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Au Natural but with Polish

When I was in college self-expression via your nails was pretty much discouraged but I liked to have a more polished look then just clean cut nails. For me, a French Manicure was still too bold and every time I looked down at my nails I thought they looked like little white beacons.

One day I discovered, quite accidentally, the natural manicure which is basically a French Manicure with a sheer white instead of an opaque white. It produces an au natural finish with a polished look — if your tips and nail beds are not defined it will give a brighter appearance without being extreme. Over the years I have come back to this look again and again.

Do not be scared off by the term “French Manicure” this option is easier and more forgiving.

Sheer French Manicure How To by Moe

Here is a five minute video I recently created sharing the products I use and how I do it.

It does not make a considerable difference but it does make a noticeable difference, if that makes any sense. I hope you will give it a try.

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