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Plus Size Yoga is Trending

It seems like everyone is talking about plus size yoga these days. Well it is the new year and while it is in the forefront for the beginning of the year it is not forgotten throughout the year either. Many of us have known for over a decade that plus size yoga was hot but it seems like everyone else is finally realizing it too.

Dianne Bondy performing a yoga pose for Penningtons #iwontcompromise body image (plus size yoga) campaign.

It is so nice to be able to get a decent pair of yoga pants whenever you want now. Pennington’s of course has had their own line of active wear for a few years and recently released a short short video (57 seconds) featuring yoga teacher Dianne Bondy.

It is kind of a tongue in cheek, with it’s title “Why Women Can’t Do Yoga” and subtitles highlighting reasons why fat people can’t do yoga overlain on Dianne doing some challenging poses and obviously proving them wrong. I think the #iwontcompromise will be a hit. If you haven’t seen the video now is your chance:

Dianne is by no means the first or the last plus size yogi to share her poses in a video. You can find many plus size/fat yogis on YouTube, Instagram etc. But this certainly is a nice form of exposure from a Canadian retail giant that will certainly get picked up throughout the US as well as abroad.

What did you think?

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Shimmy Sista’s Limited Edition Dancewear

Shimmy Sistas has been putting dance wear on plus size bodies since 2008. Now they have their own limited edition line coming out March 1st. Watch this sneak peek video to get a glimpse of what to expect:

If you do any kind of creative dance or want to take your dancing to the next level I highly recommend checking out their line of products which includes unitards, pants, tops, and belts.

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New Cacique Commercial & Sport Bra

Apparently the Lane Bryant Cacique line has a major bra sale twice a year and the first one is now. They also have a short and sweet commercial to whet your appetite for their plus size bras and panties featuring Ashley Graham (of course) and a few other models:

The current promotion of buy two bras get two bras free runs to January 20th. Of all the bras in their new arrivals I am most excited about their Convertible Underwire Sport Bra — look how cute it is!

A black sport bra with neon circle design on the sides. From Lane Bryant.

And it looks like it is part of their two for two sale.

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Nola Active Wear

If you are a size X to 4X Addition-Elle has a new line of plus size active wear called Nola — cute name. It includes about eight tops, four bottoms, a few swimsuits, and some bras. While I like the overall feel of the line the main color option seems to be black or black with a little patch of color. Other than the bras everything is pretty reasonably priced.

Print V-neck T-shirt, $29.99 — I find v-necks a breathable alternative to a scoop neck without showing off too much. I like the blurred print effect too.

I love the blurred print of this Nola v-neck top.

Bootcut Yoga Pant, $49.99 — For me a yoga pant is a yoga pant especially if they are black. There is some color blocking at the waist but chances are that will be hidden under a t-shirt.

Black yoga pant with color blocking at waist.

Sport Bra, $54.99 — It’s a cute bra but at $55 I expect some wicking fabric, breath-ability (it’s 85% Polyester fabric, 15% spandex and french terry trims?), and support. I would have to see this one in person but it just looks like a regular bra with sporty accents and not a sport bra.

The plus size bra in aquarius blue from Addition-Elle.

Relax Short, $29.99 — I love these shorts, long enough that I don’t have to feel like I need to keep pulling on them and short enough to be cooling. Now if only they came in some awesome colors options for the season, oxblood anyone?

A long short with pockets.

Active Jacket, $59.99 — I feel like there was a little more thought put into this jacket with the sleeve thumbholes and mesh inserts. I love the princess seams.

Princess theme active wear jacket from Addition-Elle.

What do you think? Would you like to see other options besides black pants or is this what we are most comfortable with?

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State of Mind Plus Size Activewear Review

Finding plus size active wear that is functional, fashionable, and comfortable is a feat for any woman. The last year I have been noticing more and more companies developing a plus size active wear line for their consumers — some of it good and some of it just ok. There is also a faction of companies whose soul purpose is active wear, or in this case plus size active wear. State of Mind, a company out of the UK, makes plus size active wear like tops, bottoms, jackets, and swimwear in sizes 14 to 26 (see their size charts for exact measurements).

The lovely people over at State of Mind sent me five pieces from their active wear line to review for readers. I have worn the pieces for walking (both outdoors and indoors), boxing, stretching, errands, and lounging.

French Navy Cosy Hooded Fleece — I found this jacket to be a bit small for a 26 (other tops are 24) but I am assuming it has a more fitted cut than what I am used to for jackets. I loved that it has zippered pockets to keep keys secure and if you have something bigger to carry, like a small water bottle, you can tuck it within an inner pocket.

The fleece jacket from State of Mind.

No draft will sneak in this hood:

Hood up on the fleece jacket.

And it has nice thumbholes to keep the sleeves down and drafts out:

Thumb holes from the State of Mind active wear fleece jacket.

The back of the jacket comes down to round at the bottom. In all the photos I am wearing the Black Wishful Shrinking Flared Jogger with Rollover Band — The pants have a flexible waistline to suit those like me who like it high or those who like it lower. There is a little hidden pocket for key or iPod mini at the waist seam. My thighs rub when I walk and I did not notice any pilling (my last pair of Danskins pilled from friction).

The back view of the State of Mind fleece jacket.

Pants are nice and long, I hate when I feel like I am wearing pants that shrunk in the wash. The fabric actually more than touched my shoes (I’m 5’9″). I can hem pants that are too long but I cannot make short ones longer. On the site the pants come in capri, regular, and long (33″). You petite plus people out there, need to email them your interest in petite options.

Sneakers peeking out from underneath the flared pants from State of Mind.

You would not think something so small could be so irritating but this little logo kept catching at my wrist — the corners are a but rough and irritating but not something I could or would want to try and cut out:

State of Mind logo on the pants.

White Cami-flage Top — The best thing about this top is the double layer of fabric in front so there is no need to worry about it being see through when you sweat. It has adjustable bra-like straps but I found the top too short for tucking in. It is not a top I would wear alone because any sports bra I would wear would be noticeable but it is a good layering piece.

This is the white "cami-flage" top from State of Mind active wear.

Grey Ruched Tank Top — This top has a built in bra shelf and the fabric feels luxurious. The missed stitching/pressing on neck line of the seam tends to fold over itself. The ruching down each side is on trend and well, just looks so pretty. This nice looong top would be great for yoga classes and bike rides to keep the lower back from peeking out when stretched forward. Of all the tops sent, this is my fave.

Black Strictly Comfy A-line Flared Top with Bell Sleeves — I really like this top too. It has a great length and I love the weight of the fabric, I like the neckline which is revealing but provides enough coverage for activities. I would feel comfortable wearing this around the local track and then doing errands afterwards.

Black long sleeve workout top.

All the tops and pants are made out of 92% Polyamide and 8% Lycra which is an incredibly soft fabric that is thick and durable. I have not had this fabric before and I really like the quality and comfort of it.

I would consider State of Mind’s products to be “luxury” active wear, not in the sense that they are hundreds of dollars but I do not feel like they skimped on the fabric. When I was first introduced to the State of Mind brand I was excited to see their fashion pieces but kind of disappointed in their price points — a pair of pants is about $75 (prices are in pounds so this would fluctuate) — that was before I had the opportunity to see the material and workmanship; especially with the tops. Shipping is about $14 and is pretty reasonable considering it is coming from UK. And they have free returns worldwide.

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State of Mind Giveaway

I am excited to introduce you to a new sponsor this month, State of Mind. They are offering two My Favorite Things readers the opportunity to choose an outfit from their plus size active wear line.

If you are not familiar with this online plus size clothing company:

State of Mind if a new swim, active and casual-wear brand specifically designed to fit and flatter women size 12 to 22 (16-26 UK). Co-founded by sisters Kerensa and Michaela, the collections are designed and manufactured in Britain as a response to the widening gap in the market for premium, sporty and casual clothes for stylish plus size women. State of Mind active and swimwear ranges are available online (with free returns worldwide) and will be available soon on Amazon.

Plus Size Active Wear from State of Mind

A glimpse at what State of Mind has to offer.

Prize Details:

  • Two readers can each choose any two items from the State of Mind website.

How to Enter:

For this giveaway there is the option of one to fifteen entries plus a daily tweet bonus entry per person! To get all entries you must follow the directions for the Rafflecopter widget below. If you have any problems using the Rafflecopter please email me via the contact form on this blog so I can check on it.

This giveaway closes on December 1, 2012 at midnight. The lucky winners will be chosen from the entries at random, using Rafflecopter withing three days of closing date. There will be two winners. This giveaway is sponsored by State of Mind and I will be confirming the email and mailing address of the winners (so make sure you enter the right email). This giveaway is open worldwide to persons 18 years and older. Void where prohibited by law. The winners will have ONE week to claim the prize; after which time it will be rewarded to someone else.

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Michael Hayes on Yoga

Michael Hayes is the owner of Buddha Body Yoga in Manhattan, New York. The fifty-two year old has a background in massage therapy, martial arts, and dance so to say he knows how the body works is an understatement. He has been fortunate to travel to Thailand to study with master teachers and holds certificates in Sivananda, Allison West’s Yoga Union and Yoga Therapy by Dan Olansky. Other teachings include Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Thai Yoga, Om Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. He divides his time between Buddha Body Yoga and his private massage therapy practice. On the personal side he is “partnered with a beautiful woman” and has a 16 month child.

Michael Hayes yoga posture

Moe: You are not the typical vision of what most people think of for a yoga instructor. Has that helped or hindered you with your practice and teaching?

Michael Hayes: It is true that I am not the norm for a yoga teacher, and I am looking for the people who are not the norm for yoga students, so in that way I am well met.

I am not a typical teacher. “a man is looking for a perfect teacher, and after years of looking for this perfect teacher, the teacher says ‘I cannot work with you, for I am looking for the perfect student.'” So I am building something and building it for the students to come and play.

The part that hinders me is the lack of space for big people. What hinders my students is their belief of what other people have told them they cannot do, and their belief that they cannot do it. My aim is to prove that they can.

Moe: What kind of yoga do you teach?

Michael Hayes: I teach a hybrid of Venyasa and Iyengar, and a smidgen on “Hayes”.

Moe: Do you only teach plus size people or are these mixed classes?

Michael Hayes: Only plus sized students.

Moe: When did you realize there was an area of people who were missing out on what yoga has to offer?

Michael Hayes: I realized as I continued to go to classes, and finding that I was the biggest person in the class, that there was a need in this particular type of work that is engaging and supportive to large bodies.

Michael Hayes yoga posture

Moe: If you had to name three things that you love about yoga what would they be?

Michael Hayes:
1. The ability to explore the movements of my body and acquiring new information and experiences.
2. Finding emotional release in the experience.
3. Coming to a quiet space at the end of my practice.

Moe: If you had to name three things that you love about teaching what would they be?

Michael Hayes:
1. The “A-HA” moments that I see in my students. When they find information that they didn’t know before.
2. The camaraderie with each student supporting each other.
3. Through the experience of teaching I learn about my limitations and my students teach me how to teach them through my open-mindedness of trying to see through their eyes the work that they are doing.

Moe: What is your biggest teaching challenge when working with larger people?

Michael Hayes: My biggest challenge when I work with big people is getting past their belief system of what they can and can’t do. Coaxing them into trying and helping them see how they are limiting themselves in their physical reality.

Moe: Buddha Body Yoga is big on modifying and adapting, why is this important?

Michael Hayes: A lot of big people have a hard time touching their toes. In regular yoga classes the teacher might stress the fact that their hamstrings are tight. But the reality generally is that their belly is stopping them. Their lower back to mid-back is tight. So I have them bend their knees to allow their bellies to rest on their thighs, so that they can rest their lower back, elongating it. That is a good example of how different bodies need different things. If you don’t find a way to get to the place your trying to get to, then you are stuck. If you do not know why you are stuck, your limitation becomes greater. Our modifications are to help the student find out why they cannot get into the right position, from the inside out.

Moe: If someone could only buy one piece of supportive equipment to use at home what would you suggest?

Michael Hayes: I would get the two biggest Yoga blocks I could get. Yoga blocks could be used for so many different things. They could be used for sitting, forward bends, triangle poses, placing it under your lower back and placing your legs upward on a wall. They could even be made into an artificial bolster. They are the best supportive props for beginners.

Moe: Why do you think yoga has been dominated by a certain body type of instructors/students for so long?

Michael Hayes: I don’t believe that yoga has been dominated by certain body types, I believe that we are limited by the Americanization of yoga.

Moe: What do you mean by the Americanization of yoga?

Michael Hayes: A way of thinking that puts you at the center fulcrum of the experience. This is how it should be. Differences I’m not excepted, but tolerated. Conform and be beautiful, be different and be less than. That’s the closest I can verbalize it in less words.

Moe: What is the most common personal hang-up people have when they begin practising yoga?

Michael Hayes: That they can’t ask questions, they have to do it right, perfection is the goal, and the teacher knows everything, those are the misconceptions that you go with into a yoga studio. Give up your mind and stop listening to your body, that is a misconception of yoga.

Michael Hayes yoga posture

Moe: What is your favorite yoga posture?

Michael Hayes: I look at yoga postures as a way to work on certain parts of my body that need work. I would rather do forearm stands, which would make my ego feel great, but that wouldn’t help me if my hip was hurting. So I need to work on things that challenge me. Like “The Road Less Travelled”, if I can move my hip, and other parts that are giving me problems, a lot easier, my life will be better.

Moe: I have to ask, because when people visit your site they are going to wonder too. Why are the classes so expensive? What are people getting from your class that they are not getting from a $60 class?

Michael Hayes: That is an excellent question. These are the reasons why classes are so expensive.
1. There are only 4 people per class. That is generally the rule.
2. We have something called the great yoga wall. There are only two places in NYC that this exists. This yoga wall is a great tool for helping the body get traction.
3. The rent is very very expensive. When we move into a bigger space that can house more students, I can see the prices going down. Until that time, this is the best I can do. We have lots of good equipment. These classes could be considered a semi- private session.

Moe: Thanks Michael!

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Hydro Chic Active Wear Review

The past few weeks I have had the good fortune to be able to test drive two pieces from the Hydro Chic swim and sport line. They contacted me to review what they have to offer from the plus size division which fits up to 4x. They sent me the Plus Size Rash Guard Swim Shirt ($78) and the Plus Size Swim Ruched Skirt ($76)

plus size swim active wear from Hydro Chic

Hydro Chic has a unique niche providing modest swimwear and active wear. According to their website, their mix and match pieces provide sun protection in the water but the same pieces can also be used as active wear out of the water. The comfortable high quality swim material is light weight, quick drying and has a UPF rating of 50+ (colors, stretching, age, washing can reduce this number). All of their pieces are designed for in and out of the water. Hydro Chic ships throughout the US and internationally at an additional cost.

My Hydro Chic swim/active wear came individually wrapped in plastic with the Hydro Chic logo. Each piece was tagged with garment instructions (very small print) to prolong the life of the fabric. As expected, like swimwear there are instructions to hand wash, not leave in plastic bags wet, dry flat, no bleach, avoid contact with lotions etc.

plus size modest swimwear active wear from Hyrdo Chic

Both pieces have cute details; like the stitching and mini arm pocket on the top:

plus size active wear swim top from Hydro Chic

And the adjustable ruching on the skirt:

plus size swim skirt from Hydro Chic

At the time of this review I have worn the top three times and the pants twice. The first time I wore the top was for a walk on the waterfront. It is still winter here so I had to put on a winter coat, scarf etc over top. It was surprisingly warm in the cool weather which was great. Near the end of the walk I felt a bit chilly and damp. The other times I wore both pieces while working out at home (treadmill, heavy bag, step). I found both pieces to be reasonably comfortable for my workouts but I have divided further thoughts into pros and cons for each item.

Pros for Top

The top is comfortable to wear. The v-neck does not restrict or bind. I love the 3/4 length sleeves, the mixture of bright colors with neutral navy, and how soft the fabric is. It is light weight, does not bunch, and appears to be well made — it is well stitched inside and out with no picking or raised areas.

garment stitching on Hydro Chic top

Hydro Chic tops come with a padded sport bra that you can wear underneath for water sports or wear your own sport bra. I wore the bra once on my walk and will probably just save it for water activities because I do not like the added warmth (the padding makes sense for water activities).

plus size swim bra from Hydro Chic

Cons for Top

I would have loved to have had at least four more inches in length on the top. It kept riding up and I constantly felt like I had to pull it down because my abdomen was exposed. I will add however that I am almost 5’9″ so this may not be an issue for a shorter woman.

plus size swim top from Hydro Chic

When the pads get wet in the bra they are noticeably wet — definitely could not not go from one event to another without changing the bra.

As someone who is incredibly fair even in the summer I appreciate the added sun protection for outdoor activities although I found the literature that this is decreased 50% depending on color of fabric and how much it is stretched over skin a bit confusing.

Pros for Skirt

The skirt with attached capri pants is easy to slip into and comfortable to move in. The built in capri pants provide extra comfort, modesty and support. These light weight bottoms are incredibly cute and I love the side string ruching.

plus size ruched swim skirt from Hydro Chic

The skirt is well stitched with no frays or picking parts or lumps. There is a little key/coin pocket on the inside.

coin pocket on swim skirt

Cons for Skirt

The waist band is pretty miniscule and is not really strong enough to keep the pants firmly in place. They are not falling off by any means but there is not enough tension to keep them at the waist while doing regular activities which gives me some concern for water sports like aqua fit where there is the upward and downward motions of the water pulling at the material. I would like to see a thicker band.

waist band of swim skirt

There is no added reinforcement at the thighs to combat thigh rub, especially in the larger sizes, both for heat production and fabric wear. While I think they would be awesome for water sports. I think at this price they would wear out too quickly in the thighs during land activities.

crotch of swim pants from Hydro Chic

The price is a mild con. For these two pieces it would cost $150 which in my opinion is a bit steep for one active / swim outfit.

The biggest con for both pieces is that they are hand wash. For an active life style having to hand wash anything these days, especially active wear is annoying. While this is fine for a tiny one piece bathing suit that may be worn occasionally it is a bit cumbersome for plus size active wear. I washed both pieces by hand and it took longer than I thought it would to handle, rinse and squeeze out excess water. The suits were completely dried within eight hours which would make them ready for the next day if need be but it is still cumbersome and for the price I would want something more conducive. Now I understand many of you will probably have no problem with hand washing but I mention it for those who like me dread it.

Overall Impression

Hydro Chic offers a comfortable and functional option for plus size women who want to be active in and out of the water. Instead of buying a swimsuit and wearing a t-shirt over top of it these do seem like the next logical choice for looking fashionable and functional in the sun while providing protection and modesty. I am glad I had the opportunity to give them a try.

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Plus Size Active Wear

It Doesn’t Surprise Us

It is surprising to many people that plus size women actually spend time working out — walking, jogging, boxing, yoga, step, aerobics, cycling and pretty much anything else that involves purposeful moment and sweating. But we know better, don’t we girls!

Unfortunately it is sometimes harder than necessary to find plus size clothing designed specifically for working out the plus size body. Today’s post lays out some of the best online shops to find plus size clothing to shake your bootie in. I have also include a few videos of women moving it.


plus size active and yoga wear from Just My SizeJunonia has been providing plus size active wear since 1995 and pride themselves on the quality of their line. So much so they offer a 100% Satisfaction Return Policy. They are a leader in the business of wicking fabrics and offer many solutions to being comfortable while working out.

You will find an assortment of shorts, tights, yoga pants, t-shirts, bras in sizes 1x to 4x with some extended sizes to 6x. Many of their items are standards so there is little fear of not finding it again. Register for their newsletter to get updates of sales and special newsletter only promotions.

Visit Junonia for Plus Size Active Wear

Just My Size Or JMS

plus size yoga pants from JMSThis plus size clothing company is a major retailer for affordable bras. They also carry lingerie, swimwear, maternity and casual clothing. In their casual clothing you will find t-shirts, leggings and casual pants perfect for your daily work outs.Their plus size active wear comes in sizes 1x to 4x with a smaller selection in sizes 5x and 6x.

Visit Just My Size for Plus Size Active Wear

Getting Wet and Having Fun

A Big Attitude

This company’s ABA bike shorts have been featured on the NBC TV show “The Biggest Loser.” Besides shorts, they also carry yoga pants, t-shirts, leggings, sports bras, capri pants, sport tops and more. Their leggings and bike shorts are available in sizes 0 to 6x for $30.

Visit A Big Attitude for Plus Size Active Wear

Empowering Women Through Movement

Always for Me

plus size active wear from Always for MeAthletic clothing choices of heavy duty sport bras, cami bras, t-shirts, bike shorts, yoga pants, and boot leg pants are available at Always for Me in sizes 1x to 6x. Prices range from $26 to $66 depending on item. The main brands they offer include Danskin and A Big Attitude. You will also find a full line of plus size swimwear.

Visit Always for me for Plus Size Active Wear

Go Figure

This Canadian company (that also ships to U.S.) has been producing plus size active wear in sizes 10 to 24 since 2002. Go Figure offers team wear, tees, tanks, long sleeves, capris, leggings, skorts, tennis skirts, bike shorts, and base layers. If you are in the Vancouver area they will even custom make pieces to your body.

Visit Go Figure for Plus Size Active Wear

Warm Up!

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Plus Size Active Wear

Gardening season will be winding down soon and it will be time to find other activities to fill the void. I signed up for my first Aqua-fit class today. Why aqua fit you ask? I will blame it on Di from the Fat Chic for always tweeting about it. So it has put me into activity mode.QuikWik-Tee

When I was looking for a swimsuit at Junonia I checked out their new arrivals and found this great top to sweat in whether it be power walking, bike riding, or sweating in a class. The QuikWik® Mesh Curved Panel Tee is made with the QuikWik technology that is suppose to keep us drier than the conventional cotton wear (although I still like my cotton). I like the that it has a v-neck too as that helps with feeling cooler while I’m working at raising my body temperature. It is available in sizes 1x to 4x for $69.95.

QuikWik-ShortsA matching bottom they have in the “moisture-wicking” vein is the QuikWik® Mesh Dual Layer Short. Perfect for the person with larger thighs who has issues with rubbing and material climbing up on the inside but not on the outside (I hate that look). If you look closely you’ll see the outer layer which would normally creep doesn’t continue around to the inside of the leg. The layered look without the hassle of constantly pulling down the inside of the shorts. The QuikWik® shorts come in sizes XL to 4x for $59.95.

How are you going to increase your activity this fall?

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Zen Collection

I’ve been a fan of yoga for going on something like eight years. Finding comfortable clothes to do it in is of course easy for plus size chics as there are lots of comfy clothes out there. With more and more plus size women getting bitten by the yoga bug, companies are taking notice and offering clothes for the plus size yogi in mind. Plus-Size-Active-Wear-Zen

SWAKdesigns has a new Zen collection which includes a cropped pant, tank and hoodie. With choices of grey or black for the pants and turquoise or purple for the tops. All pieces are under $38 and come in sizes 1x to 6x. Since I have pets I especially like the grey for home practice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Swak has awesome international delivery pricing.


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Tee Style

The majority of active wearing clothing probably comes down to the average tee. Plus size women know how to own those baggy t-shirts. Whether you workout at home or at the gym it is nice to have something beyond the standard white. Here are three places I like to look for plus size tees:

Threadless – If anyone has helped turn t-shirts into works of art it is the folks at Threadless. And I don’t just mean the people behind the concept, I’m talking about the 1000s of designers who submit their creations and the 1000s more that vote on them. Some are funny, some are stunning, some are silly but there is definitely something for everyone and they have great prices. $5, $10, and $15.

CafePress – The selection is endless and it’s usually more pricey that my first choice but they have some great designs and if all else fails you can create your own. If you have a workout buddy you can even make “team” shirts. There’s two things I like about CafePress, they’ve been around a long time and they have good customer service.

Fat Guy Shirts – This is one of the first places I bought a t-shirt from online. While the first two may have the option of some beautiful images and text this one is solely text, with attitude. They don’t have a huge assortment but if you are looking for a cocky workout shirt they are worth checking out.

And that rounds offs are active wear week.

The Yoga Pant

Any yoga enthusiast will tell you that you can do yoga pretty much anywhere, at any time in almost anything. But there is something about having a pair of yoga pants that make it better. They are kind of like tights with wide legs except more comfortable and they actually look good whereas tights can be a hit or a miss.

Danskin, one of foremost makers of active and dance wear, have been developing a plus size active wear line for a few years and it is finally coming into its own. They offer cotton shorts, bicycle shorts, leggings, t-shirts, camis, leotards, bras, as well as a few other extras.

My favorite items are their Yoga Pants:

The long leg pants shown hear are 95% cotton, 5% spandex and the crop pants are 55% cotton, 35% polyester, 10% spandex. Both of these pants are good for other activities besides yoga; like walking, treadmill, aerobics, or just lounging around the house. They come in sizes 1x – 4x for $40 – $60 depending on style and sales.

P.S. Don’t wear the yoga crop pant as an every day pant to do errands. That’s just tacky.


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