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Comfort Fit by Comfort Choice Bra Review

Full Beauty has a patent pending on their first Comfort Choice “custom fit bra” with easy front sliders to adjust an extra 2″ on both sides for “perfect balance”. They sent me one to size bra from Full Beauty

The Comfort Choice® Custom Fit Bra is a wire free bra but as you will see it is not lacking in structure or reinforcement. Some of the other published features include:

  • supportive lace top cups
  • hidden sling for extra comfort and support
  • adjustable comfort straps
  • back hook closure
  • washable nylon/spandex
  • three color options: dark magenta, white, and rose nude

This plus size bra is available in sizes 38B to 48DDD for about $35.

Here is a full view of this plus size lace bra. As you can see the color super and has lots of feminine lace.

Full view of comfort choice bra.

On the first day I wore this bra for about ten hours. For the first six I was incredibly uncomfortable. The bra’s left seam (which you can see dipping down in the photo) dug into my ribs alternating with the buckle on the adjustable band strap. This “patent pending” adjustable strap is supposed to be a selling point for this bra but I found it more irritating than useful. If it was too loose the middle buckle dug into my ribs, if it was too tight it was just uncomfortable.

Comfort Choice Adjustable Bra

I have often heard other women complain about straps digging into their shoulders but this was the first time I actually experienced it although I am not sure exactly why as the straps seem of normal width. Adjusting to make them longer helped a little but it also lowered the lift of the breasts.

Comfort Choice Bra Strap

The vertical seam of the lace is very visible under clothing even with the sweater I was wearing at one point.

Comfort Choice Lace Bra Cup

On the upside, yes there are a few — This bras provides incredible all day support for a wire free bra. As you can see from the pictures it is heavily constructed — something that is surprising to see in a bra of this price range. On the outer edge is the cotton reinforcement for extra shaping.

Inner cotton support of Comfort Choice Bra

I thought the large inner seams would be irritating to the skin on the breasts but they were not. There is no extra padding to worry about removing, the lace is not itchy or picky.

Close up of inner cup stitching.

The under breast band does not have the same comfort stretch of other wire free bras and this part of the band was a big comfort issue. The front of the banding has satiny fabric that pulls on the delicate under breast skin unlike…

Inside of under band.

…the soft covering that appears on the rest of the band and the hook area.

Bra clasp

Another cute design feature is the peek-a- boo panel between the cups:

SIlky Band on inside of Comfort Choice Bra

And side panels:

Comfort Choice Peek-a-boo Side Panel

The bra is hand wash but I threw it in the delicate cycle of my washer and hung it to dry. It seemed to hold its original shape. Even though the bra was incredibly uncomfortable the first day I wanted to give it another chance. Unfortunately it was just as uncomfortable with the same issues mentioned above. The main issues again were the band pulling at the skin under the breasts and the buckles poking into my sides and having to constantly pull at them.

I really wanted to like this bra, it is very pretty, has a great color, and a strong structure. And while the structure is formidable the comfort is not.

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* Comfort Choice Bras are available at Full Beauty

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