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Larger Sizes from Daphne

There is a New York fashion house called Daphne that has a unique selection of tops for larger sized women. Some of the items are not in all sizes so I imagine it is a bit older stock but the majority of the items are 1x to 5x. Here are a few of my favorites from their high-end fashion tops:

plus size fashion tops from Daphne

From left to right:

  • Delia Tunic, $180
  • Striped Silk Tunic, $199
  • Tucked Linen Shirt, $175
  • Batwing Dress-3 color, $330
  • Long Tunic/Hole Detail, $109
  • Lydia Top, $197
  • Big Shirt, $402

Now I know some of you will point out that they are not very body conscious — this is a look, not for everyone and also totally customization (hello belts) — I also come from the frame of mind that body hugging does not need to happen every day. What I do love about these tops are the unique shapes and textures created.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. 5x’s are hard for me to find at a lot of stores.

  2. I really like the long two-tone green tunic. Nice detail lovely color!