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Seeing Green

Last night I applied two of the colors from my first Mystery Box from Julep. I was feeling in a Kermity mood so choose the two greens they sent: Fiona (top) and Sofia (bottom). The colors do not look like they would coordinate well by looking at the colors in the bottles but I figured Sofia would be sheer enough that it would not matter. And I think I was right.

Fiona and Sofia green nail polishes from Julep.

Fiona is a very thick bright green (they describe it as “electric lime neon green”) that reminds me of Fiona’s, from the Shrek movie, skin tone. I found this polish to be really goopy to put on. Even after a second coat I was not thrilled with the application — oh, and Fiona has no sheen. I had originally planned to only put Sofia on as an accent color on the ring finger but ended up putting it on all nails.


Sofia is a sheer looking polish with a light green tint with fine sparkles. This polish went on with no problems at all, a really nice formulation.


Now here is the best part of Sofia — she glows in the dark! It was a totally awesome surprise when I went to bed. I reached down to pull up the sheets and ten glowing fingers surprised me. It reminds me of the traditional color of glow-sticks but you definitely could not light your way in the dark with these. There is just enough for a fun glow to your tips.


When I checked the website site they described this polish as a “top coat” but in my opinion it does not offer enough sheen for a top coat so I added an additional layer.

The luminescence lasts about 15 minutes but a few seconds in some light had it recharged again. I tried taking a picture but did not have any luck. But trust me, it is super cool. Of the two I would definitely recommend the Sofia — I am looking forward to testing it out with other colors.

You can find both polishes on the Julep website for $14. $11.20 if you become a Julep Maven.

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  1. I wish we could get these! Very kermitty frog xxxx 🙂