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Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

You may or may not know that I get my lip waxed every couple of weeks for the last six years. The last eight months or so I have found that I am more sensitive to the process than usual in terms of pain tolerance. While my hair, as I have gotten older my lip hair has become darker and more noticeable to me especially in certain light conditions.


Lips in need of Olay facial hair removal kit.

When Olay came out with their smooth finish Facial Hair Removal Duo (FHRD) commercial I became quite excited. I thought maybe this would be the answer. Here is the video in case you have not seen it.

After a few times watching this commercial I knew I definitely wanted to try it. I headed out for a late night shopping trip to the drug store only to find out it cost $35 a box. I decided I did not want to “try it” that badly. What if it was crap? $35 is a lot to blow, right? Two more sessions of lip waxing went by and I knew I had to try something else so I bit the bullet and committed to buying it — turned out it was $10 off.

As the commercial describes the box of FHRD comes with two tubes as well as a little instruction packet.

Olay Facial Hair Removal

One of the tubes contains a Skin Guarding Balm which provides a protective layer for the areas to be treated before the hair removal begins. To me it looks like a firm tube of Vaseline Petroleum Gelly — you know the stuff you get in the tub container — except on a finer scale. The balm only takes 20 seconds to massage in.

Olay Skin Balm

Skin Balm from Olay Facial Hair Remover kit.

After the balm is applied, a grape sized amount of the Hair Removal Cream is applied using a fingertip. It sits for 6 to 8 minutes or up to ten if your hair is really course.

Olay Facial Hair Remover

Small grape size portion of Olay Facial Hair Remover

The whole process is super easy and definitely pain free. There is a familiar chemical hair remover smell to the lotion but it is very faint, nothing like the horrible smell from the leg products out there.

Olay Facial Hair Remover

Olay hair removal cream applied to upper and lower lip area.

I wiped off the solution with cotton cosmetic pads and was excited to see the hair on the swab. After rinses with water and patting dry I did the bristle test. I was kind of disappointed that it was not as smooth as the commercial led me to believe. I had to pluck a few difficult hairs at the corners of the mouth (plucked with tweezers) but most of the visible hairs were gone from view.

hairless lips

Lips after using Olay facial hair remover kit.

I would have used the product again to see if I could get a smoother finish but the product instructions said not to use again for 72 hours. I let it go. A few days later I was left with the feeling that the FHRD was not a permanent solution but a emergency solution i.e. something comes up and you cannot make a wax appointment and recuperate from redness in time.

A few days ago I tried the FHRD for the second time and I have to say I think I might be addicted to this pain free way of life. As you can tell from looking at me I am pretty pale but I develop redness easily. After waxing it usually takes me to the next day until the redness subsides completely and then there are a few days of whitehead type breakouts to deal with. After two application I have not noticed any sensitivity (I think this is part to the preparation with the skin balm), skin irritation, and definitely had no unsightly white heads.

The man test: I asked my husband to touch my upper lip with my finger to see if he could feel the stubble I could feel. He said he could not. We did the all important smoochy-kiss test and again he said he could not — I think this must be a sensation I must get used too after having waxed for so long.

As I mentioned the FHRD is not cheap for a single purchase item but the package states there is enough product for “up to 12 uses” (2 down and 10 to go). It normally costs me about $12 for a lip wax plus a few dollars for a tip. The two uses I have already had is comparable to one lip wax. I am disappointed about it not being super smooth but at this point it is an OK trade off for pain and redness down time that I normally have with waxing.

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