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Barbie Gets a New Look

I still have most of my Barbie dolls from childhood. They are packed away in a box in the basement but without looking I can tell you they are all blonde hair and blue eyes. Growing up I really didn’t consider my doll’s appearance too much because I was also blonde hair and blue eyed. Now that I am older I can appreciate how disruptive and disappointing it can be for a young child not to have dolls in their likeness, or at least similar in some way whether it be hair, skin color, or body type.

Over the the years Mattel has made additions to their Barbie line, usually in the more expensive “collection” series that included different skin types and hair colors but it isn’t until now that they have really made progress. I love the new selection of dolls they have been working on which includes short, tall, and curvy as well as a great array of hair and skin tones. Very cool. I definitely wish I had this selection when I was a kid.

Check out Time Magazine’s reveal of Barbies’s new design:

What did you think of all the Barbie options?

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