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Deluxe Plus Size Flapper Review

A few weeks back Halloween Costumes asked me if I would review one of their plus size costumes. I chose the Deluxe Black Plus Size Flapper which is available in sizes 1x to 4x. I was told at the time that this costume is “exclusive to our company” so you know there will not be a lot of them around.

This costume deluxe kit includes a “high quality dress, black sequin head piece with feather, sequin choker neckband” for $49.99. The representative also sent along a black feather boa and a fringe purse.

I pulled out the dress to put in on the other day and fought to pull it over my head until I realized it had a built in panty unitard. I then stepped into it and pulled it up. Apparently, I am too tall (or at least long in the torso) as I was only able to bring it up to my armpits. Luckily I have a short friend (Lana) with a sense of humor who came over today to be my costume guinea pig model.

Here are a few images of her dressed up with no place to go (click for larger image):

One of the first things I noticed when I pulled the dress out was how heavy it was; or I should say, heavier than what I expected for a costume. It is made with black velour has lots of sequins and fringe. It is a bubble type dress that folds over on itself at the hip detailing. Here is a short video of the flapper dress in action:

Here is Lana’s video opinion of the Deluxe Plus Size Flapper costume (I must apologize for the off angle near the end which I did not notice until Lana went home. I tilted my iPod which I am used to self adjusting when tilted and I have learned does not happen while recording.):

As for the accessories the boa was horrendous. The first time I unpacked it there were feathers all over the place. I took it out gingerly today and shook it off out side but still ended up with feathers throughout the house. Lana said it was picky and uncomfortable and refused to take it home with her when she left. The little flapper bag is cute but cheap and you could probably get away with a mini black clutch from your closet. I would not trust the strap on it to hold anything.

Overall the 3x costume is well made, comfortable and is a great style but the sizing seems a bit off. I was too tall for it but the costume fit Lana who is a 14/16 perfectly. I was expecting it to be too big on her and that she would have to pin it. We both thought it could fit up to a size 18 even with large breasts.

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  1. This costume is definitely not the kind of thing I would want to wear. Thanks for the review.