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Welly Boot Review

You cannot live in rural Ireland without owning a pair of wellies. There is mud and muck everywhere, no matter what season it is. And yet, I have managed to go for ten years without owning a pair.

Michele's blue and purple ankle wellies.

The issue is I am a plus-sized gal with wide calves and feet that do not always measure to size. I also have really fussy feet. They can swell which makes wearing some shoes uncomfortable. The bones in the top of my feet are deformed from wearing high heels in my twenties so the tops of certain shoes can be turn painful quickly.

It was a black lab puppy that forced me to go online, research, and purchase my first pair of wellies.

Michele's black lab and the primary reason for getting wellies.

I ended up at Jileon, the wide calf wellie people. Their wellies are done up in different and fun colors, unlike the blues and greens you would get down at the co-op. However, it was their ankle wellie that turned my head. Ankle wellies! Who knew?

On a Tuesday in October, I ordered the blue stripe ankle wellie in a size 8UK (I wear a US 9-9 ½ wide depending on the shoe) and crossed my fingers. I paid £24.99 plus shipping. They were expected to arrive by courier the following Friday.

They arrived on Friday as expected and I love them! First of all, they fit perfect with the slack of a wellie but with strong ankle support. They are easy to slip on and off, there is no bending down struggling to get them on, and if needed, there is a little loop on the back to assist in pulling the wellies on and off. The soles have a thick cleat that provides a great grip. There isn’t anything I do not like about them.

A look at the soles of her ankle wellies.
Jileon provides free delivery for all domestic addresses in the UK. For Ireland and the rest of the EU, shipping starts at £9.99. US customers can order at but orders are handled and shipped through Amazon.

Overall, well worth the money for my fussy feet. Very comfortable. I have gone out every day with my dog and traipsed happily through mud and muck, because that is what a proper pair of wellies are for. They are now covered in a thick coat of mud at this point, but they are as good as the day I took them out of the bag.

Michele Brouder is the author of Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver and A Whyte Christmas. She also is a contributor to the Book-in-a-Week blog. Originally from western New York, she now lives in the west of Ireland with her husband and boys and a dog named Rover.

Gold Sandals

I’m going through a gold sandal phase; meaning I really like them. Including these Dafny “spice gold” sandals by Naturalizer. The heel has a nice height without being over the top, it has a full strap for added support, and it looks like it has the same sole design other shoes I’ve gotten from Naturalizer have so they are almost slip resistant. I did a quick price check and these shoes are $79.99 at both the .ca and .com Naturalizer sites, if you get them from Macy’s they are $99US/$120CAN, or if you get them from they are currently on sale for $69.95. If you don’t like the spice gold then there is also the option of black, orange, and sand.

I love these spice gold sandals from Naturalizer.

My first feeling with gold sandals is that they work more for dressier occasions but this style is what I would call casual-dressy probably because of the heal cork overlay. They would work with a nice black dress for a night out or with jeans when out for lunch.

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Chunky Sandals

I am in love with these chunky sandals from Dr Martens. They have the classic heftiness of their boots but are definitely all sandal. I even love the name — Clarissa. They have a chrome gladiator feel in my opinion even though they are listed as “pewter”. But they have a little more sole than traditional glads. There are only sizes 6 through 9 left for $110 (if you are an uncommon size be sure to check out their sale section for steals).

Chrome look Doc Sandals from Dr. Marten's

If you are not a fan of the chrome there is a brassy gold too.

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Felted Slippers

“OMG!” That is the first thing I said when I saw these adorable felted cat slippers (for adults) at Simplicity of Felt (Etsy). They were cute enough to draw me into their shop to see even more cuteness with bunnies and mice and owls.

These cute felted animal slippers are from Simplicity of Felt's Etsy shop.

Cuteness aside they also have pretty slippers like ones featuring lace, polka dots, and other shapes. Or just simple solids. Actually, forget what I said, they are pretty cute too.

These pretty felted slippers (lace, solids, prints) are from Simplicity of Felts.

You might see the word “wool” and think itchy but these slippers are felted “merino” wool which is quite soft. I’ve made socks and fingerless gloves from merino and have never had an itched caused by it. It seems to get softer with wear.

Simona, the shop owner, will make any size and depending on the style there are many colors to choose from. The adult sizes range in price from $60 to $90. Considering these cuties are coming from Lithuania the shipping is quite reasonable at $15. Slippers are made to order so approximately two weeks to make and depending on where you live another two to three for delivery.

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Orthaheel Review Diary

The PR for Orthaheel® contacted me to review a pair of shoes from the new Vionic™ line. I had my pick of the litter, so to speak, and I chose the Sierra Casual Slip-on ($99.95) in berry/chocolate — they sent them in black/black. While the black is still sorta cute they are not as dynamic as the color blocking on the other two. From top to bottom: berry/chocolate, mustard/tan, black/black:

My review of Orthaheel's pull-on sneaker.

The Vionic shoes have the same Orthaheel Technology as their other lines. The “Orthaheel technology provides biomechanically contoured support concealed within contemporary designs”. They have many daily wear styles from sandals to heels to sneakers for women and men. The removable support was designed by an Australian podiatrist to help wearers reduce “over-pronation and the associated aches and pains”.

First Impressions

Once I got over the color (ok, obviously, not over that yet) I could tell they were well made shoes. The sole is sturdy (don’t feel like I am walking on ground) and there is an excellent not slip tread. Because these are a cooler season shoe there is a little bit of padding in the sides and toe for warmth. It has clean stitching and glue.

My Sierra Orthaheel shoes.

This is a slip on shoe with no shoe laces so the shoe is a little sloppy when walking. A nice finishing touch would have been a tab on the back to make it easier to pull on.  The tongue moves around and I have to hold the tongue in place to slip in my foot and wiggle my forefinger around inside to pull on the shoe.

Nice treads on bottom.

Here is a closer look at the Vionic insole, that hump at the top of the image is the instep.

The purple biomechanical insole in my shoe.

Free floating tongue.

The tongue is loose.

My Vionic Orthaheel Two Week Diary

I decided since I tend to walk around in my stocking feet at home that I would do a diary for two weeks to update how my feet feel wearing them for extended periods.

Day one: I wore them for about six hours today. It was like walking around with a walnut in my instep. These shoes are definitely warm but they don’t have that cheap no breathing room warmth that cheap sneakers have. These shoes also don’t have that weird rubber smell that some new shoes have.

Day two: I hate that there is no tag at the heel to help pull these on. It was a two-take application today because the tongue folded underneath. Whatever, no biggie, just annoying. The shoes felt a little more comfortable today. Wore them for a little more than six hours.

Day three: I found it a little easier to wear today. It is almost like my instep has molded to the
“walnut”. Definitely more comfortable. No blisters developing anywhere either.

Day four: Today it felt like the instep was a bit bruised on my left foot. Out of five I would rate the discomfort at a 1, just enough for me to make note of it. I decided not to wear them for more than a few hours which consisted of house work.

Day five: I wore these shoes for a mini photo shoot for another review I am working on because they worked. No instep complaints, it still feels firm in the instep but no discomfort. I probably only wore them for five hours today.

My feet in the black Orthaheel sneakers.

It’s hard taking pictures of your own feet.


Day six: This is my first day actually wearing them out and about in the real world. We went out for supper then for a walk by the bay. They do slide up and down my heel while walking but so far no blisters – bonus!

Day seven: Still feel like I have a walnut in my left shoe but the right one not so much. I wonder if the arches on my feet are different.

Day eight: I was out shopping again today. Was feeling otherwise comfortable foot-wise in these shoes but then all of a sudden the trigger points in the dip of my left calf went crazy and I was limping around the store. This is on the same leg where I’ve felt the walnut in the sole. I have never had this happen before so I have to attribute it to the change in footwear. I’m trying a heating pad to get rid of some of discomfort.

Day nine: Took a day off to let me calf recuperate. I didn’t think it would because it was so painful but it seems fine today. Going to take another day just to make sure.

Day ten: I ended up taking a few days off because snowy weather made me turn to boots. I cleaned off the soles and wore inside for a few hours. The walnut sensation I have been experiencing in my left instep has diminished. The shows are otherwise comfortable.

Day eleven/twelve: Over the last two days I wore them periodically and experienced miscellaneous aches and pains in my left ankle or right knee. I do find the shoes comfortable to wear and I was surprised at how good the traction is on the soles (we had some freezing rain and snow).

And that is the end of my twelve day diary. If you have any questions let me know.

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Colored Suede Boots

One of things I really appreciate seeing more of in boots is color. Sure I am always going to adore my black boots with and without the buckles but when I see purple, blue, or even grey boots I get excited. Roaman’s offers all the above colors in the Heather wide calf scrunch boot by Comfortview as well as the traditional black and brown. All they need is red and green and this would have been perfect selection (they have red boots in other styles though). And they are reasonably priced at $65.

Five colors to choose from this style of suede wide calf boots for women.

I would have to say that the purple and grey are probably my favorites from this bunch. I like the crossover strap detail in front and of course the scrunch with the side knot. I also like how the boot points up in the front and dips down in the back just a bit.

In this style, on the inner side of the boot is a little slit with elastic to allow for a little more stretch. These boots come in three sole widths: medium, wide and extra wide. Unfortunately they slipped up by not providing the calf width (at least I couldn’t see it) — that would be really helpful for online shopping.

What color do you like best? Can you work a pair of suede boots?

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Cut-Out Ankle Boots

Oh My Lord, I love these boots! Pinterest introduced me to Free People this week where there are a bevy of cut-out ankle boots that are a perfect transition from summer to fall. They are pricey but oh so lovely to look at — check out their other boots and shoes too as they have some interesting textures and styles all around.

The Disband ($184) — This little bootie has so much going on with the lace, buckle and heel zipper. (I am loving chunky heels lately.) This Jeffrey Campbell has the perfect amount of cut-out and coverage to switch from dressy to casual.

Lace up cut out ankle boot from Free People.

The Jardin ($214) — This Sol Sana boot can be worn with long or short pants but why wouldn’t you want to show off your cute ankles. I love the texture of the leather contrasted with the shiny toe guard.

Cut out ankle boot from Free People.

The Lockland ($165) — The stud is a subtle accent on these gorgeous SixtySeven boots. The peek-a-boo toes are adorable and I am not just saying that because they are from Spain. I am normally not a huge fan of peek-a-boo toe booties but these ones are a fave (I’m sure in part of the thick heel).

Cut out two boot from Free People.

The Asher ($200) — I love the criss-crossing and the tan color of these Jeffrey Campbell cut-out boots. They are a bit higher than ankle but I am including them anyway because I like the looks of them so much. They also come in black.

Criss cross cut out ankle boot from Free People.

Free People is located in the UK and ships to the U.S. and Canada at pretty reasonable rates.

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Houndstooth Boots

You know I love Docs. Well if you didn’t, you do now. I love Docs. Even though for the most part I cannot afford them. Especially these adorable Houndstooth Beckett style for $315. But oh, I how I love me some houndstooth, or dog tooth if you are in the UK.

Houndstooth print Beckett boots from Dr. Martens.

If you are not into this print the Beckett also comes in other patterns including floral, camouflage, and tartan.

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Nike Shoes

The season for colorful Nike running shoes is now! I spurged this spring on a pair of grey with bright neon accents and laces but there are so many color combinations and styles to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites from the Zappos Nike store.

Colorful running shoes from Nike.

From left to right:

  • Nike Air Max Fusion, $85
  • Nike Roshe Run, $70
  • Nike Air Pegasus+, $100
  • Nike Golf Lunar Duet Sport, $79.99
  • Nike Lunareclipse+, $135
  • Nike Free TR 3 Breathe, $95
  • Nike Little Runner, $70
  • Nike Air Pegasus, $79

The hardest thing I have had to deal with the new structure or the feeling of lack thereof. Shoes are not the stiffly made materials they were before. How are you dealing with the new colors and structures?

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20 Sensible Shoes

To me, a sensible shoe is one that we can wear all day without wanting to cut our feet off above the ankles. In general that would be a heel under three inches (granted I have worn a few flats that were uncomfortable too!). Shoes under three inches can still be fashionable and fun. Take a look at these darlings from ASOS.

20 pairs of sensible shoes chosen just for you from Asos, a UK fashion retailer.

ASOS has a nice range of prices to fit into almost any budget and their shipping is usually free worldwide. Keep an eye on the exchange rates to take advantage of the best prices.

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Cushe Shoes

Shoe love runs high among women from varying educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. some of us like spiky heels, some like spikes on the shoes, some dance in their flats, while others while away the hours in their clogs. I think there is one thing most women can agree on, we appreciate a cushy shoe.

I came across a new (for me) company out of UK (yes, they ship outside) called Cushe Shoes, cute name for a brand that carries some cute shoes that look pretty comfie. Their main goal is to provide shoes that “conform to your foot’s natural shape”.

My absolute favorite is the Seirra Sandal ($85). I love the blue (more colors available), the strap design, and the imprint on the sole. I could see these being my go to sandal for the spring and summer months.

Blue sandals from Cushe Footwear.

My next absolute favorite are the silver Boutique Sneak Leather ($67). Of course I love the blue trim, but the silver sparkle rocks and it does not over do — shiny without being obscene about it. They are so cute, I could see me wearing these a lot too.

Silver sparkle sneaker from Cushe Footwear.

I also like the Pad It Out Lace ($80), Ohia Textile sandal ($75), and the Hyper-Lite Lace flat ($60):

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Designer Shoes Warehouse

I am crazy for wedges. Heels are great too but there is something about the stability of wedges that oozes safety — anyone who has ever broken a heel knows what I am talking about. Wedges have come a long way in terms of style — while under the right conditions I am sure they can be sexy, mostly they just scream fun. Like these beauties from Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW).

Fashion wedges from DSW.

From left to right:

  • Audrey Brooke Ebony Wedge Sandal, $49.95
  • SM Women’s Rise Wedge Sandal (more colors), $49.95
  • Tommy Hilfiger Hazel Wedge Sandal, $59.95
  • Bandolino Efficial Wedge Sandal (more colors), $54.95
  • Carlos by Carlos Santana Tiona Wedge Sandal, $59.95
  • Audrey Brooke Naomi Patent Wedge Sandal, $49.95
  • Lucky Brand Reese Wedge Sandal, $69.95
  • Bamboo Pippa-20 Wedge Sandal (more colors), $34.95
  • Franco Sarto Cerla Wedge Sandal (more colors, $59.95
  • Missoni Printed Fabric Wedge Sandal, $299.95

These are just a few of my favorite styles, DSW has over 600 wedges to choose from. The majority of the ones I looked at averaged $60 but there were some as low as $30 and upwards. It looks like they have free shipping at the moment.

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Spring Wedges

Is it too early for spring wedges? I am sure it is somewhere but Nordstrom’s want you to be ready so they have been toting their spring wedge shoes, espadrilles and all. My favorite colors this year seems to be anything with green or coral but I am open to all sorts of springy and not so springy colors when it comes to wedges. Here are my fave shoe pics from Nordstrom’s collection – they have over 500 to choose from ranging in price from affordable to really high-end:

Spring wedges from Nordstrom.

Do you like your wedges super strappy or with more coverage?

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