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City Chic Online Review

Over the holidays City Chic Online sent me two of their tops for review. Both of the tops were chosen by me but now that I have had the opportunity to wear them realize they are outside my usual comfort zone, that being said, I am glad I had the opportunity to wear them.

The first top is heavily beaded v-neck and v-back. The bat-like wings make it feel incredibly roomy. The material is soft to touch and incredibly stretchy. There has to be at least two pounds of beads on the neckline — seriously, it is a pretty heavy top which is probably one of the reason it has the strap across the back to keep the shoulders from falling down. The beading and sequins appears to be secure and are cool to touch and not picky. I am not a huge fan of open back on myself as it makes me feel overexposed. I also dislike the string/band joining the shoulders, it looks and feels weird but I understand the necessity in this case. I love the flow of the fabric though and the waves created by excess fabric under the arms.

When I saw this bright pink sheer vest on the website I immediate fell in love but in real life I began to doubt the age appropriateness (I know, right?). It is a fun color and length. The only way I would ever wear it is over another top, long sleeves here or maybe a cami in the summer. It came with a narrow brown braided belt which I do not really like and I was glad it was not permanently attached. Again, this top appears to be well made and I could find no problems with workmanship. Both tops were easily steamed with a mini steamer.

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  1. Actually, I know how you feel about having your back exposed but it really does look nice. (Personally I prefer a scoop back rather than “V”.) I agree with you about the beading. I think it should be toned down a bit and not so heavy. I see bead work as a decorative design rather that the main focus of a blouse. Thanks for your honest review.

  2. While I can understand them being out of your comfort zone, I think they look great! The pink one would be super fun to style – over a short dress, over leggings and a tunic, with a printed maxi dress…. oh the possibilities! I like the way the first one looks on you, but I think the heavy beading would get to me as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂