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Plus Size Yoga is Trending

It seems like everyone is talking about plus size yoga these days. Well it is the new year and while it is in the forefront for the beginning of the year it is not forgotten throughout the year either. Many of us have known for over a decade that plus size yoga was hot but it seems like everyone else is finally realizing it too.

Dianne Bondy performing a yoga pose for Penningtons #iwontcompromise body image (plus size yoga) campaign.

It is so nice to be able to get a decent pair of yoga pants whenever you want now. Pennington’s of course has had their own line of active wear for a few years and recently released a short short video (57 seconds) featuring yoga teacher Dianne Bondy.

It is kind of a tongue in cheek, with it’s title “Why Women Can’t Do Yoga” and subtitles highlighting reasons why fat people can’t do yoga overlain on Dianne doing some challenging poses and obviously proving them wrong. I think the #iwontcompromise will be a hit. If you haven’t seen the video now is your chance:

Dianne is by no means the first or the last plus size yogi to share her poses in a video. You can find many plus size/fat yogis on YouTube, Instagram etc. But this certainly is a nice form of exposure from a Canadian retail giant that will certainly get picked up throughout the US as well as abroad.

What did you think?

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