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Exposed Envy Bra Straps Review

You are wearing one of your favorite tops when you stop to chat with a guy you have not seen in awhile. After you part ways something catches your eye on your shoulder and you realize your ugly white bra strap is showing. You tuck it in and five minutes later it is showing again. You try folding the edge of your top over it to keep it covered but nothing is keeping that bra strap hidden today.

Exposed Envy has the solution, stop hiding your bra strap! They have over 100 styles of pretty bras straps to choose from: rhinestone, beaded, colored, printed, and crystal.

Kelly from Exposed Envy sent me a pair of Sparkle Fabric Bra Straps and a pair of Rhinestone Bra Straps with matching bracelet to review on My Favorite Things.

The Fabric Sparkle Bra Straps

The first day I wore the purple Sparkle fabric straps because they were the most like the bra I was wearing. These straps look narrow but they are sturdier than the ones I was using.

These purple fabric straps with a little sparkle are from Exposed Envy.

The underside is soft and the straps are adjustable up to the sparkles. I thought they looked really cute peeking out from my top. They were so comfortable I completely forgot I had them on — I wore them for ten hours.

The Rhinestone Bra Straps

With the Rhinestone Bra Straps I was a little more worried about because they are metal and not as forgiving in terms of stretch like a fabric strap. It was a little awkward to put the bra on with weighted straps but once in place they felt like regular straps within a few minutes. I wore the same bra again for at least ten hours.

Pretty Rhinestone Bra Straps from Exposed Envy.

After a few hours I checked the skin under the strap and there was a slight indentation but nothing like I expected there would be. I checked again at bed time and it was no worse. These straps were surprisingly comfortable. Sparkly — so pretty. My only complaint was that the thread in the seams of my top seemed to catch in the rhinestones. It did not pull it but I kept thinking it was going to every time it caught.

In my opinion this style is more of a special occasion bra strap that would look amazing with a sleeveless or off the shoulder bridal/maid dress or any other dressy occasion.

I have a C cup and was quite comfortable with both the fabric and the metal straps all day. I do not usually have an issue with digging straps. I would definitely wear both sets again and am looking forward to using them more when the summer months roll around.

If these two styles do not tickle your fancy there are many more to choose from on the Exposed Envy website. Prices range from $7 to $30. All orders over $50 offer free shipping in US or $5 in Canada.

A note about strap widths: There are currently no wide straps in the Exposed Envy shop. Plus size women should be wearing a bra designed to support the weight of your breasts, that includes any convertible bras you own. Not all the weight should be supported in your straps. If you have permanent deep indents in your shoulders from your bra straps I would not recommend these for use.

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