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Red Handmade Handbags

Etsy has so many artisans it boggles the mind. When I was searching for red handbags and came up with endless styles and prices I knew I had to mention it because I’m not the only one who loves red. Many are not your average handbags which makes them extra special. Here are ten of my favorites under $100 (and ten is really just a sampling of what is available at Etsy).

red handbags and purses from Etsy designers

I am only linking to an Etsy search for red bags below because some products disappear so quickly but I’ll name the designers here and you can check out their work.

1. Red Vinyl Handbag Striped Cotton Lining, $20 from Nicannmardee Designs
2. 12 Pocket Handbag in Classic Red with Magnetic Closure and Ticking Interior, $55 from Deb Donnelly Designs
3. Wrinkled Red Bag, $52 from Rutinet Design
4. Burgundy Red Suede Handbag Tote, $65 from Alma Leather
5. Faux Snakeskin in Rich Red Handmade Handbag, $50 from Faith Heart
6. Asymmetric Handbag, $59 from TahelSadot (Mariposa)
7. Trapezium Handbag with Metallic Handle and Scottish Print, $37 from GEOmetricSTYLE
8. Metal Frame Purse with Vintage Lace, $57 from Renkli Tasarimlar
9. Red Felt Handbag, $40 from Anonima Mente Design
10. Kines Classic in Red, $55 from Kinies


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  1. Red bags and shoes are my weakness! They’re all great but I am really loving #4 and think I may need to have it! My crochet-obsessed grandma would be proud as it looks a little like a big red coin purse wrapped in a doily! LOVE IT!

    Adrienne from

  2. Red bags and purses seriously add “oomph” and a certain fierceness to an outfit! Bags #8 and #9 are chic and lovely.

  3. Really love #2. Did you say 12 pockets?!?

  4. It has a built in organizer!

  5. Wow. Such a wonderful collection of red handbags. I thank for putting it together.