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There are a few talented corsetières on Etsy. What is a corsetière? They are artisans that create corsets. I am not talking about the fashion corsets you find at clothing stores for $30 to $60 but the real deal with steel boning and decadent fabrics specifically made for your bust, waist, and hip measurements.

Corsets can fall into two main categories. Those made to cover the breasts and those that rest under the breasts (There also seems to be a lot of corset belts on Etsy with and without boning). Personally I prefer the under breast ones.

Meschantes Corsetry offers ready to wear corsets as well as custom corsets for over and under bust. The costs are pretty reasonable at $150 to $300.

corsets from Meschantes Corsets

Period Corsets has corsets that are custom made and some that are restored. Customs start at couple hundred with restorations going up to $1000+.

plus size corsets from Period Corsets

Bound By Obsession has pretty under and over breast corsets from $200 to $300 and will also custom size.

Custom Corsets from Bound by Obession

La Belle Fairy Custom Corsetry have incredibly inspired corsets for under and over breasts. There were really so many pretty ones here and their corset gowns are amazing. Their corsets are upwards of $300.

pretty corsets from LaBelle Fairy Corsetry

Madame Dulcibelle offers steampunk inspired corsets. While their selection is small what they have is fierce. They custom make under and over breast corsets beginning at $400.

Steampunk Corsets from Madame Dulcibelle

Bare in mind when ordering online that your measurements are of the utmost importance. Make sure you use a new tape measure and have someone help you take the measurements according to the corsetière’s instructions. This is a huge investment so have a good line of communication before placing your order is vital.

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