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Kick-Ass Zombie Boots

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I am a zombie movie lover. As of last year I am a huge fan of AMC television show The Walking Dead which is a total zombie-fest with a wonderful cast, great writing, special effects, music etc. I would be lying if I denied that the possibility of a zombie apocalypse had not crossed my mind. I consider weapons, hoarding food, beauty supplies, toilet paper… and clothing of course.

Which brings us to today’s post about kick-ass zombie boots. I love boots on a good day so they would be a necessity on a bad day. I would definitely want some heavy duty boots that could take a lot of walking, kicking in doors or windows, and most importantly able to withstand a zombie nibbling at my feet. I would want a thick sole for stomping on zombie brains too. So here are my favorite picks from Zappos for zombie kickers (you can click for bigger image):

As you might have noticed I have a passion for Dr. Martins (3 featured above) and they would probably be my #1 go to choice for kick-ass zombie boots.

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