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Red, White, and Blue

This can go two ways. If you are feeling nautical this will put you in the seafaring mood. If you are feeling patriotic this will put you in the “Let’s celebrate Independence Day” mood.

When I did this nail art the other day I really did not have a plan in mind, it just kind of happened. I had seen a nail art picture on Pinterest of red nails with a thin black strip along one side. I initially had planned to do half red and half navy but then there was the problem with an uneven seam in the center and I really hate the time-suck of taping. I remembered I had a bottle of white with a thin art brush and viola, nautical nails.

Nautical inspired colors on nails.

Normally when I paint a nail I have enough polish on the brush to cover the nail in about three strokes. I had to make sure I had less polish on the brush so I would not have any extra run off to deal with.

Red, white, and blue color blocking on fingernails.

The hardest part was getting the colors to meet up at the nail bed close to the cuticle. I noticed some of them had a little dip. I was able to camouflage those when I added the white stripe.

Nautical and patriotic nail art.

The red is called Nan. In some light it almost looks like paprika. It went on nicely and I had to use two coats. The navy is called Char. It is a thick creme which allowed me to apply only one coat. Both are from Julep. The white is an art lacquer from L.A. Colors. So the line was not too goopy, I made sure to work quickly by sliding off excess and applying line before a bulb could form at the end of the brush.

Navy and red nail polish from Julep.

I really love this look and am adding it to my list of favorites/easy to do. I love the color combination and I love the look of the color blocking.

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