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I was first turned on to Tagua Nut Jewelry via Kab’s excellent lens on eco-friendly bracelets at Squidoo. Kab refers to this unique bead as the “ivory nut”. This comparison goes way beyond the fact that it can be died many colors as you will see below. Kab says, it can be used for many things that Elephant ivory can be used for — a huge plus for elephants, yes? I do not know about you but I would rather see an elephant in the wild than have it killed for its tusks to make be something as trivial as a bracelet or desk ornament. The Tagua nut is a renewable resource so there is no reason not to use it as a substitute. And look how pretty it is!

Tagua Nut bracelets from

Tagua can be used for necklaces and earrings but I especially like the look of it for bracelets. Here are a few of my favorites which I found on Amazon. Beautiful colors and all under $30. There are many more options that range in price above and below this.

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