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Coobie Bra Review

I have mentioned Coobie bras in the past. They are my go to comfort bra for working at home. Recently they contacted me to review their full-size Coobie Bra Scoopneck.

The full size Coobie fits sizes 38A to 42D-DD and costs $22. It comes in sixteen color choices (including one pattern). They describe their bra as “seamless”. It has wider straps than their standard Coobie but they are definitely narrower than your average support bra. It comes with removable pads in situ. These bras are made in China but Coobie headquarters is located in Huntersville North Carolina.

I am not sure if the ordering process was done by the PR company or if it was done by Coobie. I was asked to send my color choice and size. I sent three. They did not send me any of the ones I had asked for and in addition to the full-figure bra they sent me a medium size of their comfort bra.

The Pink Leisure Bra

Coobie bras are comfortable leisure bras. They are great for hanging out at home, running errands, or doing yoga (no biding or poking to worry about). They slip on and off over your head effortlessly. They keep the breasts contained as well as provide a little lift and support but you would not do anything aggressive with them like running. You can see the bra here with the pad inserts.

plus size coobie bra

This Coobie bra is made with 88% nylon and 12% spandex so it is silky soft and incredibly stretchy. The nylon does not irritate my otherwise sensitive skin and there is no binding. The band is a few inches wide to keep the bra from riding up but does not pinch. While the bra is seamless in the sense that it is one piece all the way around (not sewn together in pieces) there are still seams inside like here where the band is folded up but still reasonably smooth.

Coobie plus size bra

There is some side shaping in the material but I do not find it really does much. It is pretty though.

plus size coobie bra

Here is another inside seam with a slit to insert and remove the breast pads — while the seams are visible I did not find them noticeable while wearing.

full figure Coobie Bra

The back view of the Coobie bra. As you can see it has a nice scoop in back as well and the straps are adjustable. I like the wider straps on the full-figure style but would like to see an option for an even wider strap for the D cup women.

plus size coobie bra in pink

I never wear the breast pads on any of my Coobie bras. I think they look ridiculous; especially on full breasts and create a visible indentation.

Pads from Coobie Bra

The Coobie bras wash well with my other clothing but I take them out of the washer and hang dry them to preserve the stretch in the material.

Overall I consider the Coobie as one of my favorite bras for comfort, ease, affordability and color selection. I highly recommend Coobie’s full-figure leisure bras.

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  1. They look very pretty, I would not wear them with pad, having very full bust. How much support does it give for full bust.

  2. Hi Rose,
    It is a leisure bra so it has mild support and very little structure. It is definitely built for comfort. I am a C cup so I find them incredibly comfortable for around the house and the odd errand. Let’s see, it has much less support than wearing a regular bra but more support than wearing nothing.
    Hope that helps.