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My Bra Lee Underwire Patches

For those of you who wear underwire bras and suffer through your underwire poking through or if you are like me, reach in and pull it out all together. I came across an interesting solution so you do not have to chuck that barely worn bra in the garbage or walk around with one underwire in and and one underwire out.

Over at Etsy there is a shop called MyBralee out of Los Angeles. The designer has developed a patch that you can put over the spot where your underwire is poking through keeping it from harming your skin and coming all the way.

My Bra Lee underwire bra patch from Etsy

Ingenious! Perhaps she should be marketing to bra makers so they can put them on in advance! Anyway, they are pretty inexpensive at $4.99 a pop for a package of two (one color) plus $1 to $2 bucks for delivery. At the moment there is the option of black, nude, white, or red. Or you can buy a multi pack of various colors for $9.99.

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