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InstantPeel Review

The makers of InstantPeel have asked me to review their product for Five Favorite Things. The “Natural Exfoliator” is packaged in a box with six packets of product that is to be used every week to three weeks depending on your skin type. According to their website Earthen’s Instant Peel:

“peels away dead skin cells, debris and impurities to reveal skin’s true vibrancy. InstantPeel isn’t a facial scrub. The gentle action comes from InstantPeel’s unique combination of proteins and enzymes, and is proven safe for even the most sensitive skin. InstantPeel is a natural exfoliator and an effective alternative to facial scrubs, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.”

The ingredients of InstantPeel include: Protein and enzyme extracts, calcium carbonate, purified water, citric acid, mint extract, methylparaben, propylparaben.

To be effective Instant Peel must be used in the shower after about five minutes, giving the skin a chance to become moist and steamed. I followed the directions and applied a small amount of the product in sections beginning with my forehead (each cheek, etc) then rubbed it off. As soon as I started rubbing the product would pill up. Even though it is only a few minutes it felt time consuming trying to rub off all the product. And I kept worrying about getting it in my eyes because of the shower moisture and not being able to see what I’m doing. I was expecting some kind of burning or tingling sensation but there was none except for around my nostrils which was probably due to excessive nose blowing. The whole process takes about seven minutes and I didn’t need to use the whole packet on my face (more on this later).

Afterwards there was a noticeable difference in the texture and feel of my skin. It did not feel tight but the pores were obviously minimized as was redness and where it previously was feeling like there was a build up of dried skin is was now smoother. A few days later the skin was still noticeably softer but I could see the pores were beginning to relax again but still noticeably better.

Here’s a little video to give you a peek at what the cream looks like. Bare in mind that I’m only using a moist hand after my shower and am not in the shower so it takes a little longer for the product to activate and the “peel” process which occurs quicker and the pieces are larger in the shower:

While the product works I feel the delivery method needs some ingenuity. The packet is hard to rip open in the shower and I didn’t use all of the material in the packet. I could have used the remainder on another part of my body but I didn’t wish to as my face was my primary target. With only six packets that means a lot of waste. A pump of some sort (or even a tube) would be more appropriate for the shower setting and would minimize waste. While Earthen stipulates the cost of the product is cheaper than spa formulas or treatments I think it is expensive for six home treatments. Also there is a fair amount of rubbing involved so anyone who is used to being gentle with their facial skin may find it hard to use this product without cringing.

Because I have sensitive oily skin I have to wait another seven days before the next treatment so I will add an update after the next one.

Update: I’ve used my second package and have noticed an even better improvement in my pore size but it seemed to take forever in the shower to finish application and removal. I probably wasted more water that necessary and I still have the same package/waste concerns as before.

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  1. Moe,

    That seemed like an awful lot of work for so-so results and the amount of time that you have to wait in between treatments. Maybe this is average and if it is in my opinion they need to re-work things. A pump would make it easier to use and reduce waste. Thanks for sharing.