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Tropical Sunset Nails

You may have read my tweet on Twitter that Shopper’s Drug Mart was having a nail art contest on their site (ended on 12th) called “Nail the Look”. They have four video looks with color suggestions and we, the viewer, have to “nail” them — love the double pun. I did the first look last week (Pop Brights) on the sister site and think I did a pretty good job of nailing it. Tonight I decided to go for the Tropical Sunset look which is third in the series.

The Tropical Sunset nail art theme was developed by Paige Dzenis the “resident nail authority for”. There was a short and sweet video tutorial but has since been deleted otherwise I would show it to you.

For this nail art I was able to pick up all the polishes used in the tutorial except one. L’Oreal — Member’s Only was sold out so I substituted it with the Ceramic Glaze — Exotic Dragonfruit I used in the Pop Brights look as it looked like it was a close enough of a match to what they had in the video. Other colors shown in photo from left to right:

  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #250 My Papaya
  • L’Oreal Nail Color — #111 Not a Cloud in Sight
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #295 Out of the Blue
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #290 Constant Caribbean

Five bottles of nail polish.

I did not have any issues with any of the polishes above. I started out putting My Papaya on my toes (you don’t need to see my toes do you?) then followed the directions in the video beginning with My Papaya on my ring, middle finger, and thumb then book-ended them with Out of the Blue on the pointer finger and pinky. I have never done layering with a sponge before, at least not with nail polish. This nail art is way messier than the last one but I think it came out OK.


I started things off with Revlon’s Base/Top coat which I am quite fond of. I used it for my last manicure and it really held things together. And I finished off with my Freedom Polymer Top Coat (I love, love, love it and will totally be getting more of).

Revlon Base Coat Julep Top

When I first started layering on the extra colors I really doubted it was going to work out at all. But I kept blending away.

Five nail polishes sunset nail art.

You can not appreciate how pretty the gradient looks until you see them close up. These three nails are my favorite. Look at each finger individual then look at them all together.

Close up of gradient nail art.

I think the whole package turned out pretty good on both hands. I worked on both at the same time instead of one at a time because I wanted to make sure I did the exact same process on each hand. If I waited until one was done and then started the other there would be no guarantee I could get them to look the same. They are not exact but pretty close.

Close up of the five gradient nail polishes.

It actually did not take me a super amount of time to complete this. Maybe thirty minutes, while I watched an episode of the Walking Dead (not including time spent painting toes). I would definitely try this one again. Of all the colors my favorite are My Papaya and Constant Caribbean which I am looking forward to seeing on a full set in the future.

Are you brave enough to attempt some sponge blending?

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