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Five Things I Like About Fall & Winter

Ever since I was a child the fall and winter have been my favorite times of year for at least five main reasons:


I grew up surrounded by beautiful trees in the fall and meter high snow banks in the winter. When my husband and I moved away we never thought we would miss snow but we do. It has been ten years without a real snowy season. We will get a couple inches of beautiful snow then it will rain for a few days, clear up, and then more rain, maybe a little more snow — it other words it is cold and damp all winter long. I miss the crunch of snow under my boots for weeks on end. I miss snow men block after block. Ever try making a snow angel in slush? It sucks. It is so much warmer when the snow hangs around for a few weeks. Snow is definitely one of my favorite things for this time of year and I feel deprived of it.

Sweaters / Cardigans

I love to snuggle into a sweater or cardigan that has some weight to it. It is like walking around with a warm hug all day.

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Big Boots

I have a big pair of white Sorel boots, and I do mean big. I could probably fit three pairs of wool socks on and still have room. And while I do not feel sad that I do not have to wear them — there are so many other boot options that are perfect for winter. One of my favorite things about this time of year is being able to wear big clunky boots.

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Big Scarves

My head is too big for hats so I can really appreciate a good scarf. A good scarf to me is either really long so I can wrap it around my neck a few times or if it is really cold, around my head too. Thick or thin works great if there is enough length. I also like the short, thick infinity scarves that can be put on with a twist or two.


Hot soup never tastes as good as it does this time of year. My two favorite go to soups are an onion recipe from the novel Promegranate Soup . This is a hearty soup made with a lot of diced onions (and tears), red lentils, turmeric and curry. The other is a pumpkin soup, hearty and spicy with black beans and tomatoes — it is my go to comfort soup craving. I found the recipe on flickr one day a few years ago (although my ingredient list has evolved a bit) and it has been my favorite ever since (I even make it in summer).

What do you like about this time of year?

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  1. I grew up in western New York ~ where we oftentimes had 5 months of snow. I enjoy the frequent flurries we get in the Great Smokey Mountains (home now) and the occasional “snow event.” I love the smell of snow on the brink. And I particularly like the muted quiet of a blanket of snow on the mountain….