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The Goddess

When I shop on eBay and Etsy I have a mental list of things I always come back to to do a search for. One of them is the Venus of Willendorf. I have been somewhat infatuated with her image since I was a teenager and like to see what new interpretations artists come up with. Tonight I came across Joy Munshower’s (San Jose, CA) work and I think it is beautiful. I am also surprised it is not ranked higher in Etsy’s search because I was well into my shopping when I came across these vibrant figures. I would love to have some of these in my office but at $65 they are out of my range and a wee bit too small.

Goddess sculptures by Joy Munshower

When I actually read the description I found out… They are beads!! Seriously, they are less than two inches tall! I had automatically assumed they were desktop versions with their own little stands. For something so small the detail is incredible right down to the back folds. The colors are amazing — I like all the ones shown here but obviously the ones with blue are my favorites. If you do any kind of jewelry designing make sure you check out the Tile Goddess at Etsy

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