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Camera Inserts for Handbags

I would love to have a Kelly Moore Camera bag but lets face it, they are a big investment. Sure there is quality and a name behind the product but sometimes it is just hard to justify $200+ for a pretty handbag, even if it is guarding camera equipment. If you are crafty you can make your own insert or if you shop Etsy you can find a pretty reasonably priced insert to put in a handbag you already own. Esty artisans combine the use of color, cuteness (without being overt), and function to create camera inserts for handbags under $50. Here are a few of my favorites:

Darby Mack Handbag Inserts

My absolute favorites come from Darby Mack. She will do custom orders if you have a hard to fit bag or would like a particular fabric but she really has a lot to choose from in her store. Camera bag inserts are not all she creates, she has camera bags, purses, laptop bags and DSLR straps. Some of the inserts have a zipper which is great if you are using the other half of your handbag for a purse and don’t want your camera to be visible every time you open your bag. Her camera inserts range from $34 to $42. She has excellent shipping to the US and reasonable rates to Canada. Here are my favorite camera bag inserts from her collection (but especially that blue zipper one!):

My favorite camera bag inserts from Darby Mack's Etsy store.

Olive Tree Textiles

They have a padded insert that can be custom made from over 30 fabric options from solid to pattern. Camera equipment looks snug as a bug in a rug. Their camera insert is $52. They also offer ready made bags and quilts. They have reasonable shipping to the US but it is a bit pricey to Canada.

I like the puffiness of the Olive Tree Textiles camera bag insert.

Chelsea Bags

This artisan’s focus is on hand and diaper bags that are pretty to look and built to last but she has this subdued camera insert that would hide nicely in any purse. It costs $25. She has reasonable shipping to the US and an OK rate to Canada.

Chelsea's bag have a couple extra compartments for accessories.


This Etsy shop has one bag insert for cameras that she makes-to-order depending on your fabric likes. It is the only thing in her shop at the moment. I love the hot pink color. Her insert is $35 and her shipping rates are reasonable in the US and OK for Canada.

I love the color and extra pockets of Martilena's bright inserts.

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Coach Handbags

My friend Lana really turned me onto Coach handbags. To say she is a collector would be an understatement, when it comes to handbag collections hers rock. So when I got a notice from Zappos about their Coach collection I got a little tickled by it and thought that you would too. I surfed through their handbags and came up with ten easy picks for favorites either because of color or shape or both.

From what I have seen they don’t ignore what is on the inside either. You know that feeling when you open up a bag and it is either pretty on the inside or… not. Sometimes it is the details — usually my favorite handbags are pretty on the inside too. I always hate when I find a great looking bag on the outside then open it up to find a cheap rough fabric on the inside that looks more like cheese cloth than a proper lining — not so with with brand.

Coach Legacy Crossbody in Pink Scarlet, $228

I love this fabulous bright pink Coach handbag from Zappos.

Coach Madison Phoebe Shoulder Bag in Black Violet, $328

This purple black shoulder Coach handbag has a great color and shape.

Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody in Cognac, $258

Cognac is one of my favorite colors and trapeze is one of my favorite styles.

Coach Legacy Signature Mini Tanner in Khaki and Black, $228

I love the print on this signature handbag that is broken up nicely with the black color block at the bottom.

Coach Madison Satchel, $298

Another black violet handbag that has a great shape. It kind of reminds me of a doctor's bag except a little more fancy.

Coach Madison Madeline Satchel, $398

I love the geometric shape of this black bag. It comes in other colors but I really love it in black the best.

Coach Legacy Duffle in Pink, $348

This stylish duffle bag from Coach looks like it could hold a lot. The rich pink color is especially appealing.

Coach Legacy East/West Tote, $228

I love the texture of this simple black tote which has a bit of a trapeze width to it.

Coach Poppy Signature East/west Satchel, $248

A smaller print version of the Coach satchel. They added the perfect amount of black accents to break up the pattern.

Coach Madison Op Art Carryall, $358

Another signature print handbag.

If you are not familiar with Coach handbags, as you can see from the prices listed that they are not your bargain basement brand although sometimes you can get good deals at their outlet stores, but they are not totally un-affordable either. I would consider them an investment handbag though, something you pick because you love and plan to go back to year after year.

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Marc Jacobs Handbags

Part of the shopping process includes dreaming and in this case it would be Marc Jacob handbags. I am especially fond of the “trapeze” style bags no matter who makes makes them. I am loving the deep color options too. It is a nice shift from the neon splurge we have had all summer. There are six bags I from the fall collection that really catch my eye:

A selection of handbags from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

From left to right:

  • Too Hot To Handle Bentley, $498
  • Goodbye Columbus Patchwork, $578
  • East End Colorblocked Madame Hilli, $568
  • Classic Q Francesca, $538
  • Too Hot To Handle Satchel, $398
  • Plaid Show Group Rosie, $528

But my absolute favorite at the moment is that patchwork number.

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Straw Handbags

This plait straw handbag is perfect for the impending spring months. I love the splash of turquoise (also in white or floral) — I am going through a turquoise phase — loving it so much right now and I do not see it ending any time soon. The Leslie Straw Satchel is $70 from Emilie M.

Plaited straw bag with turquoise accents from Emilie M.

The straw bag is not just for the beach any longer. It has left the sand behind to follow us through our day whether it be lunch with the girls or doing errands. The perfect look would be with a pair of capris (I know some of you hate them but they are here to stay baby), a cami, light cardigan, and some funky flats or sneaks.

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Frye Handbags

It is no secret that I love Frye boots But did you know I also love Frye hangbags? They are both pretty and rustic looking, have appealing lines, and rich colors. Here are a few of my favorties from their current line-up (as you can see I am a bit fond of yellow and burnt red at the moment):

Frye Handbags

From left to right:

  • These top two bags are the Campus Crossbody ($298) in banana and burnt red. Really loving their banana bags.
  • The cute little Elaine Vintage Crossbody ($268) is shown in a dark brown but also comes in an interesting smoke color.
  • The Jenny Hobo ($428) comes in six different colors but I like this one in grey.
  • More yellow with the Cameron Satchel ($448).
  • The Campus Shopper ($348) looks like something I would use every day.

If you visit their website you will also see a lot of black and studs.

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Fall Handbags from Baghaus

I am sure there is probably such a thing as too many handbags but, not yet. Here are my favorite Urban Expression picks from Baghaus’s November lookbook:

Fall and winter handbag trends for women.

From top left:

  • De La Mer Bag in black (also in bright yellow), $72 — I like the simple lines and size on this stately handbag.
  • Le Petit Crossbody in rust (also in three other colors), $65 — Love all the texture and the color is fabulous for fall.
  • Equinox Clutch Messenger in brown (also in two other snakeskin shades), $50 — Perfect for those who want to experiment with snake print but not commit to it being on their body.
  • Chantelle Bagin berry (also in teal), $72 — Again, love the texture both in the body and the handles. The color is a fabulous alternative to true red.
  • Taryn Handbag in black (also in nutmeg), $75 — Basic black dressed up with texture. Love it.

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Handbags from Tires

At English Retreads you will find handbags, briefs, man bags and more made of recycled tires. Yes from recycled tires. It does not sound like it but they are incredibly lovely and fashionable. There are three styles that particularly stand out for me.

recycled tire handbags

My favorites:

  • The Strut ($34) is the perfect size clutch.
  • The Model T Tote Luxe ($98) comes in a small and a large both are lined.
  • The Bentley Messenger Bag ($148) is the man bag or career bag.

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Polka Dot Handbags

There are a lot of handbags out there that have dots on them. Many of them are pretty bad but I will not get into that or else I will be here all day all negative and such and I really do not need to bring you down with a whole bunch of dot horror stories when dots are meant to be fun.

My first place to hunt for dots was Zappos. The name itself makes me think of dots with those round curves in the name. They offer up designer dots like the Dotty Snake Lil Ukita by Marc Jacobs for $298:

Steve Madden Dotty Handbag from Zappos

Or there is the eco-friendly dots like the Cyclone Polka Dots by Littlearth for $60 from Sonsi:

Little Earth Dog bag from Sonsi

Dots does not have to be all about print, it can be texture too. Like the White Bweaved Hobo Bag by Steve Madden from Torrid for $98:

Steve Madden Handbag from Torrid

There is always Amazon where you can stock up on your books and cosmetics at the same time with the Gray Polka Dot Loop Shopper by Reisenthel for $40:

Reisenthel dot handbag from Amazon

And if you just cannot find a dot bag you love at the usual retail haunts I highly recommend Etsy which has dots being made into lovely bags of all shapes and sizes (functions and prices) like the Red and White Polka Dot Purse by Two Chikkadees for $10:

Polka Dot Purse from TwoChikkadees

If that fails then you can pick up an inexpensive polka dot scarf and tie it around the handle of one of your solid colored handbags.

Have a happy polka dot kind of day.

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Red Handmade Handbags

Etsy has so many artisans it boggles the mind. When I was searching for red handbags and came up with endless styles and prices I knew I had to mention it because I’m not the only one who loves red. Many are not your average handbags which makes them extra special. Here are ten of my favorites under $100 (and ten is really just a sampling of what is available at Etsy).

red handbags and purses from Etsy designers

I am only linking to an Etsy search for red bags below because some products disappear so quickly but I’ll name the designers here and you can check out their work.

1. Red Vinyl Handbag Striped Cotton Lining, $20 from Nicannmardee Designs
2. 12 Pocket Handbag in Classic Red with Magnetic Closure and Ticking Interior, $55 from Deb Donnelly Designs
3. Wrinkled Red Bag, $52 from Rutinet Design
4. Burgundy Red Suede Handbag Tote, $65 from Alma Leather
5. Faux Snakeskin in Rich Red Handmade Handbag, $50 from Faith Heart
6. Asymmetric Handbag, $59 from TahelSadot (Mariposa)
7. Trapezium Handbag with Metallic Handle and Scottish Print, $37 from GEOmetricSTYLE
8. Metal Frame Purse with Vintage Lace, $57 from Renkli Tasarimlar
9. Red Felt Handbag, $40 from Anonima Mente Design
10. Kines Classic in Red, $55 from Kinies


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10 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips for Handbags

It’s an indispensable tool, a valuable fashion asset and a source of all manner of important things like breath mints, a safety pin to fix a broken zipper, or keys to entertain a toddler. A woman’s purse is a collector of things – and sometimes those things are downright unhealthful.

According to recent studies, a woman’s purse ranks as one of the top ten germiest items we come in contact with on a regular basis. Ironically, a woman’s handbag is also the place where she carries her wealth and financial power.

Is your purse a symbol of wealth or is it a danger to your health? Maybe it’s a little of both.

Interestingly, for women, a purse is often a symbol of the self. An attractive, organized purse makes us feel better and more in control of our lives.

When our purses are a mess and we can’t find anything, we feel lost and our bank accounts often reflect that scattered state.

Simply put, a purse with good feng shui is a purse that is organized, a handy resource, and supports its principal purpose: holding your money and financial wherewithal.

Read these tips to get your purse in tip top feng shui shape — and make you more prosperous!

1. Elevate your purse.
You’d never see a man put his wallet on the floor, yet women put their purses on the floor all the time – in the restroom, at restaurants, at work. Always keep your purse elevated and off the floor. And never, ever, put it on the floor of the restroom. Hang it on a door hinge or the corner of the door. A great idea is to buy a purse hanger for those times when you want to put your purse down, but not on a floor.

2. Keep it clean.
Resist the temptation to throw gum or food wrappers, bits of paper or used tissues into your purse. What does it say when you carry trash in the same place as your money? Garbage should go in a trashcan and never into a purse.

3. Mind the change.
Avoid throwing change into your purse where it will fall to the bottom of the bag. This is disrespectful to money. If it’s too inconvenient to put change into a zippered coin compartment in your wallet, buy an old fashioned coinpurse that makes collecting change easy – and getting it out for tolls or parking meters — convenient too.

4. Be prepared.
Carry a small safety pin, a tiny container of dental floss, a small notepad with pen, a small pocketknife, highlighter pen and bottle of eye drops. Little items that make your purse a point of refuge in the world make you love your purse even more. Better still, when someone has a broken zipper they will forever remember you and your purse of wonders! Lastly, carry a $100 bill, but don’t spend it. Having a purse (and some cash) at the ready helps you be prepared for financial surprises.

5. Activate your purse.
If you see pretty hanging Chinese ornaments or tassels put some of these on your purse. These hangers are great for pumping up the feng shui volume of your purse and activating it for wealth. Choose hangers that appeal to you and that look especially pretty and coordinated. Yes, pretty is good feng shui!

6. Buy thoughtfully.
Like a bra, never buy a purse just for the fashion name or for how it looks. Make sure the purse hangs on your shoulder comfortably, and like a good bra, stays there. Even better, find a purse with enough compartments to hold small items like pens, your cell phone, and other items you need to get to quickly. Make sure you can easily close your purse for security sake, that you can find what you need and that the purse is working for you, not the other way around.

7. Use a key keeper.
These small hooks fit onto your purse and keep you from fishing around for your keys, which can endanger you if you’re trying to find them at night in an empty parking lot. By hanging on the edge of your purse, you can access your keys faster and more easily. This says you can find your way financially too.

8. Avoid wallet clutter.
Get a wallet that helps you stay organized with your money. Your money should be easily arranged, not rammed into a wad, and your credit cards should be easily accessible. Also, have only as many credit cards as you absolutely need. Too many credit cards becomes a financial trap, a credit score nightmare, and, well, clutter. When the clerks ask if you want one of the store-name-credit cards, tell them “No thanks; I’m cutting down on wallet clutter.” Who can argue with that?

9. Buy a purse in your personal wealth color.
Selecting a purse in a color that resonates with your personal wealth energy will help stimulate your wealth and money-making opportunities. If you don’t want to buy a purse in your personal wealth colors, other good options include red, metallic, white, black, and blue. Greens are also fine and a nice choice in 2010. The best choice for the year? Blue.

10. Pursue love.
The No. 1 feng shui rule for your purse? Don’t buy it unless you absolutely love it – and then treat it that way. Keep it clean, organized, and off the floor. Your money mojo will be activated and you’ll have more to spend and save. Show some purse love!

© K Weber Communications LLC 2002-2010

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to receive her FREE Ebook “Easy Money – 3 Steps to Building Massive Wealth with Feng Shui” visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

Just for 5 Pounds

Just for 5 Pounds is based in the UK but they ship internationally. Their website has a bevy of items from womens wear, footwear, to accessories. All of which are only £5. That’s right, only £5. I was contacted a few weeks ago “to review a few of our items” from their website. One of the first things I did was take a look at their plus size section which on average goes up to size 22 but I did find a few items that were available in 24 and 26.

A selection of plus size clothing from Just for 5 Pounds website.

I sent the short list of items I was interested in as well as sizing for my feet. I got a quick message back that sizes in specific product sell out quickly and that the sent me “a few of our new styles, ranging from our plus sizes” so I can review them. The point of this long introduction is that the pictures below are of my lovely friend Lana who actually fit into the sizes they sent.

Just for 5 Pounds sent three dresses: a size 18, a size 20, and a XXL. I could not find any size conversion information on their website but their description for each product had approximate inch information for most products i.e. one dress was 28″ Approx from Underarm to Hem. [Update: For comparison sake I went to ASOS and they describe their 18 UK as a US 14.]

My friend Lana wears a 14 or 16 depending on how the arms are designed. The size 18 dress with a white blouse and brown skirt had a hidden zipper in back. She needed help zipping up and straightening it. I thought it was really cute but she did not feel comfortable in it (which is why there is no picture) and did not feel it was even close to a size 18 (but maybe in actuality a small size 14).

The second item she tried on was the size 20 Bird Dress (couldn’t find on the site) which was totally adorable. It was a little big on her but she really liked how it felt when she moved. It was sleeveless and a bit higher in the neck area than she would normally wear. She threw on a cardigan and pumps. Again she did not feel the size was accurate.

Plus size navy dress with bird print from Just for 5 Pounds.

The third and final item was a stretch maxi dress that was incredibly soft. It had a little pulled thread in it when it arrived but that could be pulled to back no problem. Of the three dresses this is the only one that had a price tag on it ($140 – never). This dress was XXL but again, we both didn’t think it looked like it. The dress was incredibly comfortable on. It was a little big but not as big as it should of have been (she brought out a 1x jacket she purchased a few years ago that she couldn’t wear any more and she was swimming in it). Regardless, she liked this dress and thought she might wear it over a swimsuit by the pool. She threw on the same pumps because surprisingly they matched some of the design.

Soft plus size maxi dress with print bottom from Just for 5 pounds.


Their plus size styles range from basic, to frumpy, to cute and you do have to hunt for something you like in your size but if you are patient and looking for something different that won’t completely empty your wallet check them out. They also have a large assortment of cute handbags and footwear.

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The Curvy Shopper — Veronica Cid

Veronica Cid — The Cid Style File

During the day Veronica works in education in the picturesque locale of Orange County, California. She has been blogging at the Cid Style File for five years about beauty products, plus size fashion, and style from a size 20/22 Latina perspective.

Plus size blogger Veronica Cid from the Cid Style Files blog.

What is your greatest concern about online shopping? Sizing! It is difficult enough shopping when you are plus size, online shopping can be frustrating when the sizing is way off. Some retailers I have been shopping at for years, I know what fits me well and have no problem shopping online. The tricky part is shopping online at a new site, like when I first discovered all the awesome UK plus sites. I loved the clothes online, but had no clue how to translate the UK sizes to US sizes. Even with the online size charts, when I finally ordered some items the sizing was so different. To this day I am not sure what my UK size really is… But with a little trial and error I have found some good pieces from online retailers.

What is your greatest concern about shopping locally? The lack of variety drives me nuts at times. When I was younger and got my first retail job at the mall, there was only one place to shop if you were plus size, Lane Bryant. I like Lane Bryant, but 20 yrs ago that was the only choice I had and the selection was not very appealing to a girl my age. Now we have a few more stores, but I don’t like it when every other plus size woman has on the same dress or blouse. Also being a blogger you see the same item on everyone and I have always been the type to want to be different.

What is your favorite store to shop locally? It changes from time to time but right now my fave store is Nordstrom Rack. It’s basically the discount version of Nordstrom and they have a pretty good selection of clothing (my size), shoes, accessories and handbags. I always find really great deals on designer brands and rarely come home empty handed.

What are your top three online stores to shop?

Asos – They have a great selection of modern and stylish plus size clothes. Since they introduced their US site, its been a fave of mine. With free shipping and free returns, there is really is no reason not to shop online with them.

Macys – They have awesome sales and I have found many great classic pieces for my wardrobe. They often have better deals online than in store.

Fashion to Figure – I haven’t shopped here too much, but surprisingly the few items I gotten were really nice. They have a good selection of items and prices are super affordable.

Your shopping weakness? Shoes for sure, it seems like I never have enough or the right type of shoe. Yet my closet is over flowing with shoes!

Fave color: Currently loving purple and of course my all time favorite black.

Fave trend: I have never been a “trend” person, I prefer classic looks with hints of my personality thrown in. Currently I am wearing lots of denim, in jeans, jackets and denim shirts. See, I told you I was into the classics!

Three things your blog readers might not know about you are:

  1. I am bilingual and speak fluent Spanish, and like to pretend I also speak French (but I only took an intro to French class in college).
  2. Secretly wish I could sing and had a career as singer, but really can’t sing if my life depended on it!
  3. I have goals of being a fashion stylist, and have been working (slowly) on this goal for the past year.

Please fly by the Cid Style File and say, “hello!”

Fave Posts of 2013

In 2013 I posted 225 blog posts. Let’s reminisce over my favorites for each month:













I am looking forward to another year full of my favorite things!