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What to Expect Book Giveaway

One of the things I do not talk a lot about is plus size maternity fashion (although I have on occasion, usually when someone emails me for help). Last year “a member of the team at the online version of the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book series” contacted me about doing a giveaway. It was such a wonderful opportunity to share with my readers and their friends and family that I could not resist so this month What to Expect is sponsoring our monthly giveaway. What to Expect 3 Book Pregnancy and Child Series

You have probably heard of the books in one form or another but may not be familiar with the website:

“In 2005, Heidi Murkoff expanded the What to Expect (WTE) brand online with — the interactive, state-of-the-internet companion to the WTE books, and home to a vibrant, vast, yet close-knit community of one million parents.”

Prize Details:

  • TWO winners will get the first three books: What To Expect When You’re Expecting, What To Expect The First year, and What To Expect The Second Year.

How to Enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are eight entries per person allowed based on the Rafflecopter directions above. Entry submission finishes at midnight on January 26, 2012 and the lucky winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter at random, on January 26, 2012 by 3 pm EST. This giveaway is sponsored by but I will be confirming the email and mailing address of the winners (so make sure you enter the right email). This giveaway is open to person 18 years and older living in the United States and Canada. Void where prohibited by law. The winner will have 1 week to claim the prize; after which time it will be rewarded to someone else.

UPDATE: The winner were announced with Rafflecopter. Congratulations to #25: Ashley A. and #39: Glogirl!

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  1. I learned what symptoms to expect if a child has a fever.

  2. Penelope Costanzo says:

    Flu season actually spans a few seasons — infections can happen from October to May — but most people catch the bug between late December and March. Blame it on being in close quarters during those months and the fact that the virus thrives in cold, dry conditions.

  3. I learned the 5 healthy habits for children including the sleeve sneeze and tossing tissues! Thanks!

  4. Ashley Andrews says:

    I learner the Top 7 Places to Catch the Flu. I never expected the doctors office to be one but for what I read it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Ashley Reynolds says:

    I learned that researchers have found that giving Vaginal Progesterone Decreases Preterm Delivery Risk. Interesting!!

  6. I learned that instant soups send young children to the ER several times a week! Soups that come in a styrofoam container are lightweight and easy to tip over causing burns.

  7. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    In the “whats hot” section i learned that breastfed babies have lower level of growth hormone and have a decreased chance for diabetes.

  8. I checked out the Toddler section of the What to Expect website & learned a new trick to stop tantrums. Let’s hope it works with my little screamer!

  9. I thought it was interesting that breastfed babies have a lower chance of getting diabetes!

  10. I learned about the different types of fevers.

  11. cassandra H says:

    I learned that pros and cons of breastfeeding, from the getting baby to sleep

  12. I learned about the styrofoam instant soups danger – that’s crazy!

  13. I learned that Robots are a hot birthday party trend

  14. samantha h says:

    unborn babies can sense mom’s emotions: anxiety, happiness, etc. and depression can affect development

  15. I learned that breastfed babies have a decreased chance of getting Diabetes.

  16. My need for these wonderful books has long passed. But I will say this, What to Expect When You’re Expecting” was like my mother, sister, girlfriend and OB/GYN – all wrapped up in a neat bow. My pregnancy was a time I was very alone and frightened and the power and comfort of that book is more profound than I can say!

  17. I already know so much happens in the first year! I learned that babies who breast feed grow a little slower and off-set their risk of diabetes!

  18. i learned there are diff times of fevers!

  19. Jennifer Lewis says:

    I learned not to be so concerned that my 18 month old isn’t growing as fast as other children – it could be a result of my breastfeeding for as long as I have, and be beneficial to her later in life.


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