregnant for the summer you may be tempted to try to get your regular clothes to go the distance and with some of your wardrobe it may be possible. But every pregnant woman should have a few pieces of cool, flirty, fun, functional maternity clothing to round off her wardrobe.


One of the first places I send budget mamas-to-be to is eBay. You are not the only pregnant woman in the world and let’s face it once the deed is done the clothes are pretty much useless. There are hundreds of plus size pregnancy clothing choices on eBay and within a few days you can have like new clothing to get you through the summer. You can then pack them away for the next pregnancy, give them away locally, or sell them on eBay. The best way to do a search is to set the category to clothing then enter in the search box “plus maternity” and your size in x form i.e. 1x, 2x etc. I did a search and found over 500 items to choose from. There are also many sellers offering lots of five or more items in a “lot”.

Here are a few great pieces I found today, all in size 3x and all under $25:

Plus Size Pregnancy / Maternity Clothing from ebay

eBay Shopping Tips

I love shopping on eBay for a number of reasons: it encourages recycling, it’s affordable, and I can do it at my leisure at 3 a.m if I want. If you are competitive it can be kind of fun that way too. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping on eBay:

  • Read the sellers information to find their shopping experience and policies.
  • Check and double check the shipping and handling charges. Some do overcharge. If there is no shipping info visible then ask! Don’t make any purchase without knowing for sure.
  • How the seller responds to your questions can give you a clue to their customer relationships.
  • Always read a seller’s customer feedback and take into account their standing before ordering.
  • Use the advanced search feature –> enter size, then use drop down menu and click on clothes category.
  • You can “watch” an item without bidding if you’re unsure of how intense your desire is for it.
  • When looking for a deal, don’t just consider the price of the item. Include your shipping. So if the item costs $4 and the shipping is $10, then the item really costs $14 which can still be a great deal.
  • Plan ahead of time how much you are willing to spend for an item if someone outbids you.
  • Accept that you will not win all items you bid on in an effort to stay in your budget and get good deals.
  • Once you’ve had a good shopping experience with a seller you can mark them as a “favorite” and receive email updates from eBay when that seller puts up new auctions.
  • Check back often for new listings!

Shopping on eBay takes some patience. You can’t just go in and pick what you want. But the gratification in the end is priceless.

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