Stylish Plus Size Dresses and Separates

Purple Anorak Plus Size Coat

I love the looks of this purple anorak coat from Addition-Elle. The color is awesome (with the deep purple and amount of sheen) and as far as puffer coats go it is pretty streamline with lots of extra accessories that would make me happy wearing it. Like the thumb cuffs to keep the breeze from going up my arms. The drawstring waist and bottom hem, again to control winter drafts. And it is a longer length in back (by two inches) than the front. The only down side of this coat is that it is 100% polyester fill — down would have made it almost perfect.

I love the purple anorak plus size coat from Addition-Elle.

This coat comes in plus sizes x to 4x for $160 and is part of their Nola active wear collection. If you love the style but not the color it also comes in black but I imagine this razzleberry will sell like hotcakes.

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Jessica London Pea Coat

Jessica London sent me a wool-blend pea coat in ruby a few weeks ago to review on This pea coat comes in five other colors and houndstooth pattern in sizes 12 to 32 for $160 to $170 (currently on sale for 33% off). I had a nice video review for you but when I watched it it was all shaky and gave me a headache so I decided to save you from it.

This double breasted coat has a lovely large collar. Although the description describes it as “tailored shape” I would not. It’s pretty straight and boxy, at least in the larger sizes, but I am OK with that. FYI: there are petite and tall options too.

I am wearing Jessica London's double breasted wool coat in ruby.

This wool-blend coat is made of 75% wool, 15% polyester, 6% silk and 4% other fibers (?). The lining is 100% polyester. It is not a prickly wool and is nice to touch. It is lightweight and I found it comfortably warm at -7 °C but I needed a heavier sweater underneath at -12 °C.

The back view of my wool coat.

Pros: 32″ length covers the butt, lined, two pockets on outside (traditional slanted pea coat style) and two on inside, it is not bulky, great color.

Looking at my toes, no, I didn't step in anything but it is not unheard of.

Cons: dry clean, no inner cuff sleeves, no additional material (i.e. polyfill) between wool and polyester lining for additional warmth when the real winter hits.

Open view of my red coat.

That houndstooth scarf I am wearing was a spurge purchase from when I had lunch in the county a few weeks ago. I love infinity scarves and I love houndstooth, so a perfect combo.

Looking cute with my hand on hip pose while wearing the coat open.

Sweater cardigan by Igigi, jeans by Lane Bryant, shoes by Vionic, and attitude all me.

Cute black anchor buttons on Jessica London wool peacoat.

They carried the nautical theme of the pea coat onto the anchor embossed buttons — nice on a traditional navy perhaps but I didn’t like it on the ruby jacket. More personal taste than anything.

The closed button hole can be cut open if I want to put a button under the color to close it.

The collar has spots for buttons holes but no buttons under the collar to fasten. I find it tucks in without requiring a button anyway.

Deep inside pockets on each side.

It’s nice to have the inner pockets too. Overall the jacket is well made.

Update: Produced another video. See the coat in motion:

If you want to see what it looks like on another plus size body check out Jai Marshall’s video review:

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The Black Wrap Coat

If you are looking for something a little different and on the black side, then Yoek has a wrap over jacket that looks like it would be great for hiding those ugly Christmas sweaters. It has an interesting triangular shape that looks like it would be conducive for layering over any sweater, ugly or otherwise. I like the long length too — perfect for winter leggings (like the ones at Re/Dress).

I love this black wrap jacket for fall from Yoek

Yoek is not a bargain shop, this Netherlands boutique piece has a boutique price at $460 with the exchange but if you are looking for something different that no one else has this European brand may be up your alley.

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Betsey Johnson Quilted Puffer Coat

You wouldn’t normally expect to have “adorable” and “puffer” in the same sentence but this puffer coat by Betsey Johnson is adorable. What makes this coat adorable is that it actually has some shape to it, rather than being all puff, because of the different sizes of quilting. Don’t get me wrong, it is still puffy but at least it is strategically puffy. It comes in three colors, steel, black, and cloud. The cloud is my favorite because it really shows off the texture of the coat.

I love this winter white coat by Betsey Johnson for plus size women.

The lining is polyester but it does have down and feathers in it so it will be reasonably warm. Surprisingly though it is machine washable — that has to be a mistake. It has a funnel collar, banded cuffs, and a belt for keeping out any winter drafts — Betsey was obviously thinking about fashion and function with this one. And it is on sale at Macy’s, regularly $400 and on for $160.

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Silver Down Filled Coat

For the most part I am attracted to bright red winter coats but I really love this plus size silver coat from Penningtons. And it has down to make it especially warm. The color is called Phantom and it is iridescent. They have an excellent size range at x to 5x and their coats are currently 25% off which is good because this one is regularly $198, bring it down to $148.

I love this silver iridescent down filled coat from Penningtons.

Once I get past the color which I really love, I really like that the padded areas are different sizes. Generally puff coats have all the blocks the same size which I think is what makes them look puffy. But it is winter and I don’t mind looking a little puffy if it keeps me toasty too — it’s 50% down and 50% feather. I like that the hood is removable, the belt cinches and that the pockets are zippered so they don’t pucker open. It is a good length to cover the butt too.

Update: I had to have so I bought it during their Black Friday sale for 50% off and free delivery. It arrived three days later. I love it — the color, the length, the warmth. Only down side is the hood is ginormous — because we have big bodies does not mean we have extra big heads.

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The Knitted Poncho

Even though it was 24C yesterday I can’t help but get excited about this Bohemian Knitted Poncho from Seal with a Kiss. There are two things different about this poncho from traditional ones: You do not have to try and pull it over your hair, creating that wonderful static flyaway, because it is a wrap style. And it has a hood. It currently comes in black and mushroom (I prefer the mushroom) and is a one size fits “?” for $49.90 — I probably couldn’t knit one for that price.

This mushroom colored lace wrap-poncho is from SwakDesigns.

This is a great casual poncho for quick trips out or for snuggling with the pets on the couch. I would totally wear this while working at the computer. I’d put it on right now if I had one — 24 yesterday and 10 tonight, go figure.

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The Medina Coat

I like the look of mixed texture of the Medina Coat, especially in outerwear; in this case, the boucle yarn stitch and the leather look sleeves. I love the off center zipper and adjustable cowl neckline. It comes in sizes 12 to 24 and is a bit pricey at $280 US through the Carmacoma website.

Carmakoma's plus size boucle and faux leather coat.

I actually saw the same coat styled differently at ASOS Curve with the collar open and folded over like a shawl collar which I equally love. The price came up for $319 US over there but ASOS usually has free shipping (and all that other great stuff!!) so… up to you.

The plus size Carmakoma Medina Coat styled at ASOS Curve.

Do you like mixed texture in your outerwear?

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The Princess Coat

It is that time of year again — coat season! Plus size coats and jackets are starting to leak into the new arrivals. One of my favorites at the moment is this Princess Coat from City Chic Online. It is long without being bulky.

The plus size princess coat with fur trim from City Chic Online.

The faux collar and cuffs are really cute. This is a fully lined coat perfect for when it gets chilly. I love the shape created by the padded shoulders, tapered waist, a-line skirt. I also like that there is no belt to worry about. And there are pockets for the pocket obsessed like me.

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Poncho Ready

A little bird told me you have been having a hard time finding cute plus size ponchos, capes, and wraps that look like they could actually be warm. Well, then you might enjoy what Donna’s Designs has to offer over at Artfire. Here are a few of my favorite ponchos and capes:

Plus size ponchos and capes from Donna's Designs.

Donna’s ponchos, capes, and wraps range in price from $30 to $170. They come in a variety of fabrics — mostly “high quality fleece” (from spring to winter weight) — patterns, and lengths.

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The Purple Coat

For the last two winters I have been obsessed with the red coat. I now have two of them which are basically the same (but different). This year while I am still drawn to red coats I find I am increasingly drawn to purple coats, when I actually find them. Yours Clothing has this adorable a-line coat with faux fur trim (sizes 14 to 30) for $102 and it is one of my favorites this season.

Plus size purple coat with faux fur trim from Yours Clothing.

What color coats do you seem to be drawn to this year?

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The Military Jacket

One Stop Plus has five plus size military jackets that I am loving right now. Some are on sale and some are not — all are interesting.

Plus size military coats from One Stop Plus.

From left to right:

* Roaman’s The Commander Fleece Jacket, $90
* Taillissime Corduroy Military Jacket, $80
* Last Kiss Navy Pea Coat, $79
* Roaman’s Leather Military Jacket, $130
* Jessica London Coat in Military Style, $130
* Last Kiss Grey Military Coat, $79

One Stop Plus has a site coupon for up to $50 off.

Now is the perfect time for coat shopping because there are sales around the corner and there are still lots of sizes in stock; though not in every style. In a few more weeks the pickings will be slim. Have you wrapped yourself in something warm yet this season?

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Jessica London Leather Jacket Review

It was finally cool enough on Friday to wear the Leather Shrug that Jessica London sent me to review. They offered me the choice of slate, red, or black and I chose slate as I am going through a serious grey-love phase this year.

plus size leather cropped jacket / shrug from Jessica London

The jacket arrived folded and bagged in a plastic shipping envelope which surprised me considering it was genuine leather. I thought it would have shipped safer in a box. Luckily it arrived safely. It had some deep creases in it and I was not sure what to do with them. I emailed my contact who got back to me with some tips from “Jessica London experts”:

1- hang the garment in the bathroom, turn on the hot water and shower- steam should help reduce the creases
2- place a clean heavy- duty brown paper bag on garment and iron on low setting (no steam)
3- last resort use a blow dryer (not directly or too close to garment) but patience is the key here!

I was not brave enough to try any of these so I hung it in the front closet hoping gravity would take over. As you will see from the pictures, after a few weeks there are no abnormal creases.

We were heading out for a dinner at Boston Pizza and I was feeling in a sparkly casual mood so I decided to wear a sequin tee and jeans with the cropped jacket (they listed it as a shrug but in my opinion it is more of a jacket).

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

Afterwards we went for a walk behind the riverfront where we took these photos. The sun was just beginning to set but unfortunately it does not show up in photos.

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

This leather jacket is incredibly well made and fully lined.

Leather shrug lined with a silky polyester

It is lovely to touch.

close up of soft leather texture of jacket

As you can see from my expression the Bellini I had before supper is starting to kick in.

plus size leather jacket from Jessica London

I liked the way it fit my arms and across the back. There did seem to be a bit of an issue keeping it closed and I found myself repeatedly pulling the sides forward. Even though it is cropped it hits at a nice height (bear in mind that I am 5′ 9″).

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

I totally love the color, style, fit, etc. My only disappointment is there are no pockets. To me it seems like two flat pockets could have been put in the front seams. Overall, I am impressed with the quality of this product from Jessica London.

Even though this coat was not black leather I could not help but channel my inner Fonzie.

plus size leather shrug from Jessica London

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Wearing Leopard on the Outside

Animal prints are still going strong for fall and winter and that includes more outerwear. You can channel the leopard in you with this adorable Leopard Pattern Faux Fur double breasted coat from Carmakoma — the fur is nicely offset by the black leather side panels for some print and solid color blocking. It is one my first favorites of the fall from Carmakoma, I am sure there will be more.

plus size leopard coat from Carmakoma

What about you? Are you thinking animal print outerwear this season or are you sticking with the basics?

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