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The Perfect Bra

The gorgeous Reah Norman talks about the science behind getting the perfect bra fit in this four minute video for Lane Bryant. The video starts off with the usual introduction we are familiar with on band and cup size but around 1:41 we get some proper tips for different breast shapes (full, average, and shallow). From there the only real way to find the perfect fit is to try on a lot of bras, then try on more until you find your style. Once you find your style you are set (unless you drop or add some weight — then you have to do it again).

There are numerous styles to choose from going beyond the basic underwire or not as well as many colors to suit different personalities. If you want basic white or black they have that too. At the moment Lane Bryant’s Cacique section has select styles on for buy two get one free both online and in-store.

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New Cacique Commercial & Sport Bra

Apparently the Lane Bryant Cacique line has a major bra sale twice a year and the first one is now. They also have a short and sweet commercial to whet your appetite for their plus size bras and panties featuring Ashley Graham (of course) and a few other models:

The current promotion of buy two bras get two bras free runs to January 20th. Of all the bras in their new arrivals I am most excited about their Convertible Underwire Sport Bra — look how cute it is!

A black sport bra with neon circle design on the sides. From Lane Bryant.

And it looks like it is part of their two for two sale.

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Elomi Longline Bra

Longline bras are not for every plus size body. If your lumps and bumps are not in the right place they can easily roll up on you if move the wrong way — leaving for constant readjustment and discomfort. If you carry most of your weight in your lower waist then you are more likely to love these bras. I especially like this Elomi one on Ashley Graham from Full Beauty. It has a great size range too.

Floral print Elomi longline bra from Full Beauty.

There is a vintage appeal I think to longline bras. How about you, do you like them or not?

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Jump To It!

Adult jumpsuits do not seem to be going away anytime soon. If you have been curious but not committed to trying one, Ashley Stewart has theirs on sale including this color/pattern block one with black bottoms for $23 (sizes are going fast). A quick search of their site gives you about eight choices of patterns and styles to choose from all reasonably priced for venturing into new territory.

Plus size jumpsuit with black pants and two tone top from Ashley Stewart.

Have you tried jumpsuits yet? What are you most concerned about, if anything?

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Plus Size Bra Fitting

Linda Lewis, a Senior Buyer for the Cacique bra line, from Lane Bryant dished with Marcy Guevara about their Cacique bras and provides some helpful tips on choosing the best style and getting the right fit. They are still saying that 80% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra but I kind of find that hard to believe in this day an age with so many opportunities provided by retailers both in store and online. So ladies? How does your bra fit you?

One of the things that annoys me about most of these types of bra fitting videos is that they imply that if you have the right size then you can find the perfect bra which is not the case. There are so many different styles of bras with different cuts and manufacturers that not all bras are going to fit the same, not even within the same store. A demi bra may be perfect for Shelly but all wrong for Anna. A full cup bra may sit right on Anna but not on Rachel. So even if you have the right size chances are you are still going to have to try on a lot of bras to get a good fit. But the right size and cup are definitely a good place to start.

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Perfect T-Shirt Bra

Addition-Elle has come out with the latest version of their Perfect T-shirt Bra. It is listed as “off white” but looks like a pretty baby blue. It also comes in black. Sizes offered are 38B to 44DDD (and there is a G and H option sold separately). They are pretty pricey at $54.99 but are currently on for buy one get one 40% off — so about $22 off.

Plus size satin t-shirt bra from Addition-Elle.

T-shirt bras are not just for t-shirts, they are great under fine knit sweaters too.

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Comfort Fit by Comfort Choice Bra Review

Full Beauty has a patent pending on their first Comfort Choice “custom fit bra” with easy front sliders to adjust an extra 2″ on both sides for “perfect balance”. They sent me one to size bra from Full Beauty

The Comfort Choice® Custom Fit Bra is a wire free bra but as you will see it is not lacking in structure or reinforcement. Some of the other published features include:

  • supportive lace top cups
  • hidden sling for extra comfort and support
  • adjustable comfort straps
  • back hook closure
  • washable nylon/spandex
  • three color options: dark magenta, white, and rose nude

This plus size bra is available in sizes 38B to 48DDD for about $35.

Here is a full view of this plus size lace bra. As you can see the color super and has lots of feminine lace.

Full view of comfort choice bra.

On the first day I wore this bra for about ten hours. For the first six I was incredibly uncomfortable. The bra’s left seam (which you can see dipping down in the photo) dug into my ribs alternating with the buckle on the adjustable band strap. This “patent pending” adjustable strap is supposed to be a selling point for this bra but I found it more irritating than useful. If it was too loose the middle buckle dug into my ribs, if it was too tight it was just uncomfortable.

Comfort Choice Adjustable Bra

I have often heard other women complain about straps digging into their shoulders but this was the first time I actually experienced it although I am not sure exactly why as the straps seem of normal width. Adjusting to make them longer helped a little but it also lowered the lift of the breasts.

Comfort Choice Bra Strap

The vertical seam of the lace is very visible under clothing even with the sweater I was wearing at one point.

Comfort Choice Lace Bra Cup

On the upside, yes there are a few — This bras provides incredible all day support for a wire free bra. As you can see from the pictures it is heavily constructed — something that is surprising to see in a bra of this price range. On the outer edge is the cotton reinforcement for extra shaping.

Inner cotton support of Comfort Choice Bra

I thought the large inner seams would be irritating to the skin on the breasts but they were not. There is no extra padding to worry about removing, the lace is not itchy or picky.

Close up of inner cup stitching.

The under breast band does not have the same comfort stretch of other wire free bras and this part of the band was a big comfort issue. The front of the banding has satiny fabric that pulls on the delicate under breast skin unlike…

Inside of under band.

…the soft covering that appears on the rest of the band and the hook area.

Bra clasp

Another cute design feature is the peek-a- boo panel between the cups:

SIlky Band on inside of Comfort Choice Bra

And side panels:

Comfort Choice Peek-a-boo Side Panel

The bra is hand wash but I threw it in the delicate cycle of my washer and hung it to dry. It seemed to hold its original shape. Even though the bra was incredibly uncomfortable the first day I wanted to give it another chance. Unfortunately it was just as uncomfortable with the same issues mentioned above. The main issues again were the band pulling at the skin under the breasts and the buckles poking into my sides and having to constantly pull at them.

I really wanted to like this bra, it is very pretty, has a great color, and a strong structure. And while the structure is formidable the comfort is not.

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Fun Bras

Lane Bryant has a great sale at the moment with lots of $19.99 bras in fun patterns. Whether you like animal prints, lace or dots there seems to be a little something, something for everyone. Here are a few of my favorites:

plus size bras from Lane Bryant

Left to right:

  • Unlined Cotton Balconette Bra in Bubbles
  • Passion Lace Balconette Bra in True Red
  • Embroidered Mesh Demi Bra in Flame
  • Full Coverage Unlined Back Smoothing Bra in Animal Print
  • Cushion Comfort Plunge Bra in True Red
  • Cotton No-wire Bra in Black Dots
  •  Smooth Satin No-wire Bra in Purple Zebra

Popular bra sizes are selling out quickly so if you need some fun bras you better hurry!

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Le Mystère Seamless Bra

The Le Mystère Seamless Bra has been mentioned repeatedly on Oprah’s TV show and in her magazine over the years and is probably one of the best looking bras out there. Not because it is really all that sexy but because it does some marvellous shaping under t-shirts and other form fitting clothing. And Oprah can be pretty convincing.

Going hand in hand with big promises goes a big price. The Le Mystère Dream Tisha Full Busted Bra shown here costs $69. It is one of the more expensive bras I have seen out there so it has been on my “wish list” for a while. Her Room has about 25 styles of the Le Mystère brand to choose:

full-figure Le Mystere bra from Her Room

Her Room made a little product video featuring the important features of the original “t-shirt” bra:

I have a lot of bras Lane Bryant’s Cacique line and the Mystère bra looks quite similar to a Cacique one I have called Microfiber Balconette (#7175185) so if you are looking for a cheaper version you might want to check out their Balconette styles. I do not see the microfiber one on their website at the moment but many of the balconette’s seem to have similar features. This is the Smooth Balconette:

plus size balconette bra from Lane Bryant

The smooth balconette sells for about $49 but Lane Bryant has a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale at the moment. Not to mention you might have better luck with sizing as there is a wider range. There is also fourteen different colors to choose making bra shopping a little more fun.

Now, go take care of the girls!

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Coobie Bra Review

I have mentioned Coobie bras in the past. They are my go to comfort bra for working at home. Recently they contacted me to review their full-size Coobie Bra Scoopneck.

The full size Coobie fits sizes 38A to 42D-DD and costs $22. It comes in sixteen color choices (including one pattern). They describe their bra as “seamless”. It has wider straps than their standard Coobie but they are definitely narrower than your average support bra. It comes with removable pads in situ. These bras are made in China but Coobie headquarters is located in Huntersville North Carolina.

I am not sure if the ordering process was done by the PR company or if it was done by Coobie. I was asked to send my color choice and size. I sent three. They did not send me any of the ones I had asked for and in addition to the full-figure bra they sent me a medium size of their comfort bra.

The Pink Leisure Bra

Coobie bras are comfortable leisure bras. They are great for hanging out at home, running errands, or doing yoga (no biding or poking to worry about). They slip on and off over your head effortlessly. They keep the breasts contained as well as provide a little lift and support but you would not do anything aggressive with them like running. You can see the bra here with the pad inserts.

plus size coobie bra

This Coobie bra is made with 88% nylon and 12% spandex so it is silky soft and incredibly stretchy. The nylon does not irritate my otherwise sensitive skin and there is no binding. The band is a few inches wide to keep the bra from riding up but does not pinch. While the bra is seamless in the sense that it is one piece all the way around (not sewn together in pieces) there are still seams inside like here where the band is folded up but still reasonably smooth.

Coobie plus size bra

There is some side shaping in the material but I do not find it really does much. It is pretty though.

plus size coobie bra

Here is another inside seam with a slit to insert and remove the breast pads — while the seams are visible I did not find them noticeable while wearing.

full figure Coobie Bra

The back view of the Coobie bra. As you can see it has a nice scoop in back as well and the straps are adjustable. I like the wider straps on the full-figure style but would like to see an option for an even wider strap for the D cup women.

plus size coobie bra in pink

I never wear the breast pads on any of my Coobie bras. I think they look ridiculous; especially on full breasts and create a visible indentation.

Pads from Coobie Bra

The Coobie bras wash well with my other clothing but I take them out of the washer and hang dry them to preserve the stretch in the material.

Overall I consider the Coobie as one of my favorite bras for comfort, ease, affordability and color selection. I highly recommend Coobie’s full-figure leisure bras.

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Five Must Have Bras

There is a simple truth, fine undergarments make a woman happy. For decades plus size women were relegated to wearing ugly bras and boxy t-shirts for sleepwear but no more! is under the umbrella of J D Williams & Company Limited, and its sister sites (Simply Be, Heather Valley, Simply Yours, Fashion World, Fifty Plus etc.). Through this portal they are able to link shoppers to plus size friendly brands such as: Cleo, Curvy Kate, Eve, Glamorise, Gok Wan, Joe Browns, Naturally Close, Panache, Vanity Fair, and Wonder Bra.

There are five bras that every woman should work toward having in her plus size lingerie drawer.

The Balconette Bra

When it comes to my favorite style of choice, I would pick the balconette bra for a comfortable everyday bra. They give a great shape and lift and are usually “prettier” than your average bra. Most balconette style bra have padding all over the cup but there are some available with none at all.

plus size lingerie - balconette bra

The Plunge Bra

As the name suggests there is some plunging involved; right between the breasts. These bras are perfect for low cut blouses and dresses when you just do not feel like layering a camisole underneath and you do not want your bra to show.

plus size lingerie - plunge bra

The Push-Up Bra

You would not think a plus size woman would be interested in a push up bra but let’s face it. Gravity is not friendly to plus size breasts so sometimes a little push is needed to get them where we want them to go or if we really want to make our cleavage a focal point. You can get push-up bras that lift or you can get a demi-bra which lifts and pushes together. These padded bras generally come with removable pads to be inserted on the outer inside of the cup for added lift — most plus size women do not needed the little pads.

plus size lingerie - push up bra

The Sports Bra

This is probably the most important bra in any active woman’s drawer. No woman should be working out in a regular pretty bra, there is not enough support to manage the jarring motions of the many activities we participate in — even if you are only walking for exercise you should be wearing a sport bra. A good plus size sports bra brings in the breasts closer to the chest but still manages to offer some shaping. Most importantly when it is worn it does not loose its shape or support or restrict movement.

plus size lingerie - sports bra

The Strapless Bra

In the summer the strapless bra is a necessity of life with all the spaghetti straps, tube dresses and tops that make summer so much fun (not to mention cooler). Or even if you have a regular sleeved top with an open back (strapless tend to sit lower). Because women tend to have a little more to carry I think the best strapless bras offer more durability and better support with longer side and back panels.

plus size lingerie - strapless bra

Bras are an expensive investment but luckily there are many online avenues offering choices not available locally. If you are really on a budget, sign up for the newsletter of your favorite stores and watch for their online promotions. Gradually you will build up your lingerie drawer with the necessities of daily living.

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Comfort Choice Bra Review sent me one of their Comfort Choice Gel Strap bras to review for My Favorite Things readers. Now that I have worn, washed, and dried it I am ready to give you the low down on what I consider an absolutely pretty bra.

plus size Comfort Choice Gel Strap Bra

If you are not familiar with they are a premiere website offering bras by over 30 brands in sizes 36B to 50N. They also have panties, shapewear, hosiery, slips, camisoles, sleepwear and robes.

The Comfort Choice Gel strap bra is available in sizes 38B to 54G. The color choices include white and blue bell. They sent the blue bell which is an incredibly pretty color (says the girl addicted to blue). This is a wirefree bra that hooks in the front. They describe the gel straps as “Extra-wide straps are built up with a super pliant and lightweight silicone gel that absorbs stress, giving your shoulders a smooth ride all day.” This bra currently retails on their site for $27 to $32.

The soft scalloped edge lace is very pretty. I love the rose details and that it reasonably smooth. For the most part it is not too itchy but I did notice a slight itch where the lace touches under the breast but it seemed to dissipate as the day went on. Now when I say itch I do not mean the picky itch that comes with some laces. I normally wear a bra liner so this may have been causative.

plus size comfort choice bra with lace

This is my first time wearing a front closure bra and I have to say I love it. There are more hooks and coverage than I would normally have. It is so much more convenient to put on (and take off) than a back hooking bra.

Front Hook Closure of Comfort Choice Bra

The sides are made with an extra wide breathable mesh which extends throughout the back. The band is light weight and lies smoothly.

Breathable Mesh Sides of Comfort Choice Bra

The back of the bra has lots of coverage and also lies smooth. As you can see the straps are close to the center which I think helps to keep the straps from sliding off my shoulders.

Mesh Backing and Coverage of Comfort Choice Bra

The bra is well stitch throughout with no exposed white elastic to irritate. The boning on the sides is virtually none existent. As you can see from the photo I could easily bend the fabric boning. I prefer a bra to have a little firmer side boning in wirefree bras and underwire as it helps with the side shaping so it does not look like your boobs are extending out your sides.

Side Boning on Comfort Choice Gel Strap Bra

The breast shaping in the cups is very light but seems to work. I felt lifted and supported as a whole. You can see here the scalloped lace that peeks under the bra strap that made me a little itchy.

Under Cup Breast Support for Wireless Comfort Choice Bra

Now here is the underside of the gel strap.

Gel Strap on Comfort Choice Bra

And a closer look. When you press the strap between your forefinger and thumb you can feel the softness of the gel strap and think it would be a nice cushie relief. Unfortunately, the gel strap sits on front of my chest and stops just as it reaches my clavicle (long thin bone from neck to shoulder). Typically I do not need padding here. And I think I am safe in saying that most women complain about the straps digging into the tops of their shoulders where this gel strap should be located — in my opinion. Now perhaps I am too long in the body for this one but there is no way for this strap to work on alleviating pressure on my shoulders.

Gel Straps on Comfort Choice Bras

My overall impression of the Comfort Gel Strap bra is that it is a comfortable wirefree bra that is very pretty and provides lift and support while lying smoothly on sides and back. It is great for every day wear and is reasonably affordable. I washed it in the washing machine and hung it to dry and did not notice any change in fit when I wore it again. I like the concept of the gel straps but they just do not hit in the right location for the gel to really make a difference and there is no way to adjust them — as a main selling feature, it’s in the title, it is not strong reason to buy. If you take the gel straps out of the equation it is a good bra and I expect to wear it often.

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Lace and Polka Dot Lingerie

The month of perpetual love has passed but I cannot avoid the talk of plus size lingerie. More and more plus size clothing stores are adventuring into pretty undergarments; including City Chic Online. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their dots and lace collection:

plus size bras and panties from City Chic Online

They have touched on some of the retro looks that make our toes curl but left behind the ones we will never miss. City Chic Online does not have a huge selection of bras and panties but so far so good. Panties are sizes 14 to 24 and bras are sizes 34C to 44E.

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