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Making weekend traveling plans just got one step easier with Diane Kennedy’s Weekend Travel Wardrobe. With four simple pieces, plus your accessories, a scarf, and two pairs of shoes you can have four different looks with no hassle or over thinking.

plus size weekend clothing by Diane Kennedy

I especially like the pedal pant which looks like it would be just the right length. With these four pieces you can have three outfits for a short weekend and four for a long:

The Options:

  • tank, scarf, pants, first pair of shoes
  • tank, jacket, pants, second pair of shoes
  • dress, long statement necklace, first pair of shoes
  • dress, scarf, jacket second pair of shoes

Have room in your bag? Throw in a bright colored shrug to give you some more versatility.

The pieces from Diane Kennedy’s collection are made of Certified Organic Bamboo / 8% Lycra

  • The Touring Jacket, $185 Can
  • Fifth Avenue Cami, $99 Can
  • Pedal Pant, $139 Can
  • Dream Dress, $125 Can

Can’t afford the designer label prices? Then dig through your closet for reasonable facsimiles of a pair of pants, a dress, a tank, and a cardigan — items most of us make use of.

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