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Summery Butterfly Kisses

When I think of summery nails the first thing to pop into my mind is pale hues of blue, yellow, green, and of course pink. I came across this great shade from L’Oreal called Butterfly Kisses — even the name is beautiful. I love the pale pink with almost a hint of lavender in it.

Despite how it looks in the bottle, the first coat goes on sheer. I found the first coat difficult to work with and a bit streaky so it is definitely not a one coat polish even if I wanted a sheer look.

My nails with one coat of L'Oreal's Butterfly Kisses pink nail polish.

Two coats are definitely much better but there were still some spots that needed a touch up.

My nails with two coats of L'Oreal's Butterfly Kisses pink nail polish.

So three thin coats are best for this formula. If you look closely you can still see the edge of the nail tip so it is not completely opaque but that is not a necessity for this pretty color.

My nails with three coats of L'Oreal's Butterfly Kisses pink nail polish.

This color was released in 2012 and is still in some stores (I just got mine at Shopper’s Drug Mart) and online at Amazon (link below). While I love to dabble in the “summer” hues I still will not put away my darker colors for the season. What about you?

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Neutral with Sparkle

I do not get particularly excited about neutral colors so when my Julep’s Lois arrived in my Mystery Box I put it aside as a, “someday I will get around to it” nail polish. Well it happened last week and I am really glad it did. I am surprised how much I liked this pale dusty rose, described as a “frost” but it reminds me of pink pearls (in natural light).

I tested Julep's neutral pink frost which has its own little sparkle to it.

Even though I love it as is, that did not stop me from dressing it up with a little accent glitter Remix by Cuccio (came in my Top Box).

I added a multi-colored glitter top coat to the ring fingers and thumbs.

Lois is a little pinker in natural light.

This polish looks pinker in natural light.

It is still available at Julep if you like it (on sale for $3.99 when I last checked).

Julep's Lois accented with Cuccio's Remix glitter.

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Simple Holiday Nails

I decided to go for simple holiday nails this week with a bright red and a holographic top coat. These are two of my favorite polishes. The red is by Sally Hansen (Rapid Red) and the sparkly top coat is by Julep (Joelle).

My attempt at simple holiday nails by combining red and sparkle polish.

You don’t have to have these polishes to get a similar look just look for any red and sparkle in your collection or on sale at the drug store and give them a try.

It works for Christmas or New Years or anytime throughout the year as far as I’m concerned (I am pro-red and pro- sparkle anytime).

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Doctor Who Nail Art

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Doctor Who series. I remember fondly watching with my Aunt Ida and Uncle John (he wasn’t a real uncle, just a tenant — but still kind of funny because I loved him more than my real Uncle John, anyhooo…). Doctor Who was in reruns a few times over when I was kid. My favorite Doctor growing up was Tom Baker. Seeing pictures of him makes me instantly want a twenty foot striped scarf.

The 4th Doctor Who, Tom Baker.

Image courtesy of BBC.

I started watching Doctor Who again when Christopher Eccleston took up the reins and was devastated when he left the show. I decided to hang in there with David Tennant but when Rose (Billie Piper) left my interest waned off (it was just too traumatic to lose them so soon) returning again for David’s regeneration into Matt Smith — I never got into this incarnation — to which I balled my eyes out.

Today is a day full of who’s Who and my DVR is running overtime recording over 24 hours worth of shows including the start of the new season. I am looking forward to watching a new and older Doctor which is more reminiscent in age to the ones I grew up with. I will be in the Who for the next few weeks watching everything.

In honor of Doctor Who’s birthday here are a few nail art ideas I foraged through on YouTube for you to play around with while you are getting your Whovian fix on the telly today.

Tom Baker’s Scarf

Since Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor it stands to reason that I would share this tutorial by Unomadds which looks completely doable while reminiscing over old doctors:

The Daleks

A little more challenging is this how-to nail video that focuses on a recurring villain The Daleks. ProfessionalDQ provides a fairly easy looking tutorial using a bright red color theme.

The Tardis

And IhaveaCupcake video pays homage to the Doctor’s time travel machine, the Tardis. I totally have to do this one. I love Tardis stuff.

The Galaxy

The Doctor can’t travel without a galaxy to go through and CutePolish takes us through an easy tutorial that creates beautiful galaxy looking results.

The Doctor

And this final video pays homage to the last doctor. In it Anjayleekah shows us a combination of galaxy, Dalek and bow tie.

Have a “splendid” day!

Deborah Lippmann’s Billionaire

If you have been afraid to try black nail polish then I highly recommend you check out Deborah Lippmann’s Billionaire which is a very dark green nail polish perfect for fall. In low lighting it looks almost black but in bright light you can obviously tell it is green.

Deborah Lippman Billionaire -- dark black green.

Do not be afraid by its blackness because it does not have the starkness that true black has on the nails. This is much warmer.

My new favorite dark nail polish for fall.

It took three coats to get a genuine opaque look but it was totally worth it. It dried pretty quickly too.

Lippmann's nail polish under low artificial light looks almost black.

As you see, in the sunlight you can definitely tell this is a green. It kind of reminds me of the color of charcoal green face masks.

My nails under sunlight.

This polish is super shiny before applying a top coat, it almost seemed a shame to cover it up. I got a few days wear before I started to see minute chips around the tips — bare in mind that I type a lot and basically use my nails for all the things I am not supposed to — they are my tools; so this was good for me.

My nails under natural light.

I did a super quick video so you can see another view of it:

What dark colors are you loving for fall?

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Halloween Nail Art

The past few weeks I have been playing with Halloween Nail Art courtesy of a great how-to video on YouTube. So far I have completed three of the five designs but I don’t think I will get the other two done in time to give you enough time in case you want to try it yourself.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Of them all this one is my favorite. He’s so cute and the stitches are super easy. Polish: Julep Fiona.

Green nail polish with Frankenstein accent nail.

Dracula’s Blood

This one required a little more effort but the bloody nails results are awesome. Dracula is ok, best part are his coordinating bloody eyes. Polish: Julep Bunny and Julep Myrtle.

Dracula accent nail art with dripping blood red polish on other nails.

Gothic Skulls

While this one is the hardest of the three the results are charming. The challenge is the repeating pattern for each nail and getting over having them all look exactly alike. Looks interesting right side or upside down.

Black and white gothic skull nail art pattern.

And here is Miss Jen’s faboulous how to video to get you on your way:

These are so fun and worth your time, I was so happy with the results. Have you tried any Halloween Nail Art yet this season?

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Sparkly Orange Nail Polish

Zoya has this beautiful sparkly orange nail polish called Tinsley (ZP671) and I absolutely love it. It is a pale orange with a whole lot of iridescent sparkle. It looks great with two thin coats and even held up nicely to a day of housework.

Orange sparkly nail polish called Tinsley by Zoya.

Even though the polish is from their summer collection, I think it is going to be a great polish going into fall to add some depth to browns, deep blues, and black (I am thinking of doing some sponging for Halloween with this one).

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Swirly Nail Art

A couple weeks ago I introduced you to the white Bunny nail polish by Julep and mentioned that I was interested in using it as a base for marble nail art — having tried the process I am more inclined to call it Swirly Nail Art, hence the title. If you are feeling brave here is a how-to video by Colette from Simple Little Pleasures to get you started:

As you can see from Colette’s video, she was able to put in a lot of bull’s eye layers into her cup. I found it really hard to do this. Firstly, I could not get the polish to spread to the edges like she did so I was working with smaller targets.

Secondly, I found if I waited too long the surface layer of the polish would begin to dry too quickly and would buckle on itself when I got to the drawing process. I also did not draw as many petals as she did. It took a few tries to get a target I could actually dip my nails into. It is very important to have a LOT of toothpicks for surface cleaning and drawing.

What my fingers looked like after dipping them into marble target.

Lots of Q-tips are handy too. Instead of tape, I used Vaseline gelly and after dipping I removed the polish from my fingers with a Q-tip. It sloughed right off — I only needed to use polish remover for a couple tiny spots after I washed my hands. I am not a good taper (you can tell from any wall I have painted in my house) which is why I went with the gelly.

Here is my final look:


As I mentioned in the beginning I used Bunny as the white background, after a good basecoat. My marble/swirly target was made with Julep’s Char (navy), Nan (red), and Bess (pale blue).

It is kind of a long process that requires patience so make sure you are in a good mood when you try this. I put the background color on a few days prior so as not to have to do everything in one sitting. When I do this again, and I know I will because it was fun, I will practice making targets ahead of time with the colors I want to use to get a feel for how the polish reacts to the water etc.

Let me know if you try it!

Tropical Sunset Nails

You may have read my tweet on Twitter that Shopper’s Drug Mart was having a nail art contest on their site (ended on 12th) called “Nail the Look”. They have four video looks with color suggestions and we, the viewer, have to “nail” them — love the double pun. I did the first look last week (Pop Brights) on the sister site and think I did a pretty good job of nailing it. Tonight I decided to go for the Tropical Sunset look which is third in the series.

The Tropical Sunset nail art theme was developed by Paige Dzenis the “resident nail authority for”. There was a short and sweet video tutorial but has since been deleted otherwise I would show it to you.

For this nail art I was able to pick up all the polishes used in the tutorial except one. L’Oreal — Member’s Only was sold out so I substituted it with the Ceramic Glaze — Exotic Dragonfruit I used in the Pop Brights look as it looked like it was a close enough of a match to what they had in the video. Other colors shown in photo from left to right:

  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #250 My Papaya
  • L’Oreal Nail Color — #111 Not a Cloud in Sight
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #295 Out of the Blue
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #290 Constant Caribbean

Five bottles of nail polish.

I did not have any issues with any of the polishes above. I started out putting My Papaya on my toes (you don’t need to see my toes do you?) then followed the directions in the video beginning with My Papaya on my ring, middle finger, and thumb then book-ended them with Out of the Blue on the pointer finger and pinky. I have never done layering with a sponge before, at least not with nail polish. This nail art is way messier than the last one but I think it came out OK.


I started things off with Revlon’s Base/Top coat which I am quite fond of. I used it for my last manicure and it really held things together. And I finished off with my Freedom Polymer Top Coat (I love, love, love it and will totally be getting more of).

Revlon Base Coat Julep Top

When I first started layering on the extra colors I really doubted it was going to work out at all. But I kept blending away.

Five nail polishes sunset nail art.

You can not appreciate how pretty the gradient looks until you see them close up. These three nails are my favorite. Look at each finger individual then look at them all together.

Close up of gradient nail art.

I think the whole package turned out pretty good on both hands. I worked on both at the same time instead of one at a time because I wanted to make sure I did the exact same process on each hand. If I waited until one was done and then started the other there would be no guarantee I could get them to look the same. They are not exact but pretty close.

Close up of the five gradient nail polishes.

It actually did not take me a super amount of time to complete this. Maybe thirty minutes, while I watched an episode of the Walking Dead (not including time spent painting toes). I would definitely try this one again. Of all the colors my favorite are My Papaya and Constant Caribbean which I am looking forward to seeing on a full set in the future.

Are you brave enough to attempt some sponge blending?

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Red, White, and Blue

This can go two ways. If you are feeling nautical this will put you in the seafaring mood. If you are feeling patriotic this will put you in the “Let’s celebrate Independence Day” mood.

When I did this nail art the other day I really did not have a plan in mind, it just kind of happened. I had seen a nail art picture on Pinterest of red nails with a thin black strip along one side. I initially had planned to do half red and half navy but then there was the problem with an uneven seam in the center and I really hate the time-suck of taping. I remembered I had a bottle of white with a thin art brush and viola, nautical nails.

Nautical inspired colors on nails.

Normally when I paint a nail I have enough polish on the brush to cover the nail in about three strokes. I had to make sure I had less polish on the brush so I would not have any extra run off to deal with.

Red, white, and blue color blocking on fingernails.

The hardest part was getting the colors to meet up at the nail bed close to the cuticle. I noticed some of them had a little dip. I was able to camouflage those when I added the white stripe.

Nautical and patriotic nail art.

The red is called Nan. In some light it almost looks like paprika. It went on nicely and I had to use two coats. The navy is called Char. It is a thick creme which allowed me to apply only one coat. Both are from Julep. The white is an art lacquer from L.A. Colors. So the line was not too goopy, I made sure to work quickly by sliding off excess and applying line before a bulb could form at the end of the brush.

Navy and red nail polish from Julep.

I really love this look and am adding it to my list of favorites/easy to do. I love the color combination and I love the look of the color blocking.

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Billie Jean is Definitely My Color

Of course the name Billie Jean will forever bring up the sounds of Michael Jackson singing about himself being the one and the kid not being his son but this Julep nail color is definitely “the one”.

I love it. It went on beautifully with two coats and I am really digging the matte look for this one. As you can hear I was pretty excited when I made this mini video the other day (the photo colors are truer than the video color):

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook then you probably know I decided to paint the kitchen wall Friday and that involved a lot of taping and well, paint. The polish did not chip but it did wear off on the tips from where the tape stuck and of course I had grey wall paint on a few nails. Last night I added another coat of Billie Jean and just for kicks I added Jordon to the tips for a little sparkle which just makes the whole Micheal Jackson analogy even more perfect no?

Julep's Billie Jean and Jordan nail polishes.

I think the sparkle looks great with the matte. This is the super easiest nail art, even easier than dots.

Billie Jean polish applied with Jordan sparkle on tips.

The Billie Jean pink really seems to suit my skin tone too. This one definitely moves to my top coveted favorites.

Matte nail polish with sparkle tips.

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Seeing Green

Last night I applied two of the colors from my first Mystery Box from Julep. I was feeling in a Kermity mood so choose the two greens they sent: Fiona (top) and Sofia (bottom). The colors do not look like they would coordinate well by looking at the colors in the bottles but I figured Sofia would be sheer enough that it would not matter. And I think I was right.

Fiona and Sofia green nail polishes from Julep.

Fiona is a very thick bright green (they describe it as “electric lime neon green”) that reminds me of Fiona’s, from the Shrek movie, skin tone. I found this polish to be really goopy to put on. Even after a second coat I was not thrilled with the application — oh, and Fiona has no sheen. I had originally planned to only put Sofia on as an accent color on the ring finger but ended up putting it on all nails.


Sofia is a sheer looking polish with a light green tint with fine sparkles. This polish went on with no problems at all, a really nice formulation.


Now here is the best part of Sofia — she glows in the dark! It was a totally awesome surprise when I went to bed. I reached down to pull up the sheets and ten glowing fingers surprised me. It reminds me of the traditional color of glow-sticks but you definitely could not light your way in the dark with these. There is just enough for a fun glow to your tips.


When I checked the website site they described this polish as a “top coat” but in my opinion it does not offer enough sheen for a top coat so I added an additional layer.

The luminescence lasts about 15 minutes but a few seconds in some light had it recharged again. I tried taking a picture but did not have any luck. But trust me, it is super cool. Of the two I would definitely recommend the Sofia — I am looking forward to testing it out with other colors.

You can find both polishes on the Julep website for $14. $11.20 if you become a Julep Maven.

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eBay Dotting Tools

A few weeks ago I purchased a package of five dotting tools on eBay. For the most part I have been using toothpicks and bobbypins which both work surprisingly well in a pinch. I did not want to fork out a ton of money on dotting tools if the whole nail art infatuation wore off so eBay was my best bet.

Five double ended dotting tools for nail art.

I wish I had purchased these dotting tools sooner, but perhaps I would not have appreciated them so much. This set comes with double pointed ends in three sizes, two, two, and one. Having the two sets of the same size makes it easier to create multi-colored dots without having to fumble around cleaning the tool before adding the next color.

Nail art dots made with dotting tools.

The picture above shows the dots with the smallest and the largest tool (Julep in Myrtle for the base and Coco for dots). Using the dotting tool definitely makes it easier to control the polish and symmetry of the dots. I am looking forward to experimenting more with them.

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