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10 Rules for Wearing Jewelry To The Gym

To wear or not to wear jewelry to the gym? Although many women would never be caught dead flaunting their jewelry on the elliptical, others prefer to add personality to their cute workout gear with a few strategically placed accessories. So, what’s the right answer? It turns out that jewelry can be worn at the gym, as long as you follow these guidelines:

You need to pick and choose carefully what jewelry you will wear to the gym.

Take Off Rings for Weight Work

Lifting? Leave the rings at home. Yes, even your engagement ring! Some women have a hard time parting ways with this precious possession, but keeping it on while you lift weights could lead to a serious injury. Wearing rings while you lift could affect your grip on the weights and pose a serious safety risk if the weight slips and falls. Still not convinced? Gripping a weight could also damage the band, so it’s best to keep it at home.

Swim Solo

Ready to take a dive into the deep end to swim a few laps? Wait! Take off any gold or silver jewelry! Chlorine can interact with precious metals, even gold or silver, after prolonged exposure so it’s best not to take that risk. The good news? Chlorine does not have the same effect on platinum!

Wear Wearable Tech

What’s one accessory that will always be accepted at the gym? Wearable tech! Fitness trackers are always a must when it comes to exercising, so don’t be shy about rocking yours as you run on the treadmill. To add a little something extra to your look, try a piece of Tory Burch jewelry designed to disguise these trackers.

Pay Attention to Chain Lengths

Wearing a pendant on a long chain can spell disaster when you go for a jog on the treadmill. The faster you run, the harder the pendant will bounce up and down on your chest or even worse, smack you in the face. If you do choose to wear a necklace to the gym, keep the chain short to avoid injury.

Beaded Bracelets are Best

Beaded or leather bracelets are probably the best choice for workouts since the material won’t be impacted by sweat. Also, this style of bracelet tends to lay tightly around your wrist, meaning it won’t get in the way as you press down for that 10th push-up!

Say No to Nickel

Nickel, a metal that is commonly used in jewelry, can cause an irritating rash or make the skin temporarily turn green. One thing that speeds up the reaction between nickel and your skin? Sweat. If you wear nickel jewelry to the gym, expect to leave with a green mark or red, blotchy rash.

Keep an Eye on Gemstones

High intensity workouts are a great way to pump up your heart rate, but they can also damage your jewelry. As you’re moving through your workouts, you may accidentally hit rings or bracelets against equipment or the gym floor. A hard hit to jewelry could knock your precious gemstones out of their settings, so keep a close eye on these pieces if you insist on wearing them.

Wear Studs for Safety

Dangling earrings can get caught up in clothing or equipment, so it’s best to wear studs that stay close to your ears. Wearing a stud diamond or gemstone will add a little sparkle to your workout gear without getting in your way!

Store It Safely

Coming to the gym straight from work? Pack a small box in your gym bag where you can safely store all your jewelry so it doesn’t bang against other items. Then, make sure to keep your bag stored in a locker to prevent theft.

Clean It Thoroughly

If you do decide to wear jewelry while you work out, be sure to wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water afterwards to remove dirt and sweat. Otherwise, the build up of bacteria could lead to skin irritation or even worse, infections.

Follow these 10 rules and you will never feel out of place or unsafe while wearing jewelry at the gym!

Full-time freelance journalist, Naomi Shaw, writes about family focused topics. She helps her audience readers navigate the world of parenting, education, food, crafting and DIY, mompreneurship, and writing. This stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur livings in Southern California with her husband and three children. @NaomiJShaw

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