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Do Plus Sizes Pay More?

Guest Blogger: Katie Malcolm

The goal is to walk out the door feeling fashionable and fabulous. No matter what your dress size, the style of clothing you love, or the brands you wear, there is something about finding that perfect outfit that makes you hold your head a little higher as you walk out the door. Unfortunately, when it comes to plus sizes, women are paying more than their smaller counterparts for the exact same look.

How Much More Expensive is it to Purchase Plus Sized Clothing?

There is no “one size fits all” answer for this issue. If you are shopping in a store that offers a shirt, pants, or dress in a variety of sizes, the plus sizes will cost more. The difference depends on the item of clothing as well as the manufacturer. If you’ve ever ordered a plus size t-shirt for an event, you’ll notice that it usually costs between $1 and $3 dollars more than the so-called “regular” sizes. The variation in cost is probably going to be more for a dress or suit.

One of the solutions to the plus size extra cost dilemma is to shop in a store that caters to these sizes. If a manufacturer is trying to accommodate all sizes for the same outfit, his or her cost goes up. Stores like Torrid and Lane Bryant focus on these sizes so the discrepancy of cost between sizes is not as important. In both instances, plus sizes are available but the prices are different for each location.

Where are the Best Places to Shop?

Looking for a bargain? Outlet malls and outlet stores tend to be the best place to find amazing clothes at amazing prices. In most cases, you may need to invest a little extra time shopping. Sometimes the stores are filled with only a few of every item so it takes some time to search for what you want. Often the amount of time spend in the store digging through the racks is well worth it when you find a discounted piece at a major discount.

Lane Bryant offers a wide range of items from intimates to sportswear and from pants to dresses. You can shop in the store or online and, once you find something you like, there are options in multiple colors. If you want to accessorize, the store also offers jewelry and shoes so take advantage of this one stop shopping opportunity.

Do you love to keep up with the latest styles? Torrid offers clothing that is right on point when it comes to today’s fashion. Much like Lane Bryant, you can get anything from a swimsuit to a Hello Kitty t-shirt and everything in between. Frequent sales make this a great place to shop and don’t forget to check out the clearance area before leaving. You may find a hidden gem that someone has overlooked.

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