Stylish Plus Size Dresses and Separates

Colorful Leggings

Want to add some bright colors to layer under a long denim shirt or skater dress? Or perhaps to brighten your yoga routine? JunoActive (formerly Junonia) has a nice selection of colors in their legging collection (ranging from full length, to capri, to bicyble lengths) in sizes XL to 6X.

The full length leggings come in French teal, navy, Cancun blue, violet, and black. These machine washable cotton / spandex leggings are $49.95 and are touted as being long lasting.

I like the selection of colorful leggings at Junonia.

My favorite color though is in the capri length — berry bloom — so pretty. They also come in raspberry, French teal, Cancun blue, black, berry bloom, violet and navy. They are a little cheaper at $44.95 but still the same material.

I love the berry bloom color of the capri length leggings.

And if you are looking for something even shorter they have a bicycle length in lime and many of the same colors mentioned above for $39.95.

You don't seem bright lime often, love this color in bicycle shorts.

And of course if you are not ready for colorful leggings there is nothing wrong with basic black which goes with everything anyway.

And of course traditional black leggings are always an option that goes with everything.

Are you going to venture into some colorful legging options this summer?

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Unique Leggings

If you have wanted to try a pair of unique leggings check out Kalypso Blue, an online Etsy shop with unique printed leggings up to a size 2x. They have over 20 different prints/styles to choose from. I really like the high-waist options and wonder if they would stay up better.

Of the prints my absolute favorite are these skull print leggings ($25) but I like the black paisley ($25), crushed velvet ($25), color blocks ($30), and sparkly side strip leggings ($35) too.

Unique plus size print leggings from Kylypso Blue.

The shipping within the US is super reasonable at $6 but a bit ridiculous to Canada at $23. Check them out on Etsy.

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The Party Skirt

Ok, don’t freak out, it is not really a skirt. It’s a dress with a “Blouson Top” attached (although they describe it as a top with a skirt attached). I don’t know what they were thinking because this skirt is fricking awesome all on it’s own. It is from Asos’s ASOS Curve line and is available in sizes 18 to 28 for $63.

I love the multicolored sequin skirt on this dress.

If it were really a skirt then you could mix it up with all the different colors found in the sequins. As it stands I can only see wearing it as is or with a jacket, perhaps cropped. What do you think?

A close up of all those sequins.

But seriously, all these multicolored sequins make my happy — they are sooo shiny!

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Denim from Igigi

If you think of Igigi you probably, for the most part, think dresses. Maybe a few tops, dress pants and skirts. Most recently jewelry. But now they have a new selection of bottoms including wide leg dress pants, leather look leggings, traditional leggings, trousers, and lightweight denim in straight and boot cut. Don’t get too excited though, Yuliya did not design the jeans/leggings– they are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans brand.

Plus size bottoms from Igigi including denim.

From left to right:

  • Marylin Straight Leg in Premium Lightweight Denim by NYDJ, $120
  • Faux Leather Front Plus Size Leggings by NYDJ, $120
  • Barbara Modern Bootcut by NYDJ, $130
  • Karina Wide Leg Plus Size Pants in Navy Blue, $82
  • Elizabeth Plus Size Pants in Black, $82
  • Janice Plus Size Leggings by NYDJ, $114

I do not know about you but Igigi, NYDJ or not, $120 seems like a lot for leggings. Yes, no?

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Plus Size Knit Pencil Skirt

One of the things that are handy to have in your closet is a pencil skirt. If you can get a few affordable ones, even better. Old Navy currently has this cute plus size pencil skirt in five color print combinations. Choose one or two of your favorites for speedy dressing.

Plus size knit skirts from Old Navy online.

From left to right:

  • Red with pink dots
  • Black Jack
  • Blue Corsica
  • Black with white dots
  • Black stripe (looks like it might be grey accent)

The good thing about these skirts is they are versatile and will work well with a blouse and heels or a t-shirt and flats. They have a good range of sizes (online only) for 1x to 4x and it is only $33.

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The Comfort of Denim

SwakDesigns released a very cute sexy video to warm people up for their new denim collection in mid-September. It features plus size model Mariesther Venegas and her sexy bits (her back, her soft pouche, her painted toes, her smile, and her eyes). I love the closely shot black and white teaser and acapella singing.

The collection with include two bottoms (a skinny and a slim bootcut) in three waskes each, a blazer, a jacket and a vest. I am told they will all be a smooth, stretch denim and will be available in sizes 1x to 5x.

SwakDesigns already has a few jeans in their bottoms category to choose from and they are all under $60 — hope this new collection will have a similar price point.

If you do not want to keep checking back to see if the new denim is available you can sign up to receive a notice when it arrives as well as receive an exclusive discount for shopping early!

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Skirt Affection

Whether you are into casual solid skirts or patterned, Ashley Stewart has an interesting array of offerings for every day wear. Here are five of my favorites:

Plus size casual skirts from Ashley Stewart.

Left to right:

  • Embroidered Stud Denim Skirt, $35
  • Scatter Rhinestone Denim Skirt, $35
  • Tie-dyed Striped Skirt, $30
  • Tropical Print Ruffle Skirt, $18
  • Tropical Print Short Skirt, $15

They also have some longer lengths (no maxis), altered hemlines, and tiered ones in their closet. Every time I visit I am always amazed by their price points.

What  kinds of footwear do you like to wear with shorter skirts? Are you heels all the way or do you like it mix it up with flats or boots occasionally?

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Mixed Media Maxi Dress

It has taken awhile for me to warm up to the mixed media maxi dresses. I think the first one I actually liked was on another blogger (won’t say who because I spent an hour searching for the post and couldn’t find it and now I am second guessing who it was). When I first saw them making their way into the catalogs they had kind of a lingerie feel to me but I have since out grown it — well most of them — some still have a lingerie feel. While I was milling about the Internet I found similar inpretations of the this style at Nordstrom, Ashley Stewart, ASOS, Forever 21, City Chic Online and Fashion to Figure. I want to put a belt on all these dresses except for the one from ASOS Curve.

Plus size dresses with a sheer maxi skirt over top of a short opaque skirt.

From left to right:

This look seems like it could be an easy do-it-yourself project if you are handy with a sewing machine. You could just make a simple sheer skirt with elastic band and slip it on over any short dress (or skirt) you have in your closet and add a belt.

New Addition

SwakDesigns just added the Paris Maxi Dress to their line.

Pink plus size mixed media dress from SwakDesigns.

Do you have one of these in your closet? How do you work it?

Marina Rinaldi Denim Collection

It is a cute video but there could have been less time on the moped and more time spent showing us the clothes. There is only one outfit from Marina Rinaldi’s denim collection in this video and it included a sequin top and leather jacket with jeans. Lovely but a tad boring when you are expecting a “collection”. Usually their previews are full of options. I just did not feel like it was a denim collection preview. Cityscapes are interesting backdrops but they should not feel like the main event. Perhaps this is the preview to the preview, what do you think? I was expecting to see more denim.

You can see more plus size designer denim at the official website, this was just a teaser.

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The Striped Skirt

I have mixed feelings about this skirt, or at least the way that it is worn in the images.

The convertible skirt dress rolled down into a skirt.

I love stripes, I love black and creme (would prefer white, it’s good) but I think I would wear it with the seams facing front and back instead of on the sides. I just like the illusion it creates and do not think is shows it off enough if worn side to side. Have you ever changed a skirt around to get the pattern where you want it?

The side view of Kiyonna's striped skirt.

Kiyonna’s Chameleon Convertible Skirt and Dress (if you are into tube dresses) is available in sizes 10 to 32 for $78.

Plus size striped black and cream skirt from Kiyonna.

If you are not into stripes they have a similar style in the Camryn skirt that is available in teal, taupe, or black.

This plus size convertible skirt is from Kiyonna.

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ASOS Crush

For unique pieces that are not available everywhere else, there’s ASOS Curve. For awhile I was obsessing over their products lines and then there was a dry spell, me, not them. Now I am back to crushing on them again. These two pieces (of many) are my latest crushes but especially the skirt. I prefer the black and white but it also comes in a green an black. The top is $55 and the skirt is $31. The handbag, also from ASOS is $55.

The top, skirt and handbag are from ASOS curve, the polish and shoes are from Zappos.

I am going through a powder blue phase (although anything blue is never really a phase with me). The Butter polish in poole is $15 and the pewter on white Christin Michaels shoes are $55, both from Zappos.

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Things to Consider When Buying Plus Size Jeans

A pair of jeans is one of the most worn piece of clothing so it is important to find the perfect pair –- something that is comfortable, stylish, and fits well. What’s great about jeans is that you can match it with any top from spaghetti straps to plain shirts. Plus Size Denim Jeans

This versatile clothing item can create different looks to match each occasion like blazers over jeans for work and sweatshirt over jeans for hanging out at the Eaton Centre. You don’t have to worry too much about getting your jeans crumpled, stained, or ripped because that makes your trousers unique and authentic. Instead of wearing a skirt at the park, you can do that more comfortably by wearing jeans.

There are some people who find it difficult to choose the right jeans for them especially plus size women. To make things easier for you, check out some of these things that you need to consider when buying plus size jeans:

1. Choose dark-colored trousers such as black or dark blue because these colors make you look slimmer. Old Navy has some dark-wash fit jeans for plus size women that can be worn from morning ’til evening.

2. Avoid wearing super tight jeans as well as baggy trousers because they will not flatter your shape. I highly recommend the Gap curvy jeans and Levis defined waist boot cut jeans because it is not too tight or too loose.

3. Make sure to choose stretchable jeans so you won’t have a hard time moving. The common problem of plus size women is sitting down or bending in their jeans so this kind of trouser will be their best friend.

4. If you have a larger behind, choose jeans that have pockets on the back to give an illusion of having a smaller rear.

5. Be patient and try different styles before buying a pair of jeans. Initially, instead of buying online, it is best to visit the outlet or stores so you can fit different styles and see what looks best on you.

This is a guest post.

Colorful Twill Pants

Spring is almost here (for some of us). If you wanted to add some casual colored pants to your wardrobe MiB has two pairs of twill pants that caught my eye. Both are pull-on with elasticized waists and are made from a cotton/spandex blend.

The red Stretch Twill Pants, shown here rolled into a cuff, are available in sizes 1x to 6x ($69 to $79):

Red plus size twill pants from Making It Big.

And these teal Wide Leg Stretch Twill Pants, also available in sizes 1x to 6x ($79 to $89):

Teal plus size twill pants from Making It Big.

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