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A lot of links wiz by me every day through my Twitter feed. Last week caught my attention. I love the bright colors and the prices are not too bad either. It was kind of hard to find specific plus sizes so I used their search feature which easily brought up everything in 3x. It also brought up something else, a new URL with the words “African American Clothing”. While a number of pieces have the traditional African caftan feel there are many every day pieces to choose from that would be of interest to other ethnic groups, including myself. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

A selection of dresses, skirts, and tops from Ashro clothing.

From left to right:

  • Nefertiti Knit Dress, $60
  • Syntoria Jacket, $80
  • Nazanina Dress, $80
  • Tanzy Knit Top, $60
  • Masami Skirt, $35
  • Safara Pant Set, $130
  • Blaise Knit Skirt, $70
  • Destra Set, $50
  • Syntoria Skirt (matches top in first row), $70

There is no “plus size” section which is fine because their search box actually works. I did a search for 3x to get eight pages of style results to look through. I looked at sizes ranged from S to 3X or 8 to 26. They currently ship throughout U.S. and Canada and their shipping rates are not bad (about $10). I have not shopped there but the website has been around since 2001 when they were the “manufacturer and designer of global and ethnic inspired textiles and fabrics”. They have come a long way in terms of website design and surfability too.

Have you shopped at Ashro?

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Sophisticated plus size dresses from Kiyonna.


  1. I love Ashro especially when you can catch a great sale. Because their pieces are good quality sizing can run on the bigger side. I have the Nefertiti dress in black n white and it was huge on me. I waited to late to try it on to be able to send it back so I wear it as a maxi skirt and make the arms wrap around like a belt. Otherwise nice clothes, most of their items I believe go as large as a 26. Sign-up they’ll send you a catolog