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Hair Flairs Review

A few weeks ago I was watching an Oprah interview (Love, Marriage, Betrayal: Our Most Memorable Couples Return) with Trina Marr when I noticed she had lovely sparkles in her hair. Oprah noticed too and asked her about them. And I was introduced to the concept of hair tinsel for the first time. Trina is the owner of Hair Flairs a company that sells affordable hair tinsel of various colors to salons and average fashionistas like ourselves.

I looked up Hair Flairs online and found their official website where I immediately placed an order for Champagne colored tinsel (I was very tempted to get blue but chickened out). I thought the champagne would look more natural with my blond hair. The cost for 100 strands is $10. That’s right folks $10 plus a few dollars for shipping. My order arrived about a week later.

How does it work, basically, you tie the tinsel in your hair using a special technique which is explained in the tinsel package but I highly recommend watching the video at the website. Anyway, my first attempt was interesting, my hair is really fine and slippery smooth and the knot kept slipping before I could maneuver the final secured knot. By the time I got the first one in my arms were too tired from being over my head to attempt another one. The first one ended up being just under an inch from my scalp but because I did it under a layer of hair it wasn’t noticeable. I was amazed how nicely the tinsel blends in with the hair.

Hair Tinsel from Hair Flairs

Unlike regular tinsel (tree decorations) hair tinsel is quite fine (human hair is .0025″ inches wide and Hair Flairs are .015″ inches) which is probably another reason why it is awkward to work with. The next day I put in two more strands and it was a lot easier than my first attempt but still required some patience on my part. Having unwashed hair seems to keep it from slipping so easily too.

Close Up of Hair Tinsel

A few days later I forgot I had them in and accidentally pulled one out with my boar hair brush. I didn’t waste it though. I cut out the knot and used the shorter strands in my bangs. The directions say that they will fall out naturally within 2 to 6 six weeks if put in properly.

Extra hair care with Hair Flairs? Nothing too disturbing just taking more care to brush hair with a wide tooth brush and not to brush from the scalp. Being careful while washing. No dye jobs etc.

I was surprised how easy it is to wash. I’m a little more gentle with brushing but have had no real issues. I’ve also flat ironed my hair twice with no issue whatsoever.

It’s been over a week and I’m still sparkling. I love Hair Flairs and am addicted to looking at them in the mirror and seeing that extra hint of sparkle in my hair. I definitely want to try the blue ones next time. Or maybe the red! I highly recommend adding Hair Flairs to your accessory arsenal for a little extra sparkle.

Here’s a quick video of the Hair Flairs in place:

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  1. It turned out really pretty on you and it gave it a shimmer that reminds me of fairy dust (is that syrange?). Anyway, I would love to try this out when my hair grows out

  2. Thanks! It was definitely one of the fun things about having long hair. A great conversation starter too.

    My Favorite Things Blogger