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What to Expect Book Giveaway

One of the things I do not talk a lot about is plus size maternity fashion (although I have on occasion, usually when someone emails me for help). Last year “a member of the team at the online version of the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book series” contacted me about doing a giveaway. It was such a wonderful opportunity to share with my readers and their friends and family that I could not resist so this month What to Expect is sponsoring our monthly giveaway. What to Expect 3 Book Pregnancy and Child Series

You have probably heard of the books in one form or another but may not be familiar with the website:

“In 2005, Heidi Murkoff expanded the What to Expect (WTE) brand online with — the interactive, state-of-the-internet companion to the WTE books, and home to a vibrant, vast, yet close-knit community of one million parents.”

Prize Details:

  • TWO winners will get the first three books: What To Expect When You’re Expecting, What To Expect The First year, and What To Expect The Second Year.

How to Enter:

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Plus Size Maternity at Avenue

Last month Avenue introduced its new plus size maternity line. That is right, they finally figured it out — fat girls get pregnant too.

Avenue’s Maternity clothing runs in sizes 14 to 32. At the moment there are only 15 pieces but that is fifteen more than we had before. A few pieces are a bit old marm style but there are a few cute items too. Basically there are four dresses, six tops, a cami, a cardigan, a pair of jeans, leggings, and a pant to choose from. More than enough to get the mom to be through the day to day.

plus size maternity clothing from Avenue

It is not a bad looking jean, and it is Bootcut ($40) so I like it off the bat — I feel they provide necessary balancing especially if you are wearing baggy tops. The Stripe Ruffle Cardigan ($40) is a must have layering piece that the new mom can use after her pregnancy too. The Crosshatch Drape Neck Short-Sleeve Dress ($40) has nice texture with its pattern and is not overpowering. The Faux Wrap Linear Print Dress ($40) also has a pretty all over pattern and sexy neckline. The Drape Front Top ($30) comes in four colors.

I look forward to seeing this line grow over the next year.

Update June 2012: For some reason Avenue has taken down the Maternity tab making it hard to find. If you use the “search” feature on their site and type in “Maternity” you will get their plus size maternity offerings about fifteen or so items including tops and pants.

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Plus Size Pregnancy Swimwear

Plus size pregnancy clothing is hard to find but it is out there as I’ve shown last week. But even harder than every day seasonal wear is trying to find plus size maternity swimwear. And if you are above a 3x and pregnant it is almost impossible.

Crybaby Maternity – Of all the shops I visited I think they have the absolute cutest plus size maternity swimwear. The downside is they are pricey, reaching up to $118 or more. Their plus sizes go up to 3x. The swimsuit at right is from here.

Destination Maternity – At the time of this posting I found two plus size maternity swimsuits; both perfectly acceptable looking and reasonably priced under $40 in sizes 1x to 3x.

Motherwear – They have four plus size swimsuits in sizes 1x to 3x for $69 to $73. I especially like the white polka dot on chocolate Not Your Gramma’s Swimsdress.

Big Gals Lingerie – If you are not afraid to show off your pregnant belly then you must check out BGL. Yes, it is mostly lingerie and costumes; but they also have my favorite plus size bikini. The Metallic Polka Dot Scrunch Butt Bikini is custom made in sizes 1x to 12x for $44 and comes in about ten color combinations.

Love Your Peaches – They have more than a few bikini styles to choose from as well as a basic bottom and swim shorts. Each style has a wonderful choice of solid or print fabrics to choose from. They range in price from $38 to $76 and run in sizes 1x to 6x. They take style/cut recommendations so if there is nothing there suitable for maternity drop them an email to see what they are willing to do.

Here’s hoping you stay cool this summer!

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Plus Size Pregnancy Summer Clothing (Part Two)

There are a number of online options for plus size maternity than there have been in recent years. One of the biggest is Destination Maternity which can be found with regular sizes at Destination Maternity. They are a blend of flirty and functional fashions that are forward friendly. The unfortunate thing is that there are no offerings above 3x. My heart really goes out to plus size mamacitas who are bigger than 3x because it is incredibly hear to find affordable maternity wear.

Destination Maternity has a plus size belly band to help extend the life of non-pregnancy pants. On the website you’ll find a great “essentials” style guide and a good selection of specialty bras. One of my favorite items is the Secret Fit Belly pants in 19 styles for work and for play. Here are the American Star Plus Size Secret Fit Belly™ Cuffed Maternity Crop Jeans ($49) available in sizes 1x to 3x. I also love the Plus Size Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Smocked Maternity Shirt in paisley for $27. It would look great with the capris.

CryBaby Maternity has a cute selection of maternity tees for summer. They range in price from $17 to $34 and go up to size 3x (not all sizes in all styles. My favorites are “fertile goddess” and “caution: highly emotional”. Although I know many women (self included) who could wear the second one any time!

Chances are the plus size pregnant woman is going to have to dress up. Babies N Bellies has a nice selection of dresses. I particularly like these two dresses both of which work pre and post pregnancy, the Evita Maternity & Nursing Dress ($99) and the Bianca Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress ($169).

JC Penney has a affordable basic selection of summer plus size maternity in 1x to 3x to get you through the season; including cute shorts, capris, tees and more. I especially like these slender fitting duo™ Denim Bermuda shorts ($18) and Smocked Chiffon Waist Top ($18).

Canadian shoppers can find maternity basics like shorts, tees, and jeans from Ample Mama. One of my favorite pieces is the Bit Print Shrug Cardigan with Tie Front ($29.50) which looks equally good with matching ruffle skirt or a pair of jeans both of which are available at Ample Mama.

Who’d I miss?

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Plus Size Pregancy Summer Clothing (Part One)

Depending on where you live summer can be a pretty short season. If you are pregnant for the summer you may be tempted to try to get your regular clothes to go the distance and with some of your wardrobe it may be possible. But every pregnant woman should have a few pieces of cool, flirty, fun, functional maternity clothing to round off her wardrobe.


One of the first places I send budget mamas-to-be to is eBay. You are not the only pregnant woman in the world and let’s face it once the deed is done the clothes are pretty much useless. There are hundreds of plus size pregnancy clothing choices on eBay and within a few days you can have like new clothing to get you through the summer. You can then pack them away for the next pregnancy, give them away locally, or sell them on eBay. The best way to do a search is to set the category to clothing then enter in the search box “plus maternity” and your size in x form i.e. 1x, 2x etc. I did a search and found over 500 items to choose from. There are also many sellers offering lots of five or more items in a “lot”.

Here are a few great pieces I found today, all in size 3x and all under $25:

Plus Size Pregnancy / Maternity Clothing from ebay

eBay Shopping Tips

I love shopping on eBay for a number of reasons: it encourages recycling, it’s affordable, and I can do it at my leisure at 3 a.m if I want. If you are competitive it can be kind of fun that way too. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping on eBay:

  • Read the sellers information to find their shopping experience and policies.
  • Check and double check the shipping and handling charges. Some do overcharge. If there is no shipping info visible then ask! Don’t make any purchase without knowing for sure.
  • How the seller responds to your questions can give you a clue to their customer relationships.
  • Always read a seller’s customer feedback and take into account their standing before ordering.
  • Use the advanced search feature –> enter size, then use drop down menu and click on clothes category.
  • You can “watch” an item without bidding if you’re unsure of how intense your desire is for it.
  • When looking for a deal, don’t just consider the price of the item. Include your shipping. So if the item costs $4 and the shipping is $10, then the item really costs $14 which can still be a great deal.
  • Plan ahead of time how much you are willing to spend for an item if someone outbids you.
  • Accept that you will not win all items you bid on in an effort to stay in your budget and get good deals.
  • Once you’ve had a good shopping experience with a seller you can mark them as a “favorite” and receive email updates from eBay when that seller puts up new auctions.
  • Check back often for new listings!

Shopping on eBay takes some patience. You can’t just go in and pick what you want. But the gratification in the end is priceless.

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Winter Maternity

Plus size moms-to-be can only manipulate regular plus size clothing for so long — meaning, before they either looked stuffed into their clothes or they look like they are wearing shapeless fabric. These days there are actually plus size maternity clothing available so there is no excuse for not adding a few pieces.

Destination Maternity has an affordable plus size section for sizes 1x to 3x; and while there isn’t an exorbitant selection you will probably find a few pieces to get you through the winter. Here are a few of my favorite pieces for winter:


The jacket is $79.99, the shirts are under $35 and the swimsuit is $44.98. Destination Maternity also carries the important stuff like maternity bras and midriff shapers in plus sizes.

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Lane Bryant Week – Maternity

I am not pregnant and I have never been pregnant but I have had pregnant friends. I also can relate to any woman who has had a hard time finding clothes and being plus size and pregnant is a double dose of woe. Lane Bryant has a complete line of maternity clothing at their site.

These are three of my faves:

Maternity Denim Jacket – this short cotton/spandex jacket would be a great addition to the belly bump wardrobe. It is available in duo sizes 14/16 to 26/28 for $49.50.

Plus Size Denim maternity jacket from Lane Bryant.

Maternity tee shirt dress – is cool and comfortable, machine washable cotton/spandex. It has very flattering line and comes in three great colors: black, ruby red and green. Duo sizes 14/16 to 26/28 for $49.50.

Plus size red tee dress from Lane Bryant.

Bella Band – the ultimate maternity accessory in plain or with lace. I also think it would be great for non-pregnant women. Wear it with your regular clothes to extend wear and prevent anything from peek-a-booing. There are two sizes: 3 fits pre-pregnancy sizes 16 to 22 and 4 which fits pre-pregnancy sizes 24 and up. The Bella Band is $30.

Plus Size Belly Band from Lane Bryant

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Kmom’s Plus Size Pregnancy

Having a baby can be a scary process for any woman but plus size women have the added disadvantage of having every known complication compounded because of their size… at least that is what the medical profession would lead us to believe. These scare tactics can lead to a mentally draining pregnancy and fearful delivery.

A plus size pregnant woman holding two umbrellas, one over her head and one over her belly.It is possible for plus size women to have happy, healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Kmom’s Plus Size Pregnancy provides a realistic and size positive approach to providing plus size women pregnancy information. The content was “written and sponsored by Kmom, a childbirth educator and freelance writer who has read extensively about obesity, pregnancy, birth, and related topics in both the medical and lay literature”. At this posting it hasn’t been updated since June 2007 but the information is far from out of date.

At Kmon’s Plus Size Pregnancy website you’ll find almost everything you need to know to encourage open educated discussions with your medical team and make informed decisions about your pregnancy:

  • Preparing For Your Pregnancy
  • Fertility Concerns
  • Plus-Size Pregnancy Risks
  • Finding a Size-Friendly Provider
  • Kmom’s Top Hints For A Better Birth
  • Important Issues
  • Prenatal Testing
  • Dealing With Pregnancy Discomforts
  • Plus-Size Maternity and Nursing Clothing
  • Possible Pregnancy Complications
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Plus Size Birth Stories
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum Issues
  • Cesareans and VBACs
  • Books, Links, and Support Groups

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