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Five Summer Basics

For me, there are five summer basics that make living in a hot and humid summer climate more bearable: tank tops, capri pants, two piece swimsuits, short socks and sunscreen.

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Fashion Tank from Torrid

Tank tops will probably never go out of fashion. What tends to go out are the colors. Safe bets are red, blue, purple, pink, yellow, and the neutrals (black, white, brown, beige). But I always like to save some room for the fad colors to change out every summer. And tanks are a brilliant piece for layering any time of year.

Capri Pants are either loved or hated. I happen to love them but they have to hit in the right spot. At 5’9″ that can some times be a challenge. I do not like them to cut my calf in half. I do not like them to rise above my knee. And I do not like them to hang out just above my ankles. The width of the leg opening is important to me too. I do not like them baggy or boxy and they cannot be skin tight either. If I can fit a couple fingers in then I know they will hang properly.

Two Piece swimsuits are just easier to get in and change out of. Especially if you need to do it with a little privacy and decorum. I also like the ability to switch tops with different bottoms depending on the time of the month or my esteem level. Shorts, skirts, or briefs oh my!

Short Socks? Yes, I can admit I wear short socks, cropped socks, anklet socks or whatever you want to call them, in the summer. I love them around the house or when I wear my runners. They give my feet the added cushion, gather sweat (it happens on occasion), and provide a general protective barrier against blisters. My personal favorites are by Brooks. Do not worry, I do no wear them with sandals — I go bare with straps — a girl has a show off her lovely painted toes at some point.

Sunscreen is a must have beauty product for every man, woman, and child. It is no longer relegated only to the fair of skin. I do happen to be a little fair. Ok, I am downright ghostly at times (lobstery at others — usually when I forget the sunscreen) and I cannot survive summer without sunscreen. For the most part I am a Copper Tone 25+SPF girl. I buy a big bottle to have on hand and slather it on my face and arms if I am going to spend any length of time outside over 30 minutes. I wipe off the excess before leaving so I do not look like a melting snow man. This summer I tried one of the spray sun blocks because I wanted to avoid the sticky hand syndrome but the aerosol was hard on the lungs and the spray seemed to go every way. I will continue to use it for touch ups on the arms later in the day until I use it up.

What are some of your summer basics that you can’t live without?

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