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I Hate Lip Gloss

It has taken me a few decades, but today I have decided I officially hate lip gloss. This firm decision came about after applying a sample of Urban Decay’s Revolution High-Color Lipgloss, a beauty sample. This is not a reflection on Urban Decay lip gloss, okay maybe it is a little since this is my first time trying the brand, but overall it is not. It was just the catalyst that is going to make me clean out my lipstick tray this week.

A lip gloss sample from Urban Decay.

Many times while in the make-up isle, I have succumbed to the pretty shades of lip glosses and the convenience of a brush application. But without fail, I get it home, apply it and toss it into my make-up tray only to be taken out a few months later. “Oh, why haven’t I worn this in a while?” Then I open it. “Oh, it’s a lip gloss.” And it quickly goes back into the tray to be forgotten again.

I belong to two beauty box deliveries and I usually cringe when a lip gloss shows up in my delivery; which is more often than I would like. Part of me thinks, maybe this will be the one to change my mind. Never happens.

Not only do beauty boxes love lip glosses but so do most, if not all, lipstick brands. I’m pretty confident they all have them. So there must be a market for them. That means many of you must love them.

I have to admit to myself that I am not a lip gloss person. They are gooey, they come off too easily, and they are gooey (worth mentioning twice). But frankly, I don’t understand why anyone would love lip gloss. So lip gloss people, tell me, why do you love lip gloss so much?

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