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Beyond Vampires, Witches, and Wenches

Flipping through the plus size costume pages it sometimes feels like there are little options beyond being a vampire, a witch, or a sexy wench. Sure there are the goddesses but you already know you are a goddess 365 days of the year. So what are your other options:

plus size Halloween costumes from Buy Costumes

The Eskimo Kiss costume is cute as a button. Not realistic, but cute as a button. I would add some dark tan tights. The Cave Beauty is half the price of the Barbarian costume I have mentioned in previous posts. The Ship Shape Captain is cute and sexy but I would have to add full white leg tights (it is cold on Halloween here). I love the Boxer Girl and it would be fun to add some fake cheek bruises and take my pink boxing gloves along (yes, I really have pink boxing gloves). The T-Bird Sweetie screams Grease and is probably one of the only full body costumes I have seen that does not involve a renaissance dress — it would definitely be a breeze getting around in this.

All these plus size costumes are from Buy Costumes which is currently promising delivery by Friday just in time for Halloween weekend parties.

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Sophisticated plus size dresses from Kiyonna.


  1. Love the Eskimo costume, so cute and perfect for the weather. In LA mnay ppl have outdoor Halloween parties and its always so cold…this would definitley keep you warm and cozy.