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Nicole Eggert is Still Hot

It’s been twenty years since Nicole Eggert first ran down the sandy beaches of Bay Watch as the lifeguard, Summer. In 2009 she dawned a red bikini and hit the beach again. Not to reprise her original role but to prove a point of sorts about paparazzi claims that she had become incredibly fat.

First off the pictures displaying her natural curves looked like she was enjoying her friends and dogs while barbecuing in the privacy of her own home when some sleaze-bucket took it upon himself to take pictures of her rolls. And then commentators had the nerve to make comments that she looked like she swallowed a dolphin or children or whatever.

I do not know anyone who looks the same way they did twenty years ago. Nicole has been quoted as saying “my contract said I had to stay within five pounds of 105.” An arbitrary number that probably was not near her natural weight.

Shortly after Nicole joined forces with Funny or Die to produce this video that both pokes fun but sends a message. It has some good and bad points and I am sure both sides of the scale will find to suit their needs. Initially I thought it was a girl power stand up for yourself kind of video but I also think it makes fat people look like vindictive unprofessionals who are lazy at their jobs. You watch and decide:

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