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Igigi Wrap Top Review

To help plus size women celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether alone or with someone else, Igigi put together a Valentine’s Day collection. They sent me the plus size Joan Top in Merlot to review. I would like to preface that I have a number of Igigi things and regard this company highly for their style and quality product.

plus size merlot wrap top from Igigi

The Joan Top is a perfect blend of 92% poly and 8% spandex. It is a true wrap top, meaning it completely opens in front, one of the ties gets pulled through a hole at the side, wrapped around the back and fastened on the other side with the the opposite tie. It is available in sizes 12 to 32 for $65.

One of the first things my husband said was, “You look pretty.” Top’s a winner!

I wore this Igigi wrap top to Toronto on a tag along day trip with my husband. When I first put the top on I was a little taken aback by the deep V. No matter how I tried I could not lesson it. I decided to put on one of those false camis that attach to the bra straps.

plus size wrap top from Igigi

The top is incredibly comfortable but I had problems with the cami and the neckline moving around. The silkiness of the top just did not work with the silkiness of the cami piece and I ended up ditching the cami at a truck stop. Better to feel a little exposed then feel untucked and exposed! Even though I felt like my bra could be seen at the tip of the V my husband assured me that I was safe.

plus size wrap top from Igigi

The top overlaps and wraps to the extreme left.

plus size wrap top from Igigi

The ties are double fabric and pristinely stitched.

plus size top from Igigi

The inner stitching is clean with no tags.

plus size career top from Igigi

This is the hole where the tie goes through to wrap. If the tie is not placed just so or if the top is wrapped too snugly it produces a little peep hole at the side. It is not a huge downside, just something to be aware of when wrapping. I would also keep an eye on the stitching here as it receives extra tension from the pulling.

Besides the color and style, another of my favorite things about this top is that it is machine washable. I threw it in my washer with the other reds, hung it to dry on my drying rack and it was dry within a few hours. It will need a slight touch up in the dryer for a few minutes to get out minor wrinkles (or with a warm iron) but is otherwise ready to go.

While the low V will take some getting used to I am looking forward to wearing this comfortable top again; probably on date night.

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  1. Be modest or not be modest…that is the question. Thank you for the detailed review and photos of the top.

  2. What a gorgeous top!

    I usually end up wearing a tank top with lace trim under tops that come so low cut. I like low cut, but sometimes they go over the low cut line and right on into showing it all. My husband loves it of course, but for me it’s a little uncomfortable lol.

  3. Patricia,

    That is the million dollar question. I prefer modest especially during the day. LOL

  4. Jolene,

    I am a overheater which is why I went for the pseudo-cami but I will have to try it next time with a tank. I would love to get one of Hanky Panky’s stretch lace ones.

    LOL I think most husbands are like that.

  5. LOL, that’s funny! I’m an overheater too, which is why I like my tanks. I wear a layers a lot so I can strip down if I need to….which I do often. I hate the cold, but I can also have a hot flash when it’s -30 and have to have hubby open the window in the car. I don’t sweat(NOT as great as it sounds), so if I overheat I get sick, tired and dizzy.

    I have wondered about those little ones that clip to the bra though, never tried them.

  6. Igigi is awesome. The designer uses fit models in the sizes she actually makes, so the shape and drape of her clothes is gorgeous. You can make an appointment to do some personal shopping at the warehouse and occasionally they hold secret sales on the previous season’s line.

  7. That color looks stunning on you! And the top looks amazing too!

  8. You look great in that top! The fabric looks/sounds dreamy, the cut is so flattering and I love deep colors that are really colors – hope that makes sense.

  9. You go girl!… I say let the V show what it must 😉 I am happy to hear that you ditched the cami. Its great that the designer uses curvy models, that top is definitely made for us plus size gals!