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Threadless Monday

I have not had a Threadless day in a while. Since they are currently $9.95 (until June 27th) it seemed like a good day to do one. The three categories for today are: humor, romance, and zombies (I know you are not surprised by that one):

Humor Tee

The Marshmallow Factory by Dave E. Phillips features one of everyone’s favorite mystical beings, the unicorn. It is quite logical that it would poop colored marshmallows.

unicorn pooping marshmallows from above

Romantic Tee

The Star-Cross’d Lovers by Alice X. Zhang and Chow Hon Lam features a magical mermaid and angel/god/x-man (take your pick) who have fallen in love. I wonder why they have not made a movie about this yet?

mermaid and angel fall in love

Zombie Tee

And Lawn of the Dead by Anna-Maria Jung features a few zombies enjoying the outdoors. It had me at the title. A little bit Dawn of the Dead meets Plants vs Zombies.

Lawn of the Dead, Zombie tee by Threadless

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