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Jessica London Leather Jacket Review

It was finally cool enough on Friday to wear the Leather Shrug that Jessica London sent me to review. They offered me the choice of slate, red, or black and I chose slate as I am going through a serious grey-love phase this year.

plus size leather cropped jacket / shrug from Jessica London

The jacket arrived folded and bagged in a plastic shipping envelope which surprised me considering it was genuine leather. I thought it would have shipped safer in a box. Luckily it arrived safely. It had some deep creases in it and I was not sure what to do with them. I emailed my contact who got back to me with some tips from “Jessica London experts”:

1- hang the garment in the bathroom, turn on the hot water and shower- steam should help reduce the creases
2- place a clean heavy- duty brown paper bag on garment and iron on low setting (no steam)
3- last resort use a blow dryer (not directly or too close to garment) but patience is the key here!

I was not brave enough to try any of these so I hung it in the front closet hoping gravity would take over. As you will see from the pictures, after a few weeks there are no abnormal creases.

We were heading out for a dinner at Boston Pizza and I was feeling in a sparkly casual mood so I decided to wear a sequin tee and jeans with the cropped jacket (they listed it as a shrug but in my opinion it is more of a jacket).

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

Afterwards we went for a walk behind the riverfront where we took these photos. The sun was just beginning to set but unfortunately it does not show up in photos.

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

This leather jacket is incredibly well made and fully lined.

Leather shrug lined with a silky polyester

It is lovely to touch.

close up of soft leather texture of jacket

As you can see from my expression the Bellini I had before supper is starting to kick in.

plus size leather jacket from Jessica London

I liked the way it fit my arms and across the back. There did seem to be a bit of an issue keeping it closed and I found myself repeatedly pulling the sides forward. Even though it is cropped it hits at a nice height (bear in mind that I am 5′ 9″).

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

I totally love the color, style, fit, etc. My only disappointment is there are no pockets. To me it seems like two flat pockets could have been put in the front seams. Overall, I am impressed with the quality of this product from Jessica London.

Even though this coat was not black leather I could not help but channel my inner Fonzie.

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

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