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Welly Boot Review

You cannot live in rural Ireland without owning a pair of wellies. There is mud and muck everywhere, no matter what season it is. And yet, I have managed to go for ten years without owning a pair.

Michele's blue and purple ankle wellies.

The issue is I am a plus-sized gal with wide calves and feet that do not always measure to size. I also have really fussy feet. They can swell which makes wearing some shoes uncomfortable. The bones in the top of my feet are deformed from wearing high heels in my twenties so the tops of certain shoes can be turn painful quickly.

It was a black lab puppy that forced me to go online, research, and purchase my first pair of wellies.

Michele's black lab and the primary reason for getting wellies.

I ended up at Jileon, the wide calf wellie people. Their wellies are done up in different and fun colors, unlike the blues and greens you would get down at the co-op. However, it was their ankle wellie that turned my head. Ankle wellies! Who knew?

On a Tuesday in October, I ordered the blue stripe ankle wellie in a size 8UK (I wear a US 9-9 ½ wide depending on the shoe) and crossed my fingers. I paid £24.99 plus shipping. They were expected to arrive by courier the following Friday.

They arrived on Friday as expected and I love them! First of all, they fit perfect with the slack of a wellie but with strong ankle support. They are easy to slip on and off, there is no bending down struggling to get them on, and if needed, there is a little loop on the back to assist in pulling the wellies on and off. The soles have a thick cleat that provides a great grip. There isn’t anything I do not like about them.

A look at the soles of her ankle wellies.
Jileon provides free delivery for all domestic addresses in the UK. For Ireland and the rest of the EU, shipping starts at £9.99. US customers can order at but orders are handled and shipped through Amazon.

Overall, well worth the money for my fussy feet. Very comfortable. I have gone out every day with my dog and traipsed happily through mud and muck, because that is what a proper pair of wellies are for. They are now covered in a thick coat of mud at this point, but they are as good as the day I took them out of the bag.

Michele Brouder is the author of Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver and A Whyte Christmas. She also is a contributor to the Book-in-a-Week blog. Originally from western New York, she now lives in the west of Ireland with her husband and boys and a dog named Rover.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future — Mini Review

In one of my Topbox’s (a mail order beauty box in Canada for $13) I received a 7 ml sample of Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future. It is a “moisture cream broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30”.

Image of the 7ml container of Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Moisture Cream.

With the Elizabeth Arden samples it is a hit and miss situation (for instance, I hated their caplet serum) with whether I will like a product or not. In general, I am not a big fan of SPF face creams because, well, they feel gross going on and afterwards and usually feel like I’m putting sunscreen on. When I opened up the little canister to see a thick white cream I was expecting the same experience.

A look at the white moisture cream with 30 SPF.

Boy was I surprised. This lightly scented moisture cream soaked right in and did not leave a greasy residue behind after about five minutes and within a few days I could tell my skin didn’t mind it either — no breakouts — another common occurrence with sunscreen laden face creams. My skin felt moisturised and light. I liked it so much I was even using it before bed with nice results. Now, I’m sorry my container is empty.

I’m putting Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future moisture cream on my list of “to get” items once I break through my backlog of samples. Have you tried it? What did you think?

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* Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Future moisture cream sells for $50

Micro or Cotton Tights

If you wear tights you probably have a personal favorite in regards to how sheer or opaque you like them. Personally, I tend to lean towards opaque more than sheer. In nursing school it was a requirement to wear sheer hose (or opaque white) and I guess I have had enough of that. Whether I am wearing a skirt or dress I tend to go opaque in the winter and pretty much bare in the summer.

Laura from The Big Tights Company asked me to check out a pair of their thick cotton tights and their 180 Denier micro tights. Their website is “dedicated solely to plus size hosiery”. Almost all their products have been made exclusively for them through a company in Italy and after years of back and forth between them they feel they have made the perfect plus size accessory; including what they believe to be “the ultimate plus size winter opaque tights”. When they say plus size, they really mean plus size — you won’t find sizes 10, 12, and 14 here. Laura also has another site called The Big Bloomers Company which I had the opportunity to review for BellaOnline’s Large and Lovely site in 2012.

This time she sent me two pairs of tights to review: one style is in a thick cotton mix and the other is 180 denier micro.

All Woman Thick Cotton Mix – I hate to use Internet short speak in a blog post, but OMG, these are so thick, like socks! I love them.

Review of Big Tights Company Cotton Tights

They have a nice softness to them, excellent opacity and are super stretchy. I’ve always loved the sock style tights but they have never been plus size enough for me to enjoy. These ones are the thickness of a women’s dress sock and they have a thick reinforced waistband.

A view of the panty and leg of cotton tights from Big Tights Company.

There is an unlined gusset sewn in both styles.

A close up of cotton tights gusset.

A closer look shows the sock texture I mentioned.

And a close up of the stocking stitch on legs.

At the moment they only have black but I’m hoping they get some red, grey, wine, navy to add to their basic colors.

Plus size cotton tights have a sock knit and feel to them.

All Woman 180 Denier Micro Tights – These tights have a smoother texture than the cotton mix so they are less “sock” like and I would say a dressier tights.

Review of All Woman Micro Tights

I know I was pretty excited about the cotton mix but these ones are probably my favorite because of opacity, texture, softness, and color (these ones are a little deeper black). These ones also have a thick reinforced waist band.

A full view of the micro tights panty and leg.

The flash makes them look like dark grey but they are indeed black (they could be blacker).

A close up of the gusset on the micro tights.

These ones have a finer texture which makes them feel less like a sock.

A close up of the stocking stitch on the micro tights.

Again, at the moment they only have black but I’m hoping they get some more basic colors soon.

The micro tights have a smooth finish that is perfect for dressier items.

A note about opacity, both styles have excellent opacity but both can have peek through skin visible if pulled on too tight. Do not put them on like hose, pulling every inch of stretch over your leg to make sure you have enough to cover your butt. You will have enough! Pull them on loosely over your legs to maintain the opacity then go back and pull a little more after you have pulled them up if you need too. When pulled tight, the cotton tights have a shinier look to them with the other micro ones which have more of a matte appearance.

The Big Tights Company  have not skimped on material to make these plus size tights. They come with a full panty thickness so you don’t have to worry about your nails poking through when you are yanking them up — unless you  have talons. Neither of these pairs have reinforced toe but since the tights do not need to be pulled tightly over the toes I didn’t find they needed to be.

Both tights wear well throughout the day and I was able to wear them a few times before washing them. There is a little bagging in the crotch by the end of the day but I didn’t feel like I needed to make an emergency stop to the bathroom to pull things up. I threw mine in the gentle cycle inside out (because I rarely handwash) and so far they survived.

I guess it is also important to mention that I am 5’9″ and still had a lot of material left over so to speak if I had been taller. I am concerned about the sizing for petite plus size women.

With a name like Big Tights Company they really hold up to their name as these UK brand tights are only offered in one size range: 24/34 UK (about size 42 Canadian). The site dimensions listed are depth to 26″, hips up to 100″, and thigh up to 33″ (although Laura’s email said up to 40″). Their hose range in price of £19.95 (using Google’s converter I got $30.96 US) for one pair or £54.95 for a three-pack. Shipping is pretty reasonable to U.S. and Canada at about $9. Delivery was really fast for the tights I received, within two weeks.

Overall I am pretty impressed with both pairs. They are a bit pricey but they are definitely better made than some of the cheaper brands I’ve seen. For winter opaque tights these two are definitely an option for us larger sized ladies to enjoy.

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Relax While Taking A Selfie

Like other bloggers, I belong to many social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all of which encourage users to share photos in their updates including “selfies” (“a self-portrait taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone” ~ Wiki). I don’t take many selfies but when I do it usually involves some unnatural arm and hand placement to get the right distance, angle, lighting, and background. Usually there is some fumbling involved and if it weren’t for the wrist band included with my iPod then there would be a lot of bouncing too (and crying). Basically, it is impossible to really relax while taking a selfie.

A few weeks ago I was sent for review the #SelfieRing courtesy of the makers of Glam Screen. When my parcel arrived I was concerned about the packaging because it was partially open but my new tool was inside and protected with an outer packaging that didn’t require brute strength or gardening shears to open.

My new #SelfieRing from Glam Screen.

A #SelfieRing is a tiny double ring attachment that goes on the back of a phone or, in my case, an iPod via a sticky pad and has two finger holes for better control during picture taking. These rings fold back and forth and together can spin 360 degrees if necessary.

The ring side of the selfie ring has a pair of kissy lips and two rings that spin 360 degrees.

The ring has a sticky circle on the back that is peeled off and simply pressed into place.

The sticky adhesive on the back of selfie ring.

My first dilemma was that I have a cover on my iPod. Wonder Woman to be specific. The #SelfieRing needs a flat surface to adhere too. I took the cover off to apply the ring to my device and was still able to put my rubber cover over it. I have to use these rubber covers because, well, I’m a klutz. My device goes flying out of my hands a least once a week. The cover is super easy to get off when I want to take a selfie and looking at it you can’t really tell it’s underneath.

Wonder Woman rubber cover for my iPod.

This is where I decided to place it on my iPod. As I mentioned those rings are on a dial that will spin around:

The selfiering placement on the back of my iPod.

And a sort of side view:

A side view with my fingers in the rings.

That out of the way, it was time to take a selfie. I was actually quite impressed with what a difference it makes having this selfie tool attached. First the finger rings are a nice size and even with my plus size fingers they fit perfectly inside with room to spare (the rings also have the added feature of acting as a stand if I am watching how-to videos or Skypeing or hands-free Vining).

My fingers fit comfortable in the selfie rings.

The rings move up and down so they are almost flat when not in use. I can use one or two but I find using two better. Holding my iPod without feeling like I am holding my iPod:

Look ma, no hands!

And the resulting image:

Using my Canon EOS to take a picture of hand using the SelfieRing. Not as awkward as you would think!

I actually quite like the security of the #SelfieRing but I still wouldn’t hang my hand over a ledge to take a picture. The best thing about it is I am able to relax my arm and hand and not have to worry about fumbling with the awkward shape of the iPod (basically the same shape as iPhone). A few selfies:

In the couple weeks I have been using this handy tool the sticky area is still very much intact. In fact, I am not sure how I would remove it which leads to a downside for phone users who are constantly updating their phones. This doesn’t seem like a transferable gadget. I think a new phone would mean having to buy a new one.

The #SelfieRing is available from the official Glam Screen website for $14.99 and they ship worldwide — in the US it is $4.50 and internationally it is $6.50.

Update: It has been almost 2 years since I reviewed the Glam Screen Selfie Ring. It is still on my iPod and I can’t beleive how much I have become dependent on this thing. I don’t just use it for selfies. I use it for whenever I am holding the device: surfing, playing a game, taking pictures, as a stand if I am watching a YouTube video or trying to read a recipe, and if I’m just holding it — no more dropsees! I love this device and am so impressed with how well it has lasted. Definitely worth the new price which I see has gone up to $19.99.

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Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

I couldn’t find the Miracle Sponge by Sam and Nic Chapman (if you don’t follow these two on Youtube subscribe now because they are awesome) locally. I couldn’t even find it in Ulta in Watertown when I went cross border shopping (you can buy it online there but they don’t ship here hence why I went cross border). At the time I had to order it online from Amazon which is not bad per se because I love Amazon but it cost a bit more. But it was worth it.

First, why the Miracle Sponge? Well, I blame it on Cora, another beauty guru you should be following, and her comparison of this sponge with the Beauty Blender I felt I needed one and she was right. Here’s her video:

I love this sponge. I really didn’t think it would make as much of a difference from a regular wedge sponge. The texture of the sponge is fine and the density of it makes me think of Memory Foam. I love how it feels in my hand, how it feels against my face, it is so soft, and of course how it blends.

For the most part, I currently only use BB creams and loose powder and not always a full face of it especially with the warmer weather. I find it so much easier to spot touch up with this sponge and blend it especially on the cheeks and around the eyes.

The egg shape is easier to hold and the flat and point tip offer versatility of application. The flat edge is for “contours around eyes and nose”, the sides are to “blend large areas”, and the tip “covers imperfections”. But really you can use it however it feels comfortable in your hand.

It’s easy to care for — only needs to be washed with shampoo every 1 to 3 uses. It does stain a bit depending on your cosmetics. My BB creams didn’t stain but I had a sample foundation I tried wouldn’t completely rinse out.

Here is the official tutorial on how to use it:

I mentioned I bought mine from Amazon, the price has actually gone up extremely from when I made my purchase but you can order direct from the Real Techniques website and they now have international shipping.

I ordered two more from the Real Techniques website.

I ordered two more (at $6 a piece) to have on hand and it cost me $2.60 for shipping which is awesome. My package arrived just over a week later.

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Summer Hair Care (Psst… Waxing)

I have been pretty open with the fact that I wax my upper lip; well, I don’t wax it, I pay someone else to do it. But that is as far as I go. No eyebrow, waxing, no armpit waxing, and definitely no Brazilian waxing. And it is not just because of reasons like Christine Lakin’s Holiday Wax Nightmare although as you will see in a minute it is a good reason not to wax your feminine parts.

Thanks to Christine I am definitely firm in my belief that hair down there is even more acceptable than it was before — to each her own. Now back to my other lips… I’ve been using Inhibitif which I found makes waxing my lip a little more bearable. So much so I decided to try waxing my upper lip myself instead of going to the salon — sometimes it’s just a pain (har har) to go across town for less than a fifteen minute appointment.

When I was at Sally Beauty last week I was checking out their waxing section and came across GiGi Microwave Sensitive Tweezeless Wax for facial hair. It was about $8 and the associate said I could get a few lip waxes out of it. Cool.

Wax Night: I had to bring a mirror into the kitchen because that is where we keep the microwave. I followed the directions and heated the wax for 15 seconds and went to stir it — rock hard. Nuked it for another 15 seconds — still rock hard. This went on for three more tries before I finally went up to 30 second intervals and felt like I was getting somewhere. Finally I had a pliable enough wax to start applying it to my upper lip. The actual waxing wasn’t too bad. I was able to control how much and where unlike when someone else does it. The downside, no bathroom lighting and having to put it back in the microwave after each attempt. The container — a total mess — and I can’t see me getting another use of it because the wax really did not cooperate.

My attempt at some summer hair care.

One of the things I remember seeing in the wax isle was a wax tub for melting wax and I have to admit that plugging a little heating tub in the bathroom seems like an attractive option at about $45. I could stay in the bathroom and heat up the wax whenever I wanted. But I am undecided and think I will try some other self-waxing options first.

As luck would have it a rep from Nad’s (“Australia’s favorite hair removal brand”) emailed me this morning with some tips from the founder Sue Ismiel. And while I haven’t tried the product yet (it is available in the U.S. and Canada) I thought I would share her tips with you in case you are thinking of doing a little summer hair care yourself.

Sue’s General Guide to Waxing

  1. Clean and dry the area to be treated. Ensure all oils, makeup and moisturizers are removed.
  2. Apply wax slowly in the direction of hair growth
  3. Firmly smooth over strip 3-4 times
  4. Quickly remove strip holding skin taut in opposite direction to the hair growth.

Home Hair Removal Methods/ Tips

  • The quicker you pull the strip back the more effective the hair removal. Don’t forget to hold the skin taut and pull the strip back as close to the skin as possible. Bruising may be a result of not holding your skin taut.
  • On some parts of your body, like for example your underarms or your center brow, hair can grow in different directions. Always assess carefully before applying the wax.
  • Make sure the hair is at least 3-5mm long; otherwise the hair may not be removed.
  • Check that you are not perspiring or that your body is too hot (i.e. if you have just come out of the shower) as this will prevent the wax from adhering to the hair effectively.
  • Try to avoid waxing just before or during your period. Your skin is really sensitive during this time.
  • For optimal results, exfoliate your skin no sooner than eight hours before hair removal and 48 hours after. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and maintain vital skin health. It also helps minimize ingrown hairs.
  • It is normal for the skin to appear red after waxing. Remove any residue then soothe your skin following hair removal with a cooling aloe vera, this helps to soothe and calm the skin after hair removal. Can be used daily as soothing moisturizer.
  • If you breakout or suffer skin irritations after facial waxing, apply a cold compress immediately after waxing. If the redness is still noticeable apply calming Aloe Vera Gel which will help to reduce redness and irritation after hair removal. To prevent breakouts, apply an antibacterial lotion to the skin after waxing. Nad’s Ingrown Solution is perfect as it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Ensure your skin is held taut before removing the backing strip
  • Ensure you pull off the strip close to the skin rather than upwards
  • Ensure the hair length is at least 3-5mm long

Do you wax at home, at a salon, never?

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Emerald Infinity Tunic Review

Igigi sent me the Luella Plus Size Infinity Tunic in Emerald for review. Last weekend I decided to wear it on our day trip to Watertown, NY. We spent the day driving, shopping, and eating at the Olive Garden.

The day started off late, I might have accidentally slept in, I admit to nothing. It wasn’t really cold as far as the weather goes, not spring but comfortable with periods of rain and wind throughout the day. I wore a wool peacoat but was able to tolerate the weather for a few outside photos.

I'm wearing the emerald Infinity tunic on a day trip. We were just heading out so we took pics at side of house.

This is not my first Igigi top but it is a first for this fabric, a Viscose/Elastane which is soft and somewhat sheer. They doubled up on the fabric over the bust area but it was only one layer on the body. When I say sheer, I don’t mean completely see-through but thin if you hold it up to the light — and sheer enough that the wind blows through. An extra layer might have been warmer but perhaps would not flow quite as nice. This fabric was a fur magnet as soon as I took it out of its wrapping.

Trying to keep a straight face with no success.

When I got to wrapping the ties I decided to go with a double wrap so I wouldn’t have a long tail sticking out from my coat. I like the concept of infinity tops but I feel all clumsy when it comes to putting them into action. I really didn’t know what to do with straps but after the fact I see I tied it differently than it was styled on the Igigi site. I am assuming they just crossed it once and tied a very long bow in back. Mine were so long I felt like I should double wrap it around me. Once tied it stayed in place all day and I pretty much forgot about it.

Over all I love the color and style but the fabric is not a favorite. If you like this one there are only a few sizes left in this style and it is reasonably priced at $68. I hope they continue with this style but experiment with different fabric and colors.

And with that, I leave you with a food p*rn photo from the Olive Garden (the food was amazing).

We ate at the Olive Garden. We had appetizers and had enough food for supper the next day.

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Mystery Brand Vox Box

This is my third Vox Box from Influenster but this one is a little different. Product wise, this box is all about hair. Sample wise, instead of sending full brand samples and product information they sent mystery samples in generic bottles with little product information other than shampoo, conditioner, and split-end serum. They are still tagged from L’Oreal but they have many hair brands. Our task is to use them for a week then they will send full size samples in another package unveiling the brand.

I was chatting with another blogger on Facebook and she thinks it is “L’Oreal Advanced Hairstyle”, a new higher end hair product “not quite professional, but better quality than the regular stuff”. Only time will tell! In the mean time:

Day one: Last night I used the shampoo and conditioner for the first time. Both have a very light scent that is not over powering. It reminds me of something but I cannot put my finger on what. Both are very creamy and a little seems to go a long way — my hair is pretty short but sometimes I find I need a little extra shampoo to get a good sud. I decided not to use the split end serum the first time out just to see how the shampoo and conditioner worked on their own. This first day out I didn’t notice any noticeable change in my hair but really was not expecting it. I posted my end result on Instagram last night:

Day two: Tonight I used the split-end serum after shampoo, conditioner, and towel drying. After blow drying I noticed my hair was considerable softer. I did not notice any change visually in terms of texture. But I did take another Instagram shot for posterity — is it me or are my highlights darker in this photo?

Day three/four: I noticed a significant change in hair texture. I have not been using any extra styling products but I have noticed my hair seems to be keeping it’s style until the end of the day. Normally it becomes quite flat as the day progresses if I don’t have “extra” stuff on it. On day three I think I might have used too much of the serum because my hair seemed heavier, but today, day four it is doing much better. I know I have commented on the light scent but I really am impressed with that. I live with a migraine suffering so heavy scents can be a problem. I like that it smells clean without being over powering or triggering.

I will update further here as I continue to use the product and when the final product is unveiled.

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“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Jessica London Pea Coat

Jessica London sent me a wool-blend pea coat in ruby a few weeks ago to review on This pea coat comes in five other colors and houndstooth pattern in sizes 12 to 32 for $160 to $170 (currently on sale for 33% off). I had a nice video review for you but when I watched it it was all shaky and gave me a headache so I decided to save you from it.

This double breasted coat has a lovely large collar. Although the description describes it as “tailored shape” I would not. It’s pretty straight and boxy, at least in the larger sizes, but I am OK with that. FYI: there are petite and tall options too.

I am wearing Jessica London's double breasted wool coat in ruby.

This wool-blend coat is made of 75% wool, 15% polyester, 6% silk and 4% other fibers (?). The lining is 100% polyester. It is not a prickly wool and is nice to touch. It is lightweight and I found it comfortably warm at -7 °C but I needed a heavier sweater underneath at -12 °C.

The back view of my wool coat.

Pros: 32″ length covers the butt, lined, two pockets on outside (traditional slanted pea coat style) and two on inside, it is not bulky, great color.

Looking at my toes, no, I didn't step in anything but it is not unheard of.

Cons: dry clean, no inner cuff sleeves, no additional material (i.e. polyfill) between wool and polyester lining for additional warmth when the real winter hits.

Open view of my red coat.

That houndstooth scarf I am wearing was a spurge purchase from when I had lunch in the county a few weeks ago. I love infinity scarves and I love houndstooth, so a perfect combo.

Looking cute with my hand on hip pose while wearing the coat open.

Sweater cardigan by Igigi, jeans by Lane Bryant, shoes by Vionic, and attitude all me.

Cute black anchor buttons on Jessica London wool peacoat.

They carried the nautical theme of the pea coat onto the anchor embossed buttons — nice on a traditional navy perhaps but I didn’t like it on the ruby jacket. More personal taste than anything.

The closed button hole can be cut open if I want to put a button under the color to close it.

The collar has spots for buttons holes but no buttons under the collar to fasten. I find it tucks in without requiring a button anyway.

Deep inside pockets on each side.

It’s nice to have the inner pockets too. Overall the jacket is well made.

Update: Produced another video. See the coat in motion:

If you want to see what it looks like on another plus size body check out Jai Marshall’s video review:

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Inhibitif Face Serum Review

I may be blonde and fair skinned but I still have issues with facial hair. I have always kind of had a blonde mustache but when I hit my thirties it seemed to become more pronounced especially when it came to applying make-up, or the effects of sunlight at pretty much any angle. For years I would get the area above my upper lip waxed and after I developed some nerve pain I tried other measures for about a year. The nerve pain settled and earlier this year I went back to waxing.

I like waxing because it yanks the hair out and I am hair free for a few weeks. When it does grow back in it is not all stubbly. I should go every two weeks but I stretch it out to three or sometimes four depending on how my pain avoidance level is and how bushy I feel the area looks. One night while I was watching TV this adorable commercial came on of a cartoon hairy blob that gets electrocuted, and yanked on to get it’s hair removed. It spoke to me so much I went out the next day to find the advertised product — Inhibitif.

The hairy cartoon character from the Inhibitif TV commercial.

I found 1 fluid ounce bottle in the hair removal section on a shelf in an inconspicuous spot not looking for attention. There was the option of a small hair-free face serum size bottle as well as a larger body size one. The cost? $24. I bit the bullet and picked up a bottle of the Inhibitif face serum.

My 1 oz bottle of Inhibitif face serum.

So, what is Inhibitif? Their official website says it is not a depilatory product and with continued use hair will appear finer and finer until your hair removal routine becomes easier and less in frequency.

When I opened the bottle I expected to find an instruction slip on how to use it successfully but there was nothing in it. On the outside of the box it talks a bit about how the serum works by reducing the density of the hair and shows a little graphic. The application instructions: “Apply on shaved, waxed, or threaded facial areas twice a daily for 8 weeks, until hair growth, density and thickness are visibly reduced. Apply every other day to maintain results.”

The instructions from the side of the box.

Personally, I think these instructions are incredibly vague. The bottle includes a dropper. I immediately wondered, how much do I apply to my face, one drop, two drops, three drops? Do I rub it in? Pat it on and let it dry? Should it be applied immediately after waxing or a few hours later? Does it matter? I went to the website expecting more directions — none — basically the same directions.

Showing the dropper from inside the bottle.

I started using the Inhibitif hair-free face serum on September 17 (I used one drop from the drop to saturate the upper lip). During that time I had my lip waxed three times (Sept 17, Oct 3, and Oct 31). I noticed a difference in my hair growth within two weeks mostly in the upper part of mustache, near the nose and along the upper edge of it. It was sparser in a few spots. I really didn’t feel that it worked that quickly on the courser hair on the corners of the lip and in the meatier section but now that the eight weeks are up I am getting ready to go for another lip wax next week and I do feel the hair is thinner and not as bushy considering the last time I went was a month ago. Normally when I touch my upper lip area with my finger and brush up against the grain so to speak I can really feel the hair resistance. Now I can only feel a few spots so I definitely notice a difference in the texture of the hair as well.

My hairy lip as of the end of November.

I have a few stray black or at least dark brown hairs that crop up in two spots under my chin (that double chin section) that I usually pluck. During the last two months I also applied 1 dropper drop of this watery solution there. I have noticed the hairs have definitely slowed in their sprouting. These are particularly difficult spots because I have had electrolysis done on them and can’t get rid of them so it is nice not to have to pluck them every other week.

Overall, I am please with the product and will update this post again once I have completely finished the bottle.

Inhibitif can be used by men and women (although they recommend pregnant women talk to doctor first) of all skin types/colors. Product can be found in drug stores in Canada, the UK, Australia and South Africa. And it can also be purchased online at their website.

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The Lyssa Plus Size Dress

When I first saw the Lyssa plus size dress in Igigi’s early fall preview lookbook it was love at first sight. I loved the giraffe print mixed with the burnt orange bottom. I have been getting tired of animal print as of late but seeing this in burnt orange really inspired me.

The color/pattern block Lyssa dress.

When Igigi asked if I wanted to review it I said yes and they sent me a dress in my size. If you have read my Igigi reviews in the past you know how I appreciate the care they put into shipping their clothing. All items I have received from them come on a hanger with a dust jacket so it can go from box to closet with no fuss or havoc searching for the right hanger.

Unlike the early fall image in the lookbook, it is getting pretty cold here so I paired the Lyssa dress with opaque black tights (We Love Color), tall black boots (JJ Footwear), a black belt (DIY), and black green nails.

I am wearing the plus size orange giraffe print dress.

After seeing the dress in person I still love the burnt orange color, the giraffe print (there is also a full print dress called Garnet but most of the sizes are sold out), cuffed sleeves (although they were much tighter than the rest of the sleeve), and accent color block skirt. And the excellent workmanship on dress and lining.

The Lyssa dress from Igigi's fall collection.

But not the overall cut of the dress. I would have felt more comfortable in a fuller skirt and I did not like the faux wrap on it — for some reason I never noticed it in the original lookbook, I guess I so mesmerized by the color and print. I wish the giraffe print came down a few more inches too as I feel it stops a bit higher on me.

Here I am holding the corner of the faux crossover wrap of the skirt on the Lyssa dress.

The lining on the top and skirt were stitched at the waist so there was no riding whatsoever but the lining at the neckline tended to roll over the pattern, not a lot but enough for me to notice. I felt like another line of top stitching would have prevented this. The saving grace for this is the lining is the same orange.

The rolling lining at the top of my dress.

Overall, this is not one of my favorites but more for personal reasons (skirt) than for quality. The Lyssa dress is available in sizes 12 to 32 for $118 at the Igigi website. Have you tried any of the new dresses from the fall collection?

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Schick Intuition Review

For the last few months I have been using Schick’s Intuition Moisturizing Care women’s razor for shaving my legs. I am hooked. I will probably never go back to a regular razor and shaving cream. Besides giving me a nice shave and automatic moisture to my dry legs I also do not have to deal with knocking over the shaving cream (or accidentally spraying it on the shower curtain) and chasing my old razor around the tub.

The starter pack I purchased originally came with one refill of Soothing Moisture with Milk and Honey and one of Advanced Moisture with Shea Butter. I have continued to buy the Shea butter refills since then because they are my favorite.

Intuition cartridge container.

The starter pack also came with a suction cup and a holder to conveniently store my razor in the shower area. It helps it drain dry so it is ready for the next use. I actually didn’t think the suction cup would hold it but I have only had two mishaps both while cleaning the shower stall.

Intuition razor hanging in its shower casing.

Each cartridge easily snaps into place and there is a release button on the handle to remove it. As you can see from the picture below the 4 blades are surrounded by what looks like bar soap. While it does produce a little lather when it gets wet I do not get all sudsy like a bar of soap. It is more of a slick feeling than a soapy feeling. Sometimes I turn it over and will rub the bar on sensitive areas for a little extra lather — like around ankle area.

Close up of the four blades.

Instructions say to change the cartridge when you start to see a bit of green showing through from the moisturizer wearing down. I don’t do this. To me the blades are still perfectly usable and I continue to use until I absolutely cannot get a comfortable shave from the lather produced.

Side view of the Schick Intuition Razor.

I still do not throw out the cartridge. I carefully separate the blades and keep the remainder to lather my underarms and use my original razor. This is the waste-not person in me who just can’t help it. Here is a back view of the tilting blade cartridge.

Backside view of the cartridge.

As I have already pretty much said, I love this razor. It does not feel messy to work with, it is comfortable to hold, it provides enough lather for shaving, the four blades give a close shave, and my legs do not feel dried out after my shower. If I am in a hurry I can get away without lotion for a day.

I was sick of fighting with the shaving cream and this has been a rewarding alternative all around.  The downside though, is it is not cheap. The starter kit ranges from $11 to $15 depending on where you buy it; with the 3 pack cartridges being about the same price. Are there other options on the market that offer more blades and last longer? Definitely, but if you are looking for something that offers a little more pampering then this would be it.

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Janes Patient Examination Gown Review

Sharon Linder is the founder of Get Janes, a company specializing in patient examination gowns for women. Initially the company focused on commercial uses for their gowns but have since expanded to selling their gowns online to the individual consumer.

I know from personal experience how frustrating it is to go into a doctor’s office only to find no gowns in my size or having to wear two gowns to cover both front and back with a sheet for backup. So when Sharon asked if I would be willing to review one of her gowns for readers I said, “Yes”.

Before I even received my package I found Sharon very open to suggestions. When I expressed some concern about the lack of sizing and washing information on the site she was quick to reply with further information and even instituted changes to the website within a few days to make the experience clearer for other shoppers. I do not know many retailers who move that quick.

Right from the beginning there is a “we care” feeling about the company. This is how the gown arrived:

Pretty orange packaging to match the orange Get Janes logo.

I unwrapped the package to find a small drawstring bag with my name embroidered on it and the robe nicely folded up inside:

The name Maureen embroidered on bag.

One of the first things I noticed was the bright orange patch sewn on the back of the gown. It’s great for brand recognition for the company but I would have preferred something less obvious as a consumer. It’s OK if you have long hair which would mostly cover it but with short hair it is a rather obvious beacon.

Janes hospital gowns Logo.

There are currently two size choices: Size 1 which fits sizes 8 to 14 and Size 2 which fits sizes 16 to 4x — definitely a better alternative to “one size fits most”. If things go well I hope they will add a third size for 5x to 7x women who have an even harder time finding patient gowns.

To keep the gown shut there is an inner tie:

What the inner tie of the gown looks like done up.

And an outer tie. Both of which help to control how lose or tight you want or need to wear the gown:

What the outer tie of the gown looks like done up.

“Janes have been commercial laundry tested and approved. Therefore, in your home machine…you could wash a Jane hundreds of times and it will come out looking much like it arrived to you today.” I have washed and dried this garment two times in my home washer on the regular cycle and both times it was put in the dryer. We have fairly old equipment so I am sure they gave it a workout.

According to Sharon, “Janes are meant to be about comfort, coverage and dignity.” This patient gown definitely covers all three bases. My only real dislike at first was the neckline. While on the website the gowns look like they have a straight edge where the fabric crosses over:

The Get Janes gown on a bust.

Mine has a slight curve which causes some gaping:

Curved opening of wrap gown.

By day two I had settled this by folding the edges over like a shawl collar.

Shawl collar gown.

For a self purchase they are not a bad price at $32. You can get the monogrammed bag for an additional $7 (gift for someone else perhaps). Here is the full length of the gown (yes, that is me with no make-up) on a 5’8″ frame.

Plus size gowns from Get Janes.

Sharon’s family has a long history with cancer as her mother and two of her sisters are survivors. To honor this “2% of the profits from Janes fund free mammograms for under-served women”. I like how an actual amount is stated. I always hate it when companies say, “a portion of the sales”.

Does your doctor’s office carry a gown in your size?

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