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Doctor Who Nail Art

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Doctor Who series. I remember fondly watching with my Aunt Ida and Uncle John (he wasn’t a real uncle, just a tenant — but still kind of funny because I loved him more than my real Uncle John, anyhooo…). Doctor Who was in reruns a few times over when I was kid. My favorite Doctor growing up was Tom Baker. Seeing pictures of him makes me instantly want a twenty foot striped scarf.

The 4th Doctor Who, Tom Baker.

Image courtesy of BBC.

I started watching Doctor Who again when Christopher Eccleston took up the reins and was devastated when he left the show. I decided to hang in there with David Tennant but when Rose (Billie Piper) left my interest waned off (it was just too traumatic to lose them so soon) returning again for David’s regeneration into Matt Smith — I never got into this incarnation — to which I balled my eyes out.

Today is a day full of who’s Who and my DVR is running overtime recording over 24 hours worth of shows including the start of the new season. I am looking forward to watching a new and older Doctor which is more reminiscent in age to the ones I grew up with. I will be in the Who for the next few weeks watching everything.

In honor of Doctor Who’s birthday here are a few nail art ideas I foraged through on YouTube for you to play around with while you are getting your Whovian fix on the telly today.

Tom Baker’s Scarf

Since Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor it stands to reason that I would share this tutorial by Unomadds which looks completely doable while reminiscing over old doctors:

The Daleks

A little more challenging is this how-to nail video that focuses on a recurring villain The Daleks. ProfessionalDQ provides a fairly easy looking tutorial using a bright red color theme.

The Tardis

And IhaveaCupcake video pays homage to the Doctor’s time travel machine, the Tardis. I totally have to do this one. I love Tardis stuff.

The Galaxy

The Doctor can’t travel without a galaxy to go through and CutePolish takes us through an easy tutorial that creates beautiful galaxy looking results.

The Doctor

And this final video pays homage to the last doctor. In it Anjayleekah shows us a combination of galaxy, Dalek and bow tie.

Have a “splendid” day!

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  1. I didn’t know you were a fellow Whovian, Moe! *gives you a great big hug*

    I’m a fairly new Whovian – my best online friend and several of my other online friends watch it and talk about it all the time, so earlier this year I had to see what all the fuss was about. The library doesn’t have Classic Who, but they do have the new series, so I started watching and was hooked (I actually ended up buying all seven seasons). I adored Nine, loved Ten even more, and Eleven has his moments. It took me a long time to love him and now he’s leaving! *cries* Anyway, this show has helped me through so much this year, so it’s always exciting to find other people who love it. And I love the nail designs…I’m going to have to get my sister-in-law to try one of them on me! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t say I am a Whovian — I tend to not get too excited about the details. The Doctor is an important part of our pop culture and the fantasy world speaks to my creativity. Who wouldn’t want to time travel? One of the reasons I stopped watching was the changing of the guard so often. I get attached to the actors and it is usually too hard for me. I am still bitter about them killing off Bobby on High Incident — show has been off air for many years). Post some of the images on your facebook if you do, I’d love to see.