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Maureen (Moe) Wood wrote for the Large and Lovely site at BellaOnline for over ten years, retiring in 2014. Her plus size shopping blog, My Favorite Things, will celebrate its ninth anniversary this summer (June 15, 2007). Feel free to touch base through her social networks.

Just Me and a Wishing Well

Just Me and a Wishing Well

If you are here, it probably means you want to know more about the woman behind this blog. 15 basics about Moe:

  • My name is Maureen but I go by “Moe” online.
  • I’m in my mid 40’s (when did that happen?!).
  • I’m plus size.
  • I worked in plus size retail.
  • I worked as a registered nurse.
  • I’ve been married for twenty-one years.
  • I had a German Shepherd, a Tabby cat, and a Maine Coon wanna-be for pets.
  • I live in a house in a quiet neighborhood.
  • I love the Internet (no surprise there).
  • My favorite color is blue (also no surprise).
  • I dyed my hair blue, once was enough.
  • I used to be a die-hard “real” book reader but now I love reading on my tablet.
  • I go through stages of addictive knitting and crochet.
  • I’m a doodle-bug.
  • I taught myself to juggle balls (I’m still working on the life part).

What? You still want more? Here’s 10 Random Facts About Me where you’ll learn more than you needed to know.

Social Media?

You bet. Here are a listing of a few I belong to:

  • Twitter (I used to twitter a lot about fashion, coupons, my pets, the weather, and food but now only a couple times a week.)
  • Facebook (I check in a couple times a day but it is a love / hate relationship.)
  • Instagram (I check in daily, addicted to “seeing” what others are eating, wearing, doing.)
  • Google+ (I check weekly but am still at a loss.)

I’d love for you to follow me and I’ll do my best to follow you in return, let me know you were here.

What Happened to Your Hair?

In the summer of 2010 I went crazy and asked my Twitter and Facebook friends if I should Keep It or Chop It. It was a narrow race but they chose chop it. Then I chose to have fun and play with the color. Here we are six years later and I still haven’t grown it back. It is just so convenient!