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Billie Jean is Definitely My Color

Of course the name Billie Jean will forever bring up the sounds of Michael Jackson singing about himself being the one and the kid not being his son but this Julep nail color is definitely “the one”.

I love it. It went on beautifully with two coats and I am really digging the matte look for this one. As you can hear I was pretty excited when I made this mini video the other day (the photo colors are truer than the video color):

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook then you probably know I decided to paint the kitchen wall Friday and that involved a lot of taping and well, paint. The polish did not chip but it did wear off on the tips from where the tape stuck and of course I had grey wall paint on a few nails. Last night I added another coat of Billie Jean and just for kicks I added Jordon to the tips for a little sparkle which just makes the whole Micheal Jackson analogy even more perfect no?

Julep's Billie Jean and Jordan nail polishes.

I think the sparkle looks great with the matte. This is the super easiest nail art, even easier than dots.

Billie Jean polish applied with Jordan sparkle on tips.

The Billie Jean pink really seems to suit my skin tone too. This one definitely moves to my top coveted favorites.

Matte nail polish with sparkle tips.

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  1. OMIGOSH! I LOVE this colour! Love the sparkle on the tips too! Super cute!