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The Allure of Blue Sweaters

Oh that I wish I could afford Eileen Fisher’s clothing then this Scoop Neck Dolman-Sleeve Oval Top in Airy Alpaca Crimp in azure (it also comes in peridot which is a fancy word for green baby poo color–it’s not but you get the idea) would be mine, all mine. I love the azure color of course but the sweater style is so right up my alley.

Plus size designer sweaters by Eileen Fisher.

For my go-to style I would wear it with a pair of leggings because, well, I am home and chilling most of the time with my laptop, then I might wear it with jeans and my Docs. Or a houndstooth pencil skirt, opaque tights, and flats. I would not be above abusing the heck out of this one. It would make my eyes look so “purdy”.

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  1. Story of my life! Every time I see a gorgeous Eileen Fisher sweater, I curse my lack of a trust fund/sugar daddy. That color is amazing!

  2. LOL, me too. But then I wonder, if I actually had that kind of money would I pay that much for a sweater?